Nine Astra Skies

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Ye Chen turned toward the direction of the exit of the Sunken Jade Tower upon hearing Elder Tuntian. The thunder heavenly tribulation was probably blocked out by the Sunken Jade Tower. There was some incredible relic inside the Sunken Jade Tower that was able to ward off even the thunder heavenly tribulation which Elder Tuntian was so afraid of."Elder Tuntian, why is the Sunken Jade Tower able to ward off such a powerful heavenly tribulation?" Ye Chen asked.

"The Sunken Jade Tower is an ancient wonder built by the ancient Almighty beings. This group of people was extremely powerful. They were almighty beings who were beyond the laws of Heaven and Earth. The tower reaches into the heights above the clouds and extends deep into the earth and is enchanted with numerous mysterious seals as well. Even in my prime, I wouldn't dare to confront the seals hidden deep underground. The power of these seals is unmatched. I don't even know where in the world I was when these great beings walked the earth. Therefore, I know very little about this tower but one thing for sure is its power cannot be questioned. Forget about the Seventh Grade Crashing Thunder of heavenly tribulation. Even the Ninth Grade Devastation Retribution might not be able to break through at all," said Elder Tuntian.

Even someone like Elder Tuntian held the Sunken Jade Tower in such high regard. The Sunken Jade Tower must be something out of the ordinary.

One of the almighty beings mentioned was probably Senior Tian Yuan. Senior Tian Yuan had mentioned before that if he was able to have a strong enough cultivation base to refine the Sunken Jade Tower, then Senior Tian Yuan would give him the tower as a gift. When Ye Chen thought about it now, refining the Sunken Jade Tower would be a near-impossible task. Even Elder Tuntian was not able to stand his ground against the seals in the ninth grade!

"What are Elder Tuntian's plans now?" Ye Chen asked.

Elder Tuntian's expression turned sour. "I cannot go out as I'll be blasted into smithereens. In the past, I was able to evade the heavenly punishment by concealing my energy but it's only going to work once. The heavenly punishment had taken note of my energy so I won't be able to get away so easily next time. You guys should take me to the third level of the tower. The first level is unsafe."

"Alright." Ye Chen glanced at Little Wingsy. What would Little Wingsy do now? Would he follow the elder to continue his training or leave the Sunken Jade Tower with him?

The decision was in Little Wingsy's hands.

"Let's go." Ye Chen took Little Wingsy with him and flew toward the deeper regions of the Sunken Jade Tower.

The Sunken Jade Tower was covered in all kinds of restrictive spells. Ye Chen went around them and headed deeper underground.

At the same time, on the second level of the Sunken Jade Tower.

Within the lava sat a tall young man. He looked like he was trying to remember something as glimpses of hazy memories flashed through his mind. He seemed like he was wrapped in a sense of deep sadness. He had been sitting there for two days now. Suddenly, he got up and looked around him, then he walked toward a corpse.

Beside the corpse, there was a Heaven-Earth Pouch left behind that was not looted. He picked it up and retrieved a shirt from within it.

The young man was nearly three meters tall. This shirt was only fitted for someone near a hundred and eighty centimeters and there was no way it could fit him. Suddenly, his body shrunk in size until he was around a hundred and eighty centimeters tall. His hair and eyebrows grew longer as well. He had dark, shiny hair, and his eyebrows were thick and long. His facial features were very defined and he had an air of n.o.bility around him. He was probably some sort of n.o.ble as his aura spoke for it. His dark pupils glowed like the depthless night skies.

The young man had a well-toned and slender body so his muscles did not seem to stick out too much. When he donned the ordinary fighter's robe, he somehow made it seem more refined and n.o.ble.

"I've slept for thirty-thousand years. I wonder what has become of the world, if there's anyone who remembers me at all. I'm afraid those things and people have all turned to ashes and dust." He closed his eyes and felt his energy. "My cultivation base has left me as well. I'll have to start training again. Though, this body of mine has become stronger after years of being fortified by the lava."

The young man looked down at this left hand and the armguard had disappeared. He could not sense the energy of the armguard artifact spirit either. He smiled easily. "You must be lonely after waiting for me for all these years. You probably feel better after having found yourself a new owner. All things must come and go, and so be it. I have no regrets."

The young man lifted his head slightly. In an instant, the Celestial Chi on the entire second floor of the Sunken Jade Tower had surged ferociously. They came toward him from every direction.

Initially, the young man was just like any ordinary man. His Celestial Chi was barely First Level. As the Celestial Chi ferociously poured into his body and entered his dantian, his Celestial Chi cultivation base rose rapidly. First Level, Second Level… Seventh Level… Tenth Level… Earthly Venerable, going all the way to Heavenly Venerable Rank before he stopped. He smiled faintly. "I'll just take it to Heavenly Venerable Rank for now. Let my body digest the Celestial Chi." 

Thereafter, the young man took a step and walked forward. When he walked, his footsteps carried an indescribable grace and easiness. With each step he took, it contained a profound mystery. After a short while, he had walked for several kilometers.

Ye Chen was flying on the first floor of the Sunken Jade Tower. Very quickly, he was in the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation's vicinity though he was still a long way away from the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation itself. Only a Tenth Level was able to approach the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation. At Ye Chen's current cultivation base, he was restricted by the formation and unable to enter.

However, Ye Chen's Astral Body was not constrained by the formation. When his Astral Body had pa.s.sed through the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation, he was stunned. He saw the Celestial Beast Lioness was still inside the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation!

The Lioness did not know that Ye Chen had already left and it remained there and trained obediently. Without Ye Chen's command, she did not dare approach the center of the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation so she only lingered around the edges.

It did not matter to the Lioness even if she had to train for fifty years inside the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation. She already brought enough food and besides, there was an abundance of Celestial Chi here. It was not a big deal even if she did not eat for a few weeks while training here. To a Celestial Beast, fifty years went by in the blink of an eye. She did not mind waiting for the Sunken Jade Tower to open again to leave.

The Celestial Chi in the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation was abundant beyond belief. The Lioness had been training for a long time and had managed to break through into Earthly Adept Rank.

Lioness! Haha! The Lioness! Ye Chen could not contain his excitement. To think that after all the work he had put into searching for the lioness, he would merely stumble into it by chance. His Astral Body reached for the lioness.

The Lioness was training in her spo. She had not felt Ye Chen's energy in a very long time. She had a.s.sumed that Ye Chen was still in the middle of the formation.

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At that moment, the Lioness felt an energy locked onto her.

Ye Chen could not understand the world of the lions just like how the lions could not understand the world of humans.

Ye Chen brought Little Wingsy with him and headed for the second level. They flew along the way.

Soon, they had entered the second level area.

The moment Ye Chen stepped foot onto the second level of the Sunken Jade Tower, the Skyfire Armguard Ye Chen wore on his left hand immediately began vibrating. Ye Chen inspected the Skyfire Armguard suspiciously. He was not sure what prompted such a response from the Skyfire Armguard. He still did not have a close bond with the Skyfire Armguard, so he could not make out what exactly this reaction meant.

Ye Chen's Astral Body went through the lava which he originally had discovered the Skyfire Armguard and he was taken aback. The corpse that was originally in the lava had disappeared!

What was going on?

Did this mean that someone had moved the corpse?

They said that the corpse inside the lava was incredibly heavy. An ordinary man would not be able to move it. Could this mean this was the work of a Daemon King?

Why did they move the corpse?

The idea that the corpse would awake itself did not even occur to Ye Chen's mind.

Ye Chen's Astral Body scanned the area around the layer of lava. To his surprise, he found a slender, handsome young man wearing a robe and sitting cross-legged atop a boulder. The young man's skin was like that of a newborn with a fair tone but also glowed with a faint red tint. He sat silently, his meteor-like eyes glanced toward Ye Chen's direction.

The air around the young man was mysterious and magnificent as he carried an indescribable presence.

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