Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Priceless Treasure Blue Dragon Dagger

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Ye Chen frowned. The trees may prefer calm but the wind would not subside. Ye Chen could feel that everyone in the Central Empire had this pride.

 That was because the Central Empire had always been the center of the Great Eastern Continent. They rarely respected people from small countries.

 Although Ye Chen looked like them, the way he talked was characteristic of someone from the Xiwu Empire. The people of the Central Empire would be able to tell in an instant. Furthermore, with what Little Wingsy had said earlier, they naturally concluded that Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were just small country b.u.mpkins and began to exclude Ye Chen and Little Wingsy.

 ‘What's so great about the people of the Central Empire? What's so great about the major sects?' Ye Chen scoffed coldly in his heart. Ye Chen did not care less about such people!

 Master Qi looked at Ye Chen with a slight smile. “Sir, if you have anything you would like to appraise, you can bring it here and I can give you a twenty percent discount. There are more people than usual in the Court of Treasures today, so please forgive us if we offended you.” Master Qi seemed like a shrewd businessman. With just a few words, he pointed out that the provocative people were the guests around him and he could not do anything about it. What happened today had nothing to do with the Court of Treasures. Furthermore, this way, he also showed consideration for Ye Chen.

 “Master Qi is too polite. I have a few items here I'd like Master Qi to appraise. I want to know how to use these items.” Ye Chen stood up and walked over. With a flick of his right wrist, a short dagger appeared in his palm.

 This dagger was the Blue Dragon Dagger Ye Chen had fished from the bottom of Lake Nekros.

 Apart from looking sharp, the Blue Dragon Dagger looked plain and had an antique simplicity. Ye Chen studied the Blue Dragon Dagger countless times but could not find anything special about it.

 “It's just a broken old dagger. I wonder if it'll even end up being a Spirit Artifact Rank item after it's appraised. Tsk tsk. Is it a Tier One or Tier Two spirit artifact?” Young Lord Mo smiled and said with sarcasm in his voice.

 “An ordinary Tier Two spirit artifact can still sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills. A common person won't be able to afford it at all. Could it be that this dagger was bought for several hundred Chi-ama.s.sing Pills at Spirit Artifact Street?” Young Master Lian waved his fan a few times and laughed.

 There was a Spirit Artifact Street in Yun Yan County which sold fake spirit artifacts for tens to several thousands of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills. They specialized in scamming people who had just arrived in the Central Empire. Locals from the Central Empire never went there.

 “Maybe it was.” The crowd burst out laughing.

 Countess Zilan also chuckled. “It doesn't look like anything good either. This sort of item should just be kept secret. Why is he taking it out at the Court of Treasures? How embarra.s.sing!”

 Although this lady in red, Countess Zilan, was quite beautiful, her character was not flattering at all. Ye Chen glanced coldly at Countess Zilan.

 Countess Zilan felt the disdain in Ye Chen's eyes and frowned. She was a countess and was a person with status in the Central Empire. ‘I'm a phoenix among humans. How dare a mere peasant like you dare to scorn me?'

 There was a scent of gunpowder in the air. Master Qi smiled wryly. These people's positions were now low and they had proud tempers. They might end up causing trouble. He took the Blue Dragon Dagger from Ye Chen's hands and looked at it carefully.

 Ye Chen also did not want to cause any trouble at the Court of Treasures. After all, Master Qi seemed like he was a good person. His eyes also landed on the Blue Dragon Dagger. ‘I wonder what it's used for. Is it just an ordinary dagger?'

 Young Master Lian, Countess Zilan, and the others watched silently as Master Qi appraised the dagger. They looked on coldly, waiting to see the drama unfold.

 Master Qi took out a silk cloth after receiving the dagger and carefully wiped off the dirt from the dagger. After looking at it for a long time, he took out some ancient books and compared them with the dagger. His expression looked solemn.

 Seeing Master Qi's expression, Young Master Lian, Countess Zilan, and the others' hearts suddenly sank. Could that dagger be a high-tier spirit artifact? They knew that with Master Qi's talent in appraising artifacts, he would know if it was fake immediately after holding it.

 Young Master Lian gave Ye Chen a side glance. From Ye Chen's attire, he could not tell which small country Ye Chen was from. Where did he find that dagger? Did he dig up a treasure?

 Master Qi's expression grew more serious as he carefully checked the dagger in his hand.

 Young Master Lian and Countess Zilan exchanged looks. A strange look flashed in their eyes. If it was an amazing treasure, would Ye Chen manage to keep it with his strength?

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 Ye Chen's Astral Body had a panoramic view of all the people in the hall. He sneered coldly in his heart. What a bunch of shameless b*stards!

 “One million Chi-ama.s.sing Pills. Do you think that someone will give you a million Chi-ama.s.sing Pills for that dagger?” Young Master Lian laughed. “You're overestimating yourself! You've already profited when Master Qi offered two hundred thousand Chi-ama.s.sing Pills and you're still not satisfied!”

 Qi Yun pondered. He also had some background behind him. Even if he tore Young Master Lian and Countess Zilan's faces, they would be fine. However, Ye Chen's background was very mysterious. This kind of person was the most dangerous. He could be an experienced disciple that was secretly sent out by a martial arts family. Otherwise, there was no way that he could suddenly bring something like that out and said that he would not sell it even for a million Chi-ama.s.sing Pills.

 Master Qi quickly interrupted Young Master Lian's words and said politely to Ye Chen, ” Although I can't identify what tier this spirit artifact is, I'm very certain that it's at least Tier Six. It could even be Tier Seven. However, the artifact spirit in this dagger is asleep and needs to be awakened somehow.”

 At least Tier Six and perhaps even Tier Seven? Young Master Lian, Countess Zilan, and the others immediately stared with wide eyes. Was that true? However, there was no need for Master Qi to lie at this point!

 “The words Blue Dragon Dagger are carved on the surface. The carvings are simple and unsophisticated, and resemble somewhat like the style of the Gulan Empire. It might even be a royal legacy from over tens of thousands of years ago,” Master Qi enunciated. His heart also thundered as he spoke. He took out a millstone-sized piece of gold-colored metal form the cabinet next to him and said, “This item is called Fairy Gold. Even a Tier Six spirit artifact won't be able to leave a trace on its surface! We can use this to identify a spirit artifact's tier.”

 Master Qi placed the Fairy Gold on the table and swung the Blue Dragon Dagger. With a “thunk”, the dagger easily pierced the Fairy Gold.

 Young Master Lian and Countess Zilan watched in horror. They had not believed in Master Qi's empty words earlier but now that the truth was right before their eyes, they had no choice but to believe it!

 Seeing the Blue Dragon Dagger sinking into the Fairy Gold, Master Qi was also dumbfounded. Sweat rolled down his face and he warbled, “I… I was mistaken. Even a Tier Seven spirit artifact won't be able to leave such a deep dent on this Fairy Gold. However, this Blue Dragon Dagger sank to the hilt. I'm afraid it's at least a Tier Eight or even a Tier Nine spirit artifact!”

 Human Tier, Earthly Tier, and Heavenly Tier spirit artifacts only existed in legends, so even Master Qi did not know how to identify them. He could only say that it was a Tier Eight or Nine item.

 “To be able to see a Tier Eight or Nine spirit artifact in my lifetime, it was worth living this long. This Blue Dragon Dagger is absolutely a priceless treasure!”

 “How do you awaken it?” Ye Chen had seen a spirit arcana before and was not that excited that the Blue Dragon Dagger was a Tier Eight or Nine spirit artifact. He looked at Master Qi calmly. If the artifact spirit inside was not awakened, the Blue Dragon Dagger would just be a sharper-than-average weapon. However, if the artifact spirit was awoken, he could draw on its power and its usefulness would increase several-fold.

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