Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: The Wolven Kingdom's Gift

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Within the Ye Clan's valley, in the Heavenly Astra Seal.

 “They've left.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion smiled slightly, feeling rather smug. ‘When I, the Purple-fire Astra Lion, show up, can these puny Daemon Kings refrain from being scared witless?'

 “Thank you, Master Lion,” Ye Chen said. If the Purple-fire Astra Lion had not stepped in, Ye Chen's abilities would be inadequate in dealing with those Daemon Kings. He would have no choice but to hide forever. The more he hid, the more those Daemon Kings would feel suspicious. They were not to be trifled with.

 Ye Chen felt that he was rather like a con man, deceiving people all day long, scaring this one and that. He was making them believe that he was so powerful and gaining their respect. However, Ye Chen knew that his strength was insufficient by far!

 “Master Lion, how do I cultivate to Daemon King Attainment Level?” Ye Chen asked.

 The Purple-fire Astra Lion shot Ye Chen a wordless glance. “Your cultivation speed is already very fast. Those Demon Wolves, for instance, had taken at least centuries or even over a thousand years to reach Daemon King Rank. They have long lifespans, but their progress is gradual. Humans have short lives but swift cultivation speed. Still, even with outstanding talent, bolstered by countless medicinal pills, they would need at least eighty years to reach G.o.dly Venerable Rank. In most cases, it'd take a century. As for you, in less than a short year, you've reached mid-Heavenly Venerable Rank. In terms of Psyche, you're at mid-Mystique Venerable Rank. What else do you want? To become a Daemon King in three years?”

 “But if I can't cultivate to Daemon King Attainment Level, I'm in constant danger.” Ye Chen was dispirited. His strength was no match for those Daemon Kings and G.o.dly Venerable Ones. However, he had already gained enemies at Daemon King and G.o.dly Venerable Rank! “If the cultivation base of my Celestial Chi can break through to Mystique Venerable Rank, the power of my Psyche should be able to contend against Daemon Kings!”

 The Purple-fire Astra Lion was silent for a moment, before saying, “I'd estimate that you need three to five years to break through to Mystique Venerable Rank. This is already the limit of even those with exceptional talent. If you want your Celestial Chi's cultivation base to reach the Mystique Venerable Rank, there's a way to do so. In this continent, there are many items left by ancient predecessors. If you obtain one or two, they'll help you break through. Alternatively, there are World Spirit Creatures like Celestial Martial Chi, Celestial Yellow Chi, Primal Purple Chi, and so on.”

 “Look for ancient treasures? Where should I find those?”

 “The Great Eastern Continent has seventy-two forbidden places in total. Among them, you've explored the Nether Palace, which isn't a place you can enter with your current abilities. Moreover, you said that you've entered the Sunken Jade Tower before – you can only reach the third floor at most. If you go there, it'd be a suicide mission. I suggest that you'd better not set foot in these forbidden places. Although they may help you progress, it's too risky. However, I know an appropriate place. Since you're going to the Central Empire, why not try challenging the Soul PaG.o.da there. Perhaps you might gain something!” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said.

 “Soul PaG.o.da? What place is that?” Ye Chen asked, frowning.

 “I won't explain in detail regarding other continents but in this Great Eastern Continent, the ancient Almighty had built twelve towers that reached the clouds. Of these, the Sky Pa.s.sage PaG.o.da is the highest while the Soul PaG.o.da ranks sixth. These twelve towers are the pillars of heaven and earth, linking to Tianyuan Ancient City. The materials of these twelve towers are incomparably st.u.r.dy. Even Grand Supreme Stage masters can forget about stripping off the towers' outer layers. Their tops reach the heavens, their foundations extend deep underground, and there are a myriad of illusions and boundless marvels within. Sometimes, divine weapons and equipment or unique spirit artifacts would appear there, obtained by those who are lucky. The various sects and superpowers of the Central Empire would send their disciples into the Soul PaG.o.da to be trained,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion explained patiently.

 Ye Chen was highly astounded. To think that there was such a place in the Great Eastern Continent. He must have a look at Soul PaG.o.da.

 “Seven floors up or seven floors down the Soul PaG.o.da are all safe zones. People won't usually die there but it's difficult to get any good treasures. Once you go beyond seven floors, there'll be plenty of dangers and you must be cautious,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said.

 “We'll talk about that when we reach the Central Empire,” Ye Chen said. He felt very curious about this world. Were the cultivators of ancient times so powerful? The towers they built had not yet collapsed after tens of thousands of years, and even Grand Supreme Stage masters could not break away one outer layer of the towers. “What kind of place is Tianyuan Ancient City?” When Ye Chen heard the word Tianyuan, he immediately recalled Senior Tian Yuan of the Sunken Jade Tower.

 “Tianyuan Ancient City isn't something you can consider for now. Even I only know the surface of it.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion sighed wistfully. “In any case, I haven't been there. Back then, I'd have been qualified to go there but my previous master did not head there.”

 Even Master Lion did not know? Plus, one must be qualified to enter Tianyuan Ancient City? What kind of qualifications?

 “Master Lion, were ancient cultivators so formidable? And that twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf was Master Lion's lackey?” Ye Chen asked curiously.

 When the Purple-fire Astra Lion heard this question, he looked somewhat embarra.s.sed and gave a tiny smile. “I was merely exaggerating when I said that the Silver Moon Wolf had been my lackey. Back then, the Silver Moon Wolf Clan and my Purple-fire Astra Lion Clan were considered the peak clans among mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts. They were equal to us.”

 Ye Chen nodded, then asked, “In that case, why were there so many super powerhouses then, yet now the cultivators aren't as great as before?”

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 The Purple-fire Astra Lion's face shifted at this question, appearing rather apprehensive. “About this matter, you'd better not know about it for now. One day, you'll understand.”

 Ye Zhantian steadied his wildly beating heart and looked up at the black-clothed youth. He asked calmly, “Why are you giving my Ye Clan so many things? What do we have to give in return?”

 “I only came to establish a good relationship with the Ye Clan. Please, Brother Zhantian, put in a good word for the Wolven Kingdom now and then in front of that senior.” The youth smiled faintly. To the Wolven Kingdom which had boundless riches, these items were nothing much. However, to an ordinary martial arts family like the Ye Clan, it must be a handsome fortune. When Blackwing noticed the emotional fluctuations of Ye Zhantian, he smiled imperceptibly. He had guessed correctly. Although that Almighty had asked the Ye Clan to act as his proxy, he did not help the clan in obtaining physics.

 That ancient Almighty would not care for these physics, but it should be sufficient to entice the Ye Clan.

 Ye Zhantian was momentarily stunned, then a flash of understanding crossed his face. The black-clothed youth must be talking about the Great Ancestor behind the Ye Clan. This Great Ancestor had a far-reaching reputation indeed. Ye Zhantian did not even know what kind of group the Wolven Kingdom was, yet they had sent gifts to curry favor with the clan.

 “Whether we can accept this gift, I must first ask my son, Ye Chen.” Ye Zhantian dared not lightly make decisions on the Great Ancestor's behalf, so he found a messenger hawk and sent a message to the House of Ye.

 Blackwing's heart leaped. As expected, the one making the calls was Ye Chen. Blackwing waited there for five whole hours, chatting with Ye Zhantian whenever a topic arose. Then, a messenger hawk fluttered down.

 Ye Zhantian picked up the note from the messenger hawk, looked through it, and turned to Blackwing. “Brother Blackwing, I'll accept the Wolven Kingdom's gift on behalf of the Ye Clan. Please relay the Ye Clan's grat.i.tude toward the Wolven Kingdom's generosity.”

 When Ye Zhantian accepted the gift, Blackwing smiled mildly. In the future, they would have many chances to infiltrate the Ye Clan. Blackwing was planning to win over a heart or two from the Ye Clan. In that manner, that ancient Almighty would slowly form a good impression of the Wolven Kingdom.

 “If you need help in anything, Brother Zhantian, you may contact me through a messenger hawk. If there's nothing else, I'll take my leave first. I've taken up enough of your time.” Blackwing cupped his hands in greeting. It was already dawn outside.

 “Ah, I shall send you out then, Brother Blackwing,” Ye Zhantian said and he escorted Blackwing out of the Second-rank Prince's Palace.

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