Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Discipline Your Condor

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Mo Bai's eyes widened and exclaimed, “You're kidding. You beat up Countess Zilan? How could you bear to raise your hand against that beauty? Although Zilan is unruly and sometimes speaks maliciously and there are rumors that she likes women, she's still a beauty. Ahh, how my heart aches!”

 Ye Chen rolled his eyes. He was not interested in discussing this topic anymore and continued heading toward the Scarlet Flame Sect entrance.

 Several Scarlet Flame Sect disciples wearing fiery red robes raised a hand to stop Ye Chen. They asked, “Do you have an invitation?”

 “I do, I do.” The fatty Mo Bai took out a red invitation. “Can I go in now?”

 “Yes, but you must leave your flying mystical beast with us,” the Scarlet Flame Sect disciples said and pointed to a nearby building.

 “Alright, I'll leave my flying mystical beast to you.” Mo Bai walked inside and turned to look at Ye Chen. “You don't have an invitation, do you?”

 Ye Chen frowned. He did not know that he needed an invitation. He was silent for a moment before saying, “I forgot to bring mine.”

 “I'm sorry, but you cannot go in without an invitation,” the Scarlet Flame Sect said expressionlessly. After all, there were many people who had “forgotten” to bring their invitations today.

 Mo Fei looked at Ye Chen from a distance. He wanted to help Ye Chen enter, but there was nothing he could do.

 ‘Should I go steal an invitation? Or maybe I'll find a way to sneak in the Scarlet Flame Sect?' Ye Chen frowned in thought.

 “Brother Ye Chen, why are you here?” A surprised voice suddenly rang out. Appearing in Ye Chen's sight in the distance was Ye Meng!

 Ye Meng exited the Scarlet Flame Sect and told the few Scarlet Flame Sect disciples, “He's from my Xiwu Ye Clan. Let him enter.”

 Behind Ye Meng was another youngster around twenty-six to seven years old. He was burly and also a Scarlet Flame Sect disciple. He wore the red robes of the sect uniform.

 The Scarlet Flame Sect disciple looked at the youth and asked, “Senior Brother Wei, should we let them enter?” They did not particularly like the Xiwu Ye Clan but Young Miss Ye Rou lived in the Xiwu Ye Clan before. It was better if they act courteously.

 Wei Ze looked at Ye Chen and Little Wingsy and snorted. There was a hint of disdain in his eyes when he said, “Let them in.”

 Ye Chen glanced at Wei Ze but said nothing and brought Little Wingsy and the Golden Sun Condor inside.

 In the distance, Mo Bai was confused that Ye Chen and Little Wingsy followed a Scarlet Flame Sect disciple inside. Was Ye Chen someone from the Scarlet Flame Sect? If that was the case, he no longer needed to care about Ye Chen and could go searching for beauties instead.

 “Your condor isn't allowed to enter the sect gates. You'll have to keep your condor with the other condors,” Wei Ze said while walking. He was very disdainful of people from the Xiwu Ye Clan, but since Young Miss Ye Rou had instructed them to take care of the people from the Xiwu Ye Clan, he could not say anything else. After all, he was just an ordinary disciple of the Scarlet Flame Sect and did not dare to offend the sect leader's daughter. He glanced at the Golden Sun Condor and flashed a strange smile. “There are quite a few Earthly Adept Rank condors in the sect and they're very united. They're not very welcoming of outsiders. Your condor might get disciplined a little but it's okay. They'll just discipline your condor. They won't kill it!”

 Ye Chen remained silent at Wei Ze's words. A few Earthly Adept Rank condors dared to bully the Golden Sun Condor? Was that a joke?

 Ye Meng looked up and smiled at Ye Chen. He was so happy to see Ye Chen here. If Brother Ye Chen did not come to the Central Empire and Sister Ye Rou had married that House of Storms young master, Brother Ye Chen would regret it for the rest of his life. ‘I wonder how the clan is.' Thinking about this, Ye Meng dimmed slightly. He did not know that the Nanman Kingdom had already retreated.

 Ye Chen, Ye Meng, Wei Ze, and Little Wingsy walked toward the huts where the flying mystical beasts were kept.

 “You all stand here. Your condor will follow me in!” Wei Ze said.

 Wei Ze took the Golden Sun Condor and it followed him obediently, looking very docile.

 After a while, Wei Ze came out of the hut. He smiled at Ye Chen, Ye Meng, and Little Wingsy. “Your condor is quite docile. Not bad. This way, it won't suffer as much!”

 Wei Ze had just finished speaking when loud noises rang out from inside the hut. It sounded very intense.

 “It looks like they're not very friendly with your Golden Sun Condor. Don't worry, it'll be over in a moment.” The corner of Wei Ze's mouth curled. He thought to himself, ‘The fight inside seems to be quite fierce. Ye Chen's condor should be getting beaten quite badly.'

 ‘Someone from the small Xiwu Ye Clan came to the Scarlet Flame Sect on a giant condor. Of course, I have to knock you down a few notches. Don't think that you're untouchable just because Young Miss Ye Rou is protecting you.' The thought that Ye Chen's condor was being beaten miserably in the hut made Wei Ze reveal a faint smile.

 At this time, a Scarlet Flame Sect disciple came out of the hut with an ashen face.

 “Senior Brother Wei, not good,” the Scarlet Flame Sect disciple said anxiously, out of breath.

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 “What's all the fuss about? Speak slowly.” Wei Ze pretended to be calm but was secretly pleased. It would be funny if Ye Chen's condor was pecked to death by the other condors.

 “Mmh.” Ye Meng nodded.

 “Where's Second Uncle?”

 “Second Uncle and Sister Ye Xuan are cultivating in the guest room.”

 “How many of us are here altogether?”

 “A total of six. Brother Ye Chen, how's our Ye Clan doing now?” Ye Meng asked with some concern.

 “The Ye Clan is fine. The Nanman Kingdom has also withdrawn its troops!” Ye Chen smiled.

 “That's great!” Ye Meng looked excited. “In that case, can we go back to Ye Castle?” He was homesick after staying here for so long.

 “Not yet. Let's meet up with your Sister Ye Rou first.” Ye Chen's eyes narrowed slightly.

 “But the Scarlet Flame Sect is too strong. We're not their opponents at all!” Ye Meng also wanted to take back Sister Ye Rou but after staying here for such a long time, he had realized that their Xiwu Ye Clan was not comparable to the Scarlet Flame Sect at all.

 “Don't worry, we'll look at the situation first. When will the Scarlet Flame Sect Grand Martial Tournament be held?”

 “There's still an hour left.”

 “Alright, we'll go have a look later.” Ye Chen nodded. The three of them followed behind Wei Ze and made their way to the guest rooms where Ye Chen finally met Second Uncle Ye Zhanlong, Ye Xuan, and the others. Tears fell from Ye Zhanlong's eyes when he heard that the Ye Clan was fine. His heart had been suffering since Ye Zhantian sent him along with a few younglings to the Central Empire. He could not even defend his family when they were in trouble here. Now that he knew the Ye Clan was fine, he was relieved.

 Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were arranged a guest room and Wei Ze left with a straight face.

 Although the things in this guest room were neat, the decoration was very messy. Ye Chen wondered how long it had been since someone tidied this room up.

 There were so many masters in the Scarlet Flame Sect that Ye Chen felt a slight pressure. With his strength, it would be quite difficult to s.n.a.t.c.h Little Rou back from the Scarlet Flame Sect.

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