Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

314 Two Major Sects Leave

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"Outrageous!" "Preposterous!" 

The group of Scarlet Flame Sect disciples roared in displeasure. Drawing their weapons, they rushed at Ye Chen. 

"You dare to attack inside the Scarlet Flame Sect? We'll kill you first and ask questions later!" 

Seeing the Scarlet Flame Sect disciples rushing forward, Little Wingsy shot out like an arrow and threw out his fist. 

"Bang bang bang!" 

The Scarlet Flame Sect disciples flew into the air like sandbags. These disciples were only around Tenth Level or so and they were not capable of fighting Little Wingsy. 

Instantly, all the Scarlet Flame Sect disciples flew into the air but they did not fall to the ground. Raising their heads, they saw that the disciples were hanging on the tree, coughing and wheezing. 

"You dare to injure someone inside the Scarlet Flame Sect, you are dead meat!" Ye Junzhuo cradled his face and cursed at Ye Chen before running toward the martial art training ground in a ghastly manner.

Seeing Ye Junzhuo's departing figure, Ye Zhanlong could not hold back any longer. "Little Chen, what should we do now? The Scarlet Flame Sect wouldn't allow this matter to rest. You better leave now and run as far as you can! Little Meng, Little Xuan, and I will hand ourselves over to the Scarlet Flame Sect and delay them for as long as possible! The Ye Clan can survive without us but they cannot survive without you!" 

"Yes, Brother Chen, you better escape now!" Ye Meng said. 

"Brother Ye Chen, go now. Although the Xiwu Ye Clan isn't favored, we still belong to the same clan, they probably won't kill us!" Ye Xuan said in a panicked voice. "Soon, the Scarlet Flame Sect's Mystique Venerable Rank masters will show up. When that time comes, you won't be able to escape!" 

Seeing the stricken looks on Ye Zhanlong, Ye Meng, and Ye Xuan's faces, there was a flicker of warmth in Ye Chen's heart. All of them were truly family. Even in such a dangerous situation, they did not think of their escape but thought about him instead! 

"Don't be afraid, nothing will happen to us!" Ye Chen a.s.sured Ye Zhanlong and the others. 

Ye Chen's Astral Body swept across the martial art training ground in a distance. He saw that among the mountains, there was a flat area measuring approximately several hundred meters. On the sides, there were many chairs. The first-row seats were labeled. The labels included the House of Storms, Stygian Sect, Oracle Sect, and so on. All of the major sects' powerhouses would sit there. Every major sect would send a few representatives to attend this tournament. In addition, there were also Countess Zilan and a few others seated by the martial art training ground. 

The person seated right in front was the leader of the Scarlet Flame Sect. He was a forty-over-year-old middle-aged man, dressed in a long vermillion robe. He looked quite handsome and had some resemblance to Little Rou. Most likely, he was Little Rou's father, named Ye Zong. Little Rou sat beside Ye Zong, wearing a white silk skirt. She looked graceful and elegant and there was a kind of ethereal beauty around her. 

No doubt, Little Rou was the focus of the entire arena. 

Below, the younger disciples from the major sects were staring unblinkingly at Little Rou. 

"That must be the Scarlet Flame Sect leader's daughter, Ye Rou. She's so beautiful. 

"Yes, but I heard that Ye Rou will be marrying the young lord of the House of Storms. It's such a pity." 

Sitting at the front left-most seat was a handsome young man with a debonair air. Seated next to him were three Mystique Venerable Rank masters. Ye Chen learned from the crowd's hushed gossip that this handsome young man was the young lord of the House of Storms, the number one contender among the younger generation of the Central Empire. At twenty years old, he had already achieved the rank of a mid-Heavenly Venerable One. According to popular belief, within thirty years, he would surely become a G.o.dly Venerable One like the lord of House of Storms. 

The House of Storms' young lord could be considered excellent in every way, yet no matter how Ye Chen looked at him, Ye Chen felt unsettled. 

Ye Chen counted and saw that there were more than thirty Mystique Venerable or Mystique Adept Rank masters. Several Mystique Adept Rank mystical beasts were sitting on the chairs in human forms. Their appearances were no different than real humans and their behaviors closely mirrored ordinary human behavior. 

They were either eating some snacks or drinking tea. 

The mystical beasts released their Psyches, seeming to collect some information when suddenly, their Psyches collided with Ye Chen. 

"Ptui." A human-form Mystique Adept mystical beast who was drinking a sip of tea spat out his tea while another who was eating a snack choked and turned red. Others paled and trembled slightly. 

Their hearts thumped heavily. Why was there a Daemon King in this place and why would a Daemon King Rank master come and watch such an insignificant tournament? 

"What happened to you?" 

"Senior Firecloud Stallion, what's wrong with you? 

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The people around them asked with concern. 

"The Scarlet Flame Sect's younger generation Grand Martial Tournament is a big event. How can I miss it? I've come to expand my horizons today." The young lord of the House of Storms stood up and offered a respectful salute, but his eyes were drifting toward Ye Rou who was beside Ye Zong. He did not conceal his look of admiration at all. 

Although each of the major sects also brought some of their young and beautiful female disciples, their appearances could not compare to Ye Rou by a wide margin. 

Zong Yi's expression was witnessed by all the major sect representatives. Everyone present understood that Zong Yi was interested in Ye Rou. All of them thought in their hearts that Ye Zong was lucky to have such a beautiful daughter, especially one that caught the House of Storm's young lord's eyes. The Scarlet Flame Sect would not be required to work so hard anymore! 

Seeing Zong Yi's gaze directed at her, Ye Rou turned her head away slightly. She felt disgusted and sorrowful. She wondered where Big Brother Ye Chen was at this moment? Although Zong Yi was a gifted individual with outstanding talent, Ye Rou's heart was filled with Ye Chen's silhouette. Whatever Zong Yi did would only repulse her even more. 

"Little Rou, why are you so rude? Get up and greet young lord Zong." Ye Zong saw that Ye Rou sat there unmoving and felt displeased. He growled at her in a deep tone. 

Ye Rou wrinkled her brows. The Scarlet Flame Sect had always kept their heads bowed in front of the House of Storms. Ye Zong's demeanor toward Zong Yi had also contained a hint of flattery. However, Ye Rou could not speak to Zong Yi in such a modest manner! It would only make her feel even more disgusted!

"No matter, no matter, Leader Ye don't have to trouble Miss Little Rou." Zong Yi smiled, slightly embarra.s.sed. He knew that Ye Rou did not like him but he was not prepared to give up. Surely, one day, Ye Rou would change her perception of him. As the young lord of the House of Storms, Zong Yi had seen many beautiful girls but none as unique and elegant as Ye Rou. She was like a G.o.ddess among mankind, which made him even more interested in her. The more indifferent Ye Rou treated him, the stronger his desire to conquer her. 

"This daughter of mine didn't grow up beside me, so her temperament is slightly spoiled. I hope the young lord will forgive her," Ye Zong said politely, casting Ye Rou a sideways glance. Without the House of Storms' support, the Scarlet Flame Sect would not have its glory today. Why couldn't this girl understand? 

Back then, Ye Zong was also a defiant young man. However, after struggling for survival in the Central Empire for many years, reality had smoothened out all his rough edges. He now understood that being a lone ranger was useless. It would not allow you to survive such a cruel world. He gradually became a believer in attaching to power. The fact that Zong Yi was interested in Ye Rou was an excellent opportunity for the Scarlet Flame Sect to rise in ranks with the House of Storms. Surely, Ye Zong would not allow this opportunity to slip by! 

The tournament was about to begin but the representatives from the Stygian Sect and the Oracle Sect had not returned. 

Ye Zong glanced at the Stygian Sect and Oracle Sect's seats unhappily. Anyway, he was not going to wait for them. 

"The tournament begins!" Ye Zong waved his hand and announced to the Scarlet Flame Sect disciples. 

On the east wing of the martial art training ground, hundreds of Scarlet Flame Sect disciples were seated. These disciples were around twenty years old and wore immaculate red robes. Everyone looked quite excited and restless. This was a good opportunity to showcase themselves. 

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