Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Meeting Little Rou Again

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Seeing their miserable state, Ye Chen felt like he had vented the anger in his heart.

 “Little Wingsy, let's go!” Ye Chen said to Little Wingsy and threw a Heaven-Earth Pouch onto the table. “Master Qi, five hundred Chi-ama.s.sing Pills should be enough to compensate for the broken items!

 “It's enough, it's enough.” Master Qi smiled awkwardly.

 These decorations were not Spirit Artifact Rank and were only ordinary items. Five hundred Chi-ama.s.sing Pills were more than enough. It would simply be troublesome to rearrange them. Even if Ye Chen did not give him anything, he would not dare to ask anything from Ye Chen!

 Little Wingsy planted his hands on his hips and acted like an adult. He swaggered past Young Master Lian and the others and glared at them. They hurriedly scurried back and pressed themselves to the wall.

 Ye Chen could not help but smile at Little Wingsy acting like a gangster. Elder Tuntian had brought him astray! However, Little Wingsy did not appear cowardly and timid like Elder Tiantun. It seemed like no one but Tantai Ling had bullied Little Wingsy.

 Ye Chen and Little Wingsy left casually. The Court of Treasures was a mess. After a while, some people dressed up as servants came charging into the Court of Treasures.

 Countess Zilan, Young Master Lian, and the others were all black and blue. They stood up with the help of the servants.

 “Qi Yun, very good!” Young Master Lian glared viciously at Qi Yun.

 Qi Yun smiled wryly and said, “Young Master Lian, this is an injustice. It's not that I didn't want to do anything. I'm afraid the consequences would be worse if I did! That person's strength is far above mine! If I acted, he might have killed someone in anger!”

 Young Master Lian and the others grew silent. That was the truth. It was all that stupid woman Countess Zilan's fault for stirring up trouble, causing them to be beaten up. They looked at Countess Zilan. Although they did not reveal any expression, there was a trace of disgust in their hearts.

 “You're no match for that child. Even if he's only five or six, he's at least a Heavenly Venerable One. As for that young man, his strength is even more amazing. Their background isn't as simple as it seems. Whatever the case, it's better to just let this matter go.” Master Qi advised Young Master Lian and the others. Although there were various large sects behind them, they were no match for some ancient hidden martial arts families.

 Young Master Lian fell silent. They had so many Earthly Venerable Ones on their side, but they were powerless against a five to six years old. He did have the strength of a Heavenly Venerable One. To have such strength at that age, how terrifying would he be in the future?

 “Also, there's something I'd like to say, but I don't know if it would be appropriate to,” Master Qi said.

 “Speak.” Young Master Lian glanced at Master Qi. The sharp pain in his body made him hiss in a breath.

 “The younger one is only five or six, but the older one should only be around seventeen to eighteen. To have that level of cultivation and even possess such treasures, how would those hidden martial arts families allow them to simply travel alone?” Master Qi glanced at Young Master Lian and said.

 Young Master Lian froze. “What do you mean? Is that there's an even stronger combatant behind them?”

 “This is Yun Yan County, so Young Master Lian doesn't need to worry. However, would your clan elders let you go out far away alone? They would let a Mystique Venerable Rank elder accompany you. How would there not be such a person accompanying those two children as well? An escort sent by those hidden martial arts families would not merely be a Mystique Venerable One, but a…” Master Qi hesitated. “Our actions might have already been seen by others. Even a small movement might spell disaster for your clans!”

 Master Qi's words sent shivers down Young Master Lian, Young Lord Mo, and the others' spine. Even Countess Zilan felt a chill. Although Master Qi was saying frightening words just to raise an alarm, they had to admit that there was such a possibility. After all, there were several extremely powerful hidden martial arts families in the Great Eastern Continent.

 It seemed like they had gotten a beating in vain today. They could not even settle the score!

 Young Master Lian looked at Countess Zilan in disgust. If this stupid woman had not suddenly acted, they would not have been beaten up. Recalling what Ye Chen had said, deep negative feelings toward Countess Zilan emerged in his heart.

 “Countess Zilan, I'll report this matter to my father. I'll leave first.” Young Master Lian fist saluted and limped away with his group of people.

 “Countess, it's best if you tell your father about this and see what he says!” Master Qi whispered beside Countess Zilan.

 Countess Zilan had been traumatized and did not speak. The servants supported her and they left the Court of Treasures.

 Ye Chen took Little Wingsy out of the Court of Treasures and went to the city to find a restaurant to eat at. Looking at the sky, he saw that it was already slightly late. He would wait till tomorrow morning before going to Scarlet Flame Sect.

 Many people were eating in the restaurant and many of them were talking about the Grand Martial Tournament of the Scarlet Flame Sect.

 “Various major sects have sent representatives to attend the Scarlet Flame Sect Grand Martial Tournament. It's an unprecedented event!”

 “I heard the young lord of the House of Storms will be attending. Zong Yi has always been pursuing the Scarlet Flame Sect Leader's daughter, Ye Rou. We can't miss that show!”

 “That Zong Yi is the top combatant among the youths in our Central Empire. The last time when he fought against that master from the Nanqi Empire, he completely stole the show. Some even said that there are people from the royal family that greatly value him!”

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 “The three geniuses of the Central Empire, Zong Yi, Bei Lantian, and Situ Ling'er, are all from distinguished families and have outstanding talents. They are really amazing!”

 The pa.s.sers-by that saw her stopped to stare. Time seemed to stop at that moment. Seeing such a beautiful person took their breath away.

 There seemed to be some sadness in her eyes as she gazed at the distance quietly. She appeared to have gotten thinner. Her silk skirt fluttered as if she was floating away.

 ‘It's Little Rou. I never expected to meet Little Rou in Yun Yan County.'

 “Little Rou!” Ye Chen cried in happiness. He took large strides and headed toward her.

 Hearing that voice, the girl suddenly froze and looked toward Ye Chen. A hint of joy and excitement flashed in her eyes.

 ‘Was it Brother Ye Chen?'

 Was it true? Or was Little Rou dreaming?

 Glittering and transparent tears streamed down her eyes. She did not expect to see Ye Chen here. After she had left the House of Ye, he had always been thinking about the Ye Clan. She thought of her family in the House of Ye and she thought about Ye Chen. The happiest days of life had been spent in Ye Castle. The s.p.a.ce that Ye Chen took in her heart was just too large.

 Every night, she would dream of Ye Chen. The familiar scent seemed to seep into her very soul.

 “Little Rou, I finally found you,” Ye Chen said joyously. He pulled apart the crowd and strode toward Ye Rou.

 Looking at Ye Chen's familiar face, all sorts of emotions poured into her heart. She wanted to jump into Ye Chen's arms, hold him tightly, cry her heart out, and never let go of him. However, she knew that she could not do that. If she did, it would cause a disaster for Ye Chen and the Ye Clan.

 A trace of firmness and determination flashed in Ye Rou's eyes. She turned around with the grace of a flying b.u.t.terfly and walked away.

 “Brother Ye Chen, you shouldn't have come to the Central Empire!” Ye Rou murmured with tears streaming down her cheeks. She had already gone hundreds of meters away.

 Ye Chen saw Ye Rou turn around and leave, and immediately froze. He did not know why Ye Rou was doing this. He had seen the joy in Ye Rou's eyes as well as the deep longing. Why did Ye Rou leave after seeing him?

 In the place where Ye Rou originally stood, an old woman in her forties glanced coldly at Ye Chen, her eyes like a hawk's. She leaped up and followed behind Ye Rou.

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