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Chapter 298 – The Twelve

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Chapter 298: The Twelve-Winged Silver Moon Wolf

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According to the news the Wolven Kingdom had received, this Daemon King's Astral Externalization was a gold-armored soldier. This was peculiar indeed.

 The three heads of the Wolven Kingdom felt that something was fishy. The Xiwu Empire was their territory, governed by them for so long. Where did this Daemon King pop up from? Moreover, his Astral Externalization had a human form. Furthermore, the Fire Wolf Daemon King, second-ranked among the three Daemon Kings, had previously encountered Ye Chen in the Sunken Jade Tower. The situation then was urgent so there was no time to investigate Ye Chen's origins. After it returned, it increasingly seemed like something was off as if Ye Chen was trying to conceal something then.

 To avoid being fooled, they had decided to send the Silver Wolf Daemon King to investigate. No matter what, they must discern the truth about Ye Chen. It was best to take stock of Ye Chen and ascertain whether he truly had Daemon King Rank powers. Only then would they decide on recruiting him or suppressing him. Through some clues, they had tracked Ye Chen to the valley of the Ye Clan. Even so, after inspecting the place with his Psyche, the Silver Wolf Daemon King could not find Ye Chen.

 Had Ye Chen left this valley for now?

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King decided to wait while he examined the situation within the valley for any possible clues.

 When the Silver Wolf Daemon King's Psyche swept past the grove within the Ye Clan's valley, he was stupefied. ‘My goodness, surely there's too much Lingzhi growing here?' It was like a sky full of stars!

 It was not that the Silver Wolf Daemon King thought that Lingzhi was rare. This Lingzhi had been growing for a few months at most whereas he had seen plenty of Lingzhi which had grown for centuries, millennia, even ten millennia. It was just that, why was there so much Lingzhi growing so densely in this grove?

 Could the people in the valley have gotten Lingzhi from another place then transplanted them here? To search for so much Lingzhi and transplanting here all at once – how much effort would that take? Moreover, what was the point in doing so? Were they going to wait for the Lingzhi to grow for centuries or millennia?

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King was puzzled. His Psyche had landed upon a tall, ma.s.sive tree by the grove. This tree was full of white blossoms. When his Psyche brushed past, his spirits felt rejuvenated. He did not know what tree this was nor where it came from. He had not seen it before in his thousand years of living.

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King's Psyche continued to inspect his surroundings. He could hear everything that the people said. His Psyche probed each room. He had a feeling, for some reason, that the mysterious Daemon King was in this valley. Even so, he could not seem to be found.

 ‘Maybe this Daemon King excels in hiding? However, why would he need to hide? Did he notice my arrival?' The Silver Wolf Daemon King had always been proud of his keen senses. Now, he had been discovered after just arriving. Did this not mean that his opponent's capabilities were far beyond his own?

 “I don't believe that you haven't left any traces!” The Silver Wolf Daemon King's Psyche continued searching.

 Currently, in the Heavenly Astra Seal, the Purple-fire Astra Lion's lightly shut eyes suddenly opened. “That Celestial Beast Demon Wolf is about three thousand meters away from the valley, surrounded by eight other presences. Three of those should be mystical beast Daemon Kings.”

 “Which means that they have four Daemon King Rank existences?” Ye Chen's heart shuddered in fear. He could not even handle one Daemon King, let alone four. “Master Lion, how did you find out where they were?”

 “I can't see the outside but my consciousness can detect them. Each human and mystical beast has their consciousness, which is quite different from a Psyche. Rather, it's linked to one's thoughts and physical senses. When you reach a certain attainment level, your consciousness is fused with the surrounding world. Everything that happens around you would be evident to you,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion explained.

 “Consciousness fused with the world?” Ye Chen frowned. He did not understand much of the mysteries of his body. Suddenly, he recalled a line from the middle section of the Nine Astra Skies' outline. He mumbled to himself, “Joining heart and mind, joining mind and spirit. The heart indicates the human physical body and the mind indicates one's consciousness. Meanwhile, the spirit indicates one's Psyche and Astral Body! At the start of cultivation, one must separate heart, mind, and spirit. Later on, one must combine all three. I understand some of it now.”

 “Joining heart and mind, joining mind and spirit? I've realized that you have a good grasp of the Martial Truth. Joining heart and mind, joining mind and spirit – this line is profound! I get it now. For so many years, I've been stuck at this stage, to think that something you said would show me the light. I quite admire you now. Most martial artists would have no way of comprehending such an attainment level!” The Purple-fire Astra Lion's fiery eyes stared at Ye Chen as if he was staring at an exceptional beauty.

 Ye Chen felt his hair standing on end from the Purple-fire Astra Lion's stare. He could not explain to the Purple-fire Astra Lion that this line came from the Nine Astra Skies. Of course, Ye Chen had not cultivated to that attainment level yet. He had only cultivated the opening section, having just mastered the first grade and starting on the second. As for the line, “Joining heart and mind, joining mind and spirit”, one must cultivate until the fifth grade of the Nine Astra Skies at least to reach that attainment level.

 How could a fighter who had not cultivated their heart, mind, and spirit to the pinnacle even think about combining the three?

 Ye Chen's heart, mind, and spirit had only just begun their training!

 The Purple-fire Astra Lion mulled over this carefully, realizing that this line held endless meaning, capable of producing a mult.i.tude of transformations. He asked, “Ye Chen, my boy, how should one join mind and spirit?”

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 The Purple-fire Astra Lion was asking him for confirmation of the Martial Truth? Ye Chen rolled his eyes. “Master Lion, let's not talk about the Martial Truth for now. There are four Daemon Kings outside hunting for me restlessly. What do I do?”

 “Who is it that disturbs an emperor's slumber?” A low voice boomed out, deep and ancient, with a trace of anger.

 An emperor? Could this energy be that of an ancient existence? The Silver Wolf Daemon King's Psyche could not obtain any information. He did not even know if this was a human or a mystical beast, only that this being was extremely formidable. This creature might be able to turn him to ashes with just a thought.

 “Your humble servant didn't know that Your Highness was slumbering. Please forgive my trespa.s.sing, Your Highness,” the Silver Wolf Daemon King said shakily.

 The Demon Wolves beside the Silver Wolf Daemon King stared at each other with flabbergasted expressions. In the past, it was only they who had addressed the Silver Wolf Daemon King as “Your Highness”. Could His Highness the Silver Wolf Daemon King have discovered something in the valley? A chill sprouted in their hearts. What kind of existence would the Silver Wolf Daemon King respectfully address as “Your Highness”?

 “I'm in a good mood today and can't be bothered to punish underlings like you. I've set up a s.p.a.ce in this valley and am in deep sleep. I've pa.s.sed on all worldly matters to be handled by the Ye Clan. If you dare to disturb me again, don't blame an emperor for being ruthless.

 “Silver fur and black paws – you must be from the Silver Moon Wolf Clan of the Demon Wolves. It's too bad your lineage is too inferior. You can't even grow a pair of wings. Back then, I had a twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf following under me. I'll let you go for the sake of your ancestors. Otherwise, humph humph.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion coldly snorted twice.

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King's legs went soft. He did not know which ancient senior was slumbering here, who could discern his bloodline in one glance. ‘My goodness, a twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf, that's definitely an ancient, Almighty Rank existence. Yet, they were merely a lackey of this senior.'

 The Silver Wolf Daemon King was struck dumb with horror, with no room left for doubt. If this was not an ancient Almighty Rank existence, they would not be able to tell his bloodline origins in just one glance. Plus, they knew about the ancient twelve-winged Silver Moon Wolf and had such a terrifying aura. This was definitely not something that could be faked.

 Earlier, the Silver Wolf Daemon King's Psyche could not detect anything. It turned out that this creature had opened up another s.p.a.ce, sleeping there. Only legendary existences had the ability to create another s.p.a.ce.

 “In the future, you're not allowed to come within one thousand five hundred meters of this valley,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said, his tone leaving no room for argument.

 “Yes. Thank you, senior, for your grace in sparing me,” the Silver Wolf Daemon King said hurriedly. From now on, even if he had the guts of ten Demon Wolves, he would not dare to come to this valley!

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