Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: The Silver Wolf Daemon King

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Little Wingsy raced over and looked at Ye Chen. “Big Brother Ye Chen, I've found many people who are injured. Come heal them quickly.”

 “Little Wingsy, come here,” Ye Chen beckoned Little Wingsy over.

 Little Wingsy blinked and glanced at Little Wen who was beside Ye Chen. He looked curious as he walked over.

 “Little Wingsy, let me introduce you. She's Little Wen, your new friend. From now on, you must look after her. Don't let her be bullied anymore,” Ye Chen said as he looked at Little Wingsy.

 “h.e.l.lo.” Little Wen's bright eyes fell upon Little Wingsy. Although her face was slightly smudged, her small oval face and curved brows still looked cute. If she washed up, she would be a pretty child.

 Of course, Ye Chen would not be interested in a five, six-year-old girl. He looked down and saw that Little Wingsy was blushing furiously.

 “h.e.l.lo.” Conversely, Little Wingsy was not as forthright as Little Wen, only squeezing out a shy greeting after a long time.

 Ye Chen was mystified. What was happening to Little Wingsy? Could he be feeling the stirrings of love already at five, six years of age? Otherwise, why would he be so shy?

 Little Wen's large round eyes stared at Little Wingsy for a long time too.

 Circ.u.mstance was a curious thing. It was best to let nature take its course. This was the Way of Heaven and Earth. Ye Chen stood up and left Little Wingsy to protect Little Wen while he went to heal the injured evacuees.

 Five days later.

 The evacuees had been settled in a place near Donglin City. The remains of Ye Zhanlie and other Ye Clan members were sent back and buried in Ye Clan's ancestral graveyard. The Ye Clan grieved for a long time over the deaths of these family members. Still, the safe return of Ye Zhantian and the rest was a great relief. In this chaotic world, people were dying at every pa.s.sing moment. As long as the clan's bloodline still existed, the surviving ones would live on determinedly. Ye Zhanlie and the rest had died a glorious death, and would inevitably be commemorated by all the clan members.

 As for Little Wen, Ye Chen left her under the care of Little Rou's foster parents. After Little Rou had left, her foster parents did not take on any more children. When they met the orphaned, helpless Little Wen, they took pity on her and decided to adopt her.

 Under Little Rou's foster parents, Little Wen would surely grow up to be as gentle and kind as Little Rou.

 “You've really decided not to keep that little girl with you? If you instruct her, that girl would grow to become a powerhouse,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion lamented within the Heavenly Astra Seal.

 “To her, becoming a powerhouse isn't the most important thing. Growing up happy and healthy is enough,” although Ye Chen said this, Little Wen's talent must not go to waste. “What cultivation system is suited for her?”

 “The Emperor Qing's bloodline would be most suited to a Fire-type cultivation system,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion replied.

 “I'll pa.s.s on a Fire-type cultivation system to her then,” Ye Chen said after some thought. He chose to impart the first few grades of the Blazing Fire Technique to Little Wen. How far she would be able to cultivate now depended on her fortune.

 Ye Zhantian and the rest were busy rebuilding Donglin City and arranging accommodation and food for the evacuees. They could barely take a break. The entire Ye Clan was fully engaged.

 After more than two weeks, news arrived from Yan County. The Nanman Kingdom had withdrawn its troops. The Grandruler of Nanman, Tuoba Hongye, sent an official doc.u.ment to Great Emperor Mingwu, expressing his desire that both nations should reconcile and never be at war again. Upon hearing this, the people of the Xiwu Empire celebrated endlessly.

 In the following period, Great Emperor Mingwu tidied up the nation's affairs on a wide scale. He killed those guilty of treason. Some of the clans which had betrayed the Xiwu Empire had moved to the Nanman Kingdom. A few did not flee in time and were wiped out by Great Emperor Mingwu. As for the Taiyi Sword Sect and the Stalwarts of the Heavenly Stars Sect, they had wielded their forces to go against the Xiwu Empire. However, unexpectedly, two beginner Mystique Venerable experts barged into their sects. The sect leaders were killed and the remaining members fled helter-skelter. These two sects had a long tradition within the Xiwu Empire, having a bit of background in the Central Empire too. Now, they were annihilated so easily and swiftly.

 In regard to these incidents in the Xiwu Empire, including the betrayal of Xie Dao and Xie Jian, the large sects of the Central Empire were surprisingly silent, even the Fire Daemon Sect. This was because they heard that a Daemon King had shown up in the Xiwu Empire.

 A Daemon King fighter was not something they could contend against.

 Initially, Ye Chen wanted to leave the Xiwu Empire as soon as he could to head to the Central Empire. Nonetheless, there was too much to handle in the Ye Clan and he was not able to leave.

 Ye Chen stayed for a few months in the Ye Clan.

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 Ye Chen was considering if he should send Elder Tuntian back to the Sunken Jade Tower.

 “Ye Chen my boy, there's a Daemon King outside looking for you. Don't go out.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion's expression trembled. With Ye Chen's strength, he was no match for a Daemon King. Although Ye Chen could pretend to be a Daemon King, he was easily exposed. Once that happened, he might be a goner.

 “What Daemon King is it?” Ye Chen asked, his fists clenched tight. A Daemon King had found this valley at last. If this Daemon King Rank powerhouse attacked, the Ye Clan would perish without a doubt.

 “It's a Demon Wolf, a peak Daemon King. I've concealed your energy, so he shouldn't be able to find you,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said.

 It was the Wolven Kingdom!

 After Ye Chen announced himself in the Capital City, the Wolven Kingdom was sure to arrive at the Ye Clan's valley. Ye Chen frowned, thinking furiously of a counterplan. With his abilities, he was no match for a Daemon King Rank expert. Ye Chen's only advantage now was that neither the Wolven Kingdom nor the Leo King's Palace knew about his pretense. As long as he did not show himself, the Wolven Kingdom would not dare to do anything against the Ye Clan. After all, they would not provoke another Daemon King for no reason, especially since they did not even know the extent of this Daemon King's power!

 Even so, hiding from the Wolven Kingdom's search was very difficult. There was a saying, “There's nothing hidden that will not be made known.”

 Since the Wolven Kingdom had discovered this valley, they would surely observe it closely from now on. Who knew, the Wolven Kingdom might find some clues and surmised that he was not a Daemon King!

 Ye Chen's brain was spinning rapidly. What should he do now?

 At the moment, in a grove around three thousand meters away from the Ye Clan, a ma.s.sive wolf of three meters tall, silver-gray all over, was standing loftily. Its fur was soft, its body covered in solid muscle. It had a majestic presence and there was a ruthless glint in its scarlet eyes.

There were three Celestial Beast Daemon Kings in the Wolven Kingdom. This was one of them. It ranked last among the three Celestial Beast Daemon Kings and was called the Silver Wolf Daemon King.

 It was accompanied by eight Demon Wolves who were shorter than it was. Three of these were Daemon King Rank mystical beasts, guards of the Silver Wolf Daemon King. The other five were peak Mystique Adept Rank as well.

 “Your Highness hasn't located him?” a Daemon King Rank Demon Wolf asked.

 “Not yet, not at all. It's strange – since he's a Daemon King, why did he tame so many Earthly and Heavenly Adept Rank mystical beasts, even Eight, Ninth Level ones? Such low-level mystical beasts are negligible to a Daemon King Rank existence. Could it be just for the sake of supporting this Ye Clan?” The Silver Wolf Daemon King growled softly. “Though a Daemon King Rank existence may transform into a human and hide among them in search of a breakthrough in attainment level, they would not treat humans so well. This is because they can't integrate into human society at all. Mystical beasts and humans are ultimately different.”

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