Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: The Demon Wolves Back Off!

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The Silver Wolf Daemon King was about to turn and flee when he suddenly heard the Purple-fire Astra Lion saying something else.

 “Ye Chen of this Ye Clan here is a disciple I've just taken on. In just a few short months, he has trained to Mystique Venerable Rank and even has an Astral Externalization just like Daemon Kings. He's bound to be my successor. I don't want anyone to hurt him. Do you understand?” The Purple-fire Astra Lion's voice had a cold, murderous edge to it.

 Reaching Mystique Venerable Attainment Level in just a few months and even had Astral Externalization like Daemon Kings? ‘My goodness, there are people like this in this world?' Upon some thought, Ye Chen's talent was probably a secondary factor. The master instructing him was after all an ancient, Almighty Rank character. It was no surprise that he could produce such an impressive disciple.

 Moreover, a human could cultivate a Psyche! This had overturned the Silver Wolf Daemon King's framework of knowledge!

 It was not surprising a Daemon King who had Astral Externalization could suddenly pop up without the Wolven Kingdom noticing anything. It turned out that this person was not a Daemon King but Mystique Venerable Rank. Still, he had reached Mystique Venerable Rank and achieved Astral Externalization in just a few short months. This was too outrageous.

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King dared not disturb Ye Chen anymore. If anything happened to Ye Chen and this ancient Almighty in this valley became enraged, the entire Wolven Kingdom would be reduced to ashes scattered in the wind!

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King started to have secret plans. If they could get on the good side of this ancient Almighty, any benefits cast their way would be something unimaginable.

 However, this ancient Almighty was now in a temper. How could he attempt anything?

 “Yes, Your Highness. We'll never dare to harm your disciple. In the future, wherever your disciple goes, our Wolven Kingdom will receive him respectfully.” The Silver Wolf Daemon King nodded quickly. It appeared that this ancient Almighty valued this disciple named Ye Chen. The Silver Wolf Daemon King wondered if he could get in this ancient Almighty's good graces through this person called Ye Chen.

 “Off you go,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion spoke casually.

 After hearing the Purple-fire Astra Lion's words, the Silver Wolf Daemon King seemed to be released from a burden. He turned and fled, and was already fifty kilometers away after a moment.

 The Demon Wolves that were following the Silver Wolf Daemon King soon caught up.

 “Your Highness, what happened?” one Demon Wolf asked, confused.

 “So, that Daemon King isn't a true Daemon King but a human, only at Mystique Venerable Rank,” the Silver Wolf Daemon King said.

 “In that case, since he dares to impersonate a Daemon King and fool our Wolven Kingdom, why didn't we capture him?” another Demon Wolf asked.

 “Things aren't that simple. Think about it, how could a human cultivate a Psyche and achieve Astral Externalization just like a Daemon King?”

 When the Demon Wolves heard this, they were jolted by shock. That was true. This entire incident had far surpa.s.sed their understanding.

 “After I used my Psyche to investigate, I found out that this guy has a master who was slumbering within the valley, who was an ancient Almighty Rank existence. I searched with my Psyche for a long time, always feeling that the energy was off. But after a long time searching, I still couldn't find where that ancient Almighty is. Who knows that I'd startle the ancient Almighty awake? It turns out that he has opened up another s.p.a.ce in the valley. After he tore that s.p.a.ce apart, he merely emitted a small trace of energy and I instantly felt my entire body stiffen, unable to control my Psyche. That was an existence that far the Grand Supreme Stage. Grand Supremes are nothing more than ants before him!” the Silver Wolf Daemon King said with lingering trepidation.

 Far surpa.s.sing the Grand Supreme Stage and Grand Supremes were nothing more than ants? This was what the Silver Wolf Daemon King learned using his Psyche. There was no reason they should not believe this! Even super Celestial Beasts at the Grand Supreme Stage were unable to freeze the Silver Wolf Daemon King in his spot just by revealing their energy!

 Everyone was completely alarmed. What kind of existence was this? It was not surprising that they had felt a sudden, strange chill earlier – they had almost pa.s.sed through the gates of h.e.l.l! A super existence like that could probably frighten their souls away just with a single thought!

 “Fortunately, that ancient Almighty hadn't lost his temper or we wouldn't have come back alive. Apparently, in ancient times, a twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf was nothing more than a servant to that ancient Almighty.”

 “A twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf?” The Demon Wolves were mystified. They had never heard of this before.

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 “Of course you don't know about this. That was my ancestor. The family history recorded in ancient times, the twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf was an extremely powerful existence, the n.o.blest bloodline in the wolf clan. However, for some unknown reason, they've all disappeared. As for me, I've only inherited a much-diluted lineage. Until now, I can't even grow out a pair of wings. That ancient Almighty could tell what my lineage was in a glance,” the Silver Wolf Daemon King said ruefully. Being able to tell his bloodline in one glance and to mention the twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf – that was truly an ancient, knowledgeable senior.

 “Even earlier, in the dynasty before the Xiwu Empire, it was the Tianlan Empire, which had lasted for around twenty-seven millennia. The Ye Clan had produced a few people with extraordinary talent. In the Tianlan Empire then, those at the Grand Supreme Stage were a dime a dozen and the Ye Clan had seventy-two Grand Supremes.

 “Even further back, before the Tianlan Empire, the existing information was rather scarce. At that time, the nation was called the Gulan Empire, which lasted for over seventy-six millennia. A few existences were surpa.s.sing Grand Supremes known as G.o.dly Mystique combatants. This information mentions the Ye Clan too. At that time, the Ye Clan had three G.o.dly Mystique combatants.” The Demon Wolf looked up with an astonished glance at the Silver Wolf Daemon King. There were only five chapters on the Gulan Empire. Compared to the Tianlan Empire which had over a hundred chapters of information, this was very little. “Most of this information was memories recorded by the Great Ancestors of the wolf clan. To think that the Ye Clan was mentioned too. This shows that their influence was tremendous back then.”

 “Alright, you can stop there.” The Silver Wolf Daemon King waved a paw. The history of the Ye Clan dated back to more than fifty thousand years by far. It was possible a family like this would have one or two ancient Almighty characters still surviving!

 To think that a small remote clan could have such a long, distant history. A clan that was incomparably glorious back then had declined to such a state, on the brink of extinction. Perhaps that ancestor of the Ye Clan could not bear this and thus came to help the Ye Clan rise?

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King felt that his hypothesis made sense the more he thought about it. He would ask the Great Ancestor after he went back. He looked at the three Daemon King Rank Demon Wolves and asked, “Are there any Ye Clan members who are outside the Ye Clan's valley?”

 “There are. Ye Chen's father, Ye Zhantian, has been dubbed the Second-Rank Prince of Donglin by the Xiwu Empire's emperor. Currently, Ye Zhantian is helping the evacuees of the Xiwu Empire to settle down. He's inside Donglin City!” A Demon Wolf spoke.

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King pondered for a moment. “Blackwing, you get in touch with Ye Zhantian. Give them some a.s.sistance and build relations with them. We must greatly support the Ye Clan and make them feel grateful toward our Wolven Kingdom! If you need anything, get it from any branch of the Wolven Kingdom!”

 “Yes, Your Highness, I'll surely carry this through!” the Demon Wolf Daemon King called Blackwing nodded as he responded.

 The remaining Demon Wolves, led by the Silver Wolf Daemon King, turned into a cloud of dust that vanished at the horizon, leaving only that Demon Wolf Daemon King called Blackwing. He quickly transformed from his wolf form to a young man in black clothes. He had handsome features, only his brow carried a dark, ruthless energy. Still, he hid it well. Only those martial experts above Mystique Adept or Mystique Venerable Rank would notice. Ordinary people would not see it at all.

 The wolf clan was known to be savage and bloodthirsty. However, at the same time, they were an intelligent, shrewd group, knowing what to do to get the most benefits.

 Blackwing had casually captured a Nightwind in the mountain and rode it toward Donglin City.

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