Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Emperor Qing's Bloodline

When the martial art pract.i.tioners in the circle formation saw the Nanman Kingdom cavalry retreat, there was a loud burst of celebration.

When they saw Ye Chen, a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy, approaching them slowly, their hearts regarded him as a G.o.d.

This seventeen or eighteen-year-old Heavenly Venerable One had single-handedly killed fifty thousand of the Nanman Kingdom cavalries and forced the Nanman Kingdom to retreat. Even Great Emperor Mingwu could not claim such a feat.

Additionally, they heard that Ye Chen had single-handedly killed five of the Nanman Kingdom's Heavenly Venerable Rank combatants in Capital City. Judging by his ability, did he already achieve the legendary Mystique Venerable Rank?

Looking at the handsome Ye Chen, the family masters standing next to Ye Zhantian understood that this young man would one day rule over the Xiwu Empire!

From now on, Ye Chen would be known as the G.o.d of War in the Xiwu Empire. Legends about the G.o.d of War would spread all over this land, pa.s.sed on from one generation to the next by the people of the Xiwu Empire.

All the martial arts pract.i.tioners placed their right hand before their chest, knelt on one knee, and bowed their heads to him in respect. This was the highest form of salutation among martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Xiwu Empire. They truly respected Ye Chen. He was the one who had saved everyone here. From this moment onward, they made up their minds to follow this young man's clan!

“G.o.d of War!”

“G.o.d of War!”

The group of martial arts pract.i.tioners declared, their voices ringing loud and clear.

Ye Chen looked at Ye Zhantian. He saw his father look back at him with tears in his eyes. Nestled in his father's eyes were relief, pride and joy, as well as affection.

His father's expression caused Ye Chen to feel slightly emotional.

Ye Zhanying and the rest of the clan members also looked extremely pleased.

“Ye Patriarch, what should we do now?” Xu Jian looked at Ye Zhantian and then looked at Ye Chen. There was still a large number of evacuees nearby. Every minute of delay meant that someone was dying. “Do we continue north, past Xilin Prairie or…”

Upon hearing Xu Jian's question, Ye Zhantian tucked away his emotions temporarily and appeared deep in thought. In a deep voice, he said, “It'll take at least seven days to continue north. Along the way, I'm afraid many evacuees will starve to death.”

“Father, I heard that the Nanman Kingdom army has ordered a large-scale retreat. They are heading to Yan County. I think in about ten days or so, the Nanman Kingdom will withdraw all its troops,” Ye Chen said. Earlier, he overheard everything Wei Guyan had said to his lieutenant commander.

“Really?” Ye Zhantian was momentarily stunned. The Nanman Kingdom was withdrawing its troops? He considered the matter and turned to Xu Jian. “In that case, we'll bring the evacuees back to Donglin County!”

Upon hearing Ye Chen's words, Xu Jian and the others around them felt a renewed hope in their hearts. Many of them could not help but shed tears. Could it be that they could finally go home?

Although Donglin County had been ransacked by the Nanman Kingdom army and was completely devastated, it was still their hometown. They could rebuild on top of the ruins!

“From today onward, I, Ye Zhantian, will form an army. In this lifetime, I'll force the Nanman Kingdom to pay with their blood!” Ye Zhantian's expression was thunderous as he vowed solemnly.

“Pay with their blood!”

“Pay with their blood!”

The rest of the group also flashed expressions of intense vengeance.

Under Ye Zhantian's instructions, the martial arts pract.i.tioners busied themselves and guided the evacuees to retreat. Ye Chen's Astral Body swept across the evacuees quickly, preparing to help heal the wounded. As long as the injury sustained was not fatal, Ye Chen could transfer a small amount of Celestial Chi to them to aid with healing.

“Little Wingsy, go and help, bring those who are injured to me,” Ye Chen turned and said to Little Wingsy.

“Okay.” Little Wingsy ran out immediately.

One after another, those who were wounded were healed by Ye Chen. When the people found out that Ye Chen was the one who had defeated the Nanman Kingdom cavalry, they bowed to him in grat.i.tude.

While Ye Chen was healing the wounded, the Purple-fire Astra Lion in the Heavenly Astra Seal suddenly relayed a message to him.

“Ye Chen, there's someone with Emperor Qing's bloodline among the evacuees. I can sense its aura!” the Purple-fire Astra Lion exclaimed in excitement.

“Emperor Qing's bloodline? What's that?” Ye Chen froze for a moment and asked.

“An ancient and mighty figure who is even more powerful than that Emperor Ming from the Exclusion Zone. He's the real closest existence to a G.o.d. Accordingly, he can transform into a divine phoenix. Anyway, enough about him. Find the person with Emperor Qing's bloodline first!” The Purple-fire Astra Lion urged.

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“What can the Emperor Qing's bloodline do?” Ye Chen asked doubtfully as he mobilized his Astral Body to search among the evacuees.

When the evacuees saw Ye Chen walking toward them, they parted to the sides to make way for him. All of them regarded him with looks of grat.i.tude. This young man had saved their lives and gave them hope.

Ye Chen stopped beside the little girl. The little girl looked around. Everyone else had taken a step back. She gazed at Ye Chen nervously, her eyes filled with innocence.

Ye Chen crouched down and looked at the little girl. Although she was dirty and unkempt, he could see that her features were perfect and that her crystal-clear eyes seemed to speak aloud.

To avoid scaring the little girl, Ye Chen spoke in a warm tone, “Where are your father and mother?”

“My father and mother are dead.” The little girl blinked back tears in her eyes.

“Do you have any relatives?” Seeing the look in her eyes, Ye Chen's heart ached.

“My grandfather is also dead, I can't find him anymore.” The little girl's tears began to fall.

Ye Chen signed inwardly. He looked at the little girl and asked, “What's your name?”

“My name is Little Wen,” the girl replied.

“Are you willing to follow Big Brother? Big Brother will protect you and you can treat Big Brother as your relative.” Ye Chen patted her head.

The little girl looked at Ye Chen with her crystal-clear eyes. “Is Big Brother a good person?”

“Yup.” Ye Chen nodded.

The little girl seemed to consider it. She looked around and saw that the evacuees stood a few meters behind them. Their faces were filled with grat.i.tude. After a slight pause, the little girl nodded and said, “Thank you Big Brother for taking in Little Wen.”

The little girl looked no more than five or six years old but her crystal-clear eyes seemed quite knowledgeable. It was difficult to believe that she was only five or six years old.

Although Ye Chen took the little girl in because of Emperor Qing's blood, he did not plan to obtain any benefit from her. Ye Chen also did not have time to look after Little Wen, so he planned to entrust her to one of the couples in the clan. Hopefully, Little Wen would be able to fit in with the rest of the clan and treat them as her own family.

According to the Purple-fire Astra Lion, Emperor Qing's blood was extremely potent. If Little Wen grew up to become a skilled combatant and help protect the Ye Clan, it would be the Ye Clan's gain. If Little Wen decided to leave the Ye Clan upon reaching adulthood, then Ye Chen would not stop her either.

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