Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Scarlet Flame Sect!

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Traces of Ye Rou was long gone. Ye Chen stood where he was and did not chase after her. He was silent for a long time.

 Meeting Little Rou today in this city was a complete accident. Judging by the gaunt look on her face, Ye Chen could tell that she was not living well in the Scarlet Flame Sect. Ye Chen clenched his fist. When Little Rou grew up with him, she had never suffered any injustice!

 Back when Ye Chen's meridians were damaged, if not for Little Rou, he could have already died! Ye Chen knew that Little Rou was not heartless!

 There was most likely a reason why Little Rou would immediately turn and leave after seeing him. Ye Chen did not want to cause Little Rou distress. He seemed to have some understanding after recalling the cold gaze that the old woman gave him earlier.

 “Scarlet Flame Sect!” Ye Chen's eyes gradually grew cold.

 Ye Chen remembered what Young Master Lian had said. The young master of the House of Storms wanted to marry Little Rou. Ye Chen scoffed. ‘Marry her? I'd like to see how skillful you are to want to marry Little Rou! The Scarlet Flame Sect took Little Rou away while I wasn't around. Today, I'll go to the Scarlet Flame Sect and take Little Rou back!'

 Ye Chen was furious.

 “Little Wingsy, let's go to Scarlet Flame Sect!”

 “Why're we going there?”

 “To pick a fight!”

 “I love fighting!” Little Wingsy said excitedly.

 Ye Chen's Astral Body extended and already found Little Rou. His heart almost broke seeing the pain and sadness on her face. Her cultivation was already at peak Earthly Venerable Rank. The old woman standing beside her was a mid-Mystique Venerable Rank combatant.

 “Young Miss, don't forget your agreement with the sect leader. You're now the fiancee of the House of Storm's young master. It's best if you don't have any contact with other men. It'll only cause trouble for our Scarlet Flame Sect!”

 “I understand.” Ye Rou's expression was gloomy.

 “If you have contact with other men, it won't be a good thing for them either. The sect leader will send someone to kill them!” the old woman said coldly.

 “You'd better not do anything to that man from earlier. Otherwise, I'd rather die than marry into the House of Storms!” Ye Rou's expression was firm as she stared icily at the old woman.

 “I wasn't trying to threaten Young Miss. I just wanted to remind you. If the Young Miss doesn't marry the House of Storm's young master, besides the Scarlet Flame Sect, even the Xiwu Ye Clan will be exterminated!” the old woman said.

 Ye Rou's expression froze as a trace of sadness appeared in her eyes. She was too weak and could not resist at all. She had cultivated madly and constantly ate the precious medicinal herbs in the Scarlet Flame Sect. Coupled with her special physique, she finally broke through to peak Earthly Venerable Rank in just a year, but she knew that with her current strength, she still could not change her fate and the fate of the Xiwu Ye Clan.

 Silently following behind the old woman was a large condor. The large condor rose to the skies and flew away into the distance.

 Ye Chen's eyes narrowed at the conversation between the old woman and Ye Rou. Killing intent flashed in his eyes. Those people wanted to exterminate the Xiwu Ye Clan? ‘In the past, if someone wanted to exterminate the Ye Clan, they might be able to do so easily. Now however, it won't be that easy to destroy my Ye Clan!'

 ‘Little Rou, you silly girl. You put yourself at their mercy just to save the Xiwu Ye Clan?'

 Ye Chen brought Little Wingsy out of Yun Yan County. They sat on the Golden Sun Condor and flew toward the Scarlet Flame Sect.

 The flying mystical beast that Little Rou was sitting on was Heavenly Adept Rank. It could be seen that the Scarlet Flame Sect, one of the top five sects in the Central Empire, was also quite powerful.

 ‘I won't see Little Rou for now. I need to investigate this Scarlet Flame Sect first!'

 Nearly five hours later, the Golden Sun Condor had flown deep into the mountains. In the distance, the mountain peaks pierced the clouds. Magnificent buildings were built on top of the mountains and along the mountainside. The Scarlet Flame Sect should be there! If the old Castle Ye was compared to the Scarlet Flame Sect, the difference would be too vast! The buildings in the Scarlet Flame Sect were at least dozens of times larger than those in Ye Castle.

 Ye Chen closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings. There were at least twenty Psyches hidden in the mountains including more than ten Mystique Venerable Rank ones. There were also many Celestial Beasts in the Scarlet Flame Sect.

 A powerful pressure fell on the top of the mountain. Winds howled as tens of thousands of flying swords hovered in the air, making up a super sword array.

 “The Scarlet Flame Sect even has a Mountain-shielding Formation!”

 “They must be quite amazing to make a Mountain-shielding Formation of this scale!”

 Before the Ye Clan branch entered the Scarlet Flame Sect, the Scarlet Flame Sect had already existed for tens of thousands of years. Although it was now in decline, a dead camel was still bigger than a horse. An ordinary sect would still not be comparable to the Scarlet Flame Sect.

 Toward the foot of the mountain, there was a huge mountain gate where people came and went.

 Many people rode on flying mystical beasts or horses and stopped at the square in front of the gate before walking inside. Only Little Rou and the old woman rode a flying mystical beast to the top of the mountain.

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 If outsiders forcibly flew in, they could be attacked and killed by the Mountain-shielding Formation!

 The eyes of all the youngsters around landed focused on Countess Zilan. It was unknown what kind of physic Countess Zilan used, but her facial injuries had already healed. Her fair skin flushed with a healthy red, just like a ripe apple. Her hot body and curvaceous bottom were enough to make people go crazy.

 Countess Zilan's attire was refreshing and loud applause sounded as she jumped off her horse. Her handmaid was also quite beautiful. Her eyes when she looked at Countess Zilan was affectionate and amorous.

 “Be careful, Countess,” the maid said softly.

 Ye Chen's eyebrows raised at this scene. There was something going on between Countess Zilan and that maid! The preferences of the Central Empire n.o.bles were quite intriguing.

 Countess Zilan's eyes glanced around and found Ye Chen within the crowd. Her face immediately paled and she almost fainted.

 “Countess, what's wrong?” The beautiful maid looked around doubtfully and only saw a group of youngsters ogling at them.

 “It's nothing.” Countess Zilan choked out. She did not expect to see Ye Chen here. Yesterday, she was so frightened by Ye Chen that she had a nightmare at night. She dreamt that Ye Chen continued to torture her but with Ye Chen's strength and background, she could not resist at all. Now that she saw Ye Chen again, she felt like even her heart was trembling.

 Countess Zilan did not tell her father about yesterday's incident. Her intuition told her that not even her father could deal with Ye Chen's background. She was afraid that her father would blame her for provoking the wrong person.

 Ye Chen merely glanced at Countess Zilan before looking away.

 Countess Zilan was frightened and carefully followed behind Earl Yun Yan. Earl Yun Yan looked at his daughter with confusion. His daughter was usually spirited and noisy, and never knew how to control her mouth. Why was she being so well behaved today?

 Earl Yun Yan looked at the crowd only to see a tall figure. He grew even more confused. Just who was it that made his daughter so scared?

 Surrounded by people, Earl Yun Yan and Countess Zilan entered the Scarlet Flame Sect along with all their combatants.

 “You know Countess Zilan?” Mo Bai asked curiously. He had seen that by chance.

 “No,” Ye Chen said casually and continued to walk.

 “Brother Ye Chen, how could you have forgotten that woman so quickly? She was the woman we beat up yesterday.” Little Wingsy trotted after Ye Chen and looked up at Ye Chen.

 Ye Chen almost stumbled at Little Wingsy's words. He smiled wryly. It seemed that he would have to teach Little Wingsy when and when not to say certain things.

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