Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: Astra Hall

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Ye Chen and Little Wingsy did not know where they ranked among the many Daemon Kings. However, once a Daemon King established their own forces, they would certainly be a force that surpa.s.sed the top sect in the Central Empire. Furthermore, they would be one of the founding members of this force!

 How could they not be excited?

 “I am willing to follow Your Highness till death!” Nie Qingyun and the Eclipsing Firebird immediately knelt and said loudly.

 Great Emperor Mingwu also put down his pride as an emperor. “We are willing to follow Your Highness till death!”

 Xie Dao and Xie Jian also put down their pride. “We are also willing to follow Your Highness till Death!”

 “All of you, rise. Although I'm preparing to establish my own force, I still cannot attract the attention of other forces. Everything must be done in secret until the time is ripe for its announcement to the public.” Ye Chen's thoughts were quite holistic. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down. All the forces and territories of Daemon Kings were stable now. If Ye Chen announced that he was establishing a force of his own, it would inevitably become a target of suppression.

 “Yes, Your Highness” The crowd responded. They still felt the surge of excitement.

 “What is Your Highness preparing to do?” The Eclipsing Sunbird asked.

 “We'll start from the Xiwu Empire. We'll first drive the Nanman Kingdom out of the Xiwu Empire and get rid of the Stalwart of the Heavenly Stars Sect and the Taiyi Sword Sect. Destroying the Stalwart of the Heavenly Stars Sect and the Taiyi Sword Sect will be handled by Xie Dao and Xie Jian. Next, we'll recruit talented youths from various counties and nurture them. I will provide the cultivation systems and martial techniques. We'll recruit fifty thousand people for now. This matter will be handled by Mingwu and a.s.sisted by Nie Qingyun.” Ye Chen looked at the crowd.

 Everyone agreed.

 Ye Chen had accounted for everything. He was preparing to put the Xiwu Empire into his sphere of authority. News that a Daemon King appeared in the Xiwu Empire would be enough to temporarily stabilize the Xiwu Empire.

 Ye Chen felt that there were still too few people that were under his rule, so he had to recruit more. At least for now, Ye Chen knew where he had to start. He did not have to be that worried about the details and just leave it to Mingwu, Nie Qingyun, and the others.

 “Your Highness, since you've decided to establish a force, have you thought of a name for it?” Nie Qingyun asked respectfully.

 “Not yet.” Ye Chen pondered for a long time. He was not preparing to establish a sect, but instead a superpower like the Wolven Kingdom, the Leo King's Palace, or the Tribunal Council. Ye Chen was not a mystical beast, so he could not name it like the Wolf King or the Leo King. Perhaps he could use Little Wingsy's name and call it the Serpent King Palace? However, that seemed a little inaccurate. He did not have a large number of disciples like the Wolven Kingdom and the Leo King's Palace did.

 Nie Qingyun and the others also did not dare to interrupt. They could not think of any good names either, and they did not know what kind of name would fit Ye Chen's wishes.

 Ye Chen thought about the Nine Astra Skies and said, “Let's call it Astra Hall.”

 “Astra Hall?” The crowd was stunned. They did not know how Ye Chen came up with this name, but since Ye Chen thought of it, they did not dare to say anything against it.

 “Astra Hall. It's a good name. A hall of stars.” Nie Qingyun quickly complimented.

 “Alright, then it's decided.” Ye Chen waved his hand. There was already a blueprint in his heart. Currently, he had three forces he could use. They were the Yin Royal Clan, the Emerald Cloud Sect, and the Ye Clan. The Yin Royal Clan was the imperial family of the Xiwu Empire and also the most useful. As for the Emerald Cloud Sect and the Ye Clan, he would have to slowly expand those.

 Mingwu, Nie Qingyun, and the others all offered suggestions and made plans for the construction of the Astral Hall.

 “Your Highness, where will the Astra Hall be built?” Nie Qingyun asked.

 “That's not urgent for the time being. We should first find a suitable place before slowly starting construction. This matter must be kept confidential and cannot be known by others.” Ye Chen thought for a moment. He was planning to build the Astra Hall in a relatively secret place underground, preferably surrounded by mountains. At the very least, even if a powerful enemy attacked, there would be ways to escape. “Send someone to the Liangyun Mountains to investigate and choose a suitable place.”

 Ye Chen finally decided to build the Astra Hall in the Liangyun Mountains.

 “Yes, Your Highness!”

 After giving his instruction on many matters, Ye Chen stood up and said, “I'll be leaving for Donglin County now. Xie Dao and Xie Jian, I'll leave the Taiyi Sword Sect and the Stalwart of the Heavenly Stars Sect to you. After those two sects have been destroyed, come back here.”

 “Please rest a.s.sured, Your Highness.” Xie Dao and Xie Jian quickly replied. This was their first a.s.signment after defecting to Ye Chen. They could not disappoint Ye Chen unless they wanted to die.

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 “Little Wingsy, let's go.” Ye Chen walked out with Little Wingsy. Little Squido had been hanging onto Little Wingsy's back, seemingly asleep.

 Xie Dao pondered for a moment before saying, “Although the Daemon Fire Sect is one of the Ten Major Sects of the Central Empire, they wouldn't dare provoke a Daemon King. A Daemon King combatant would be able to destroy the Daemon Fire Sect as easily as flipping a hand over.”

 “Exactly.” Xie Dao said, “Even the Daemon Fire Sect is no match for a Daemon King. Our lives are always in the hands of His Highness. Do you think we still have a choice in the matter? In the future, just be loyal to His Highness. His Highness is an independent cultivator. He had always been hiding amongst the humans and had never established his own forces. With the strength of two Daemon King Rank combatants, the future Astra Hall will be able to crush a tiny Daemon Fire Sect easily. Now that we're following His Highness, we'll be considered founding members of Astra Hall in the future. Isn't that much better than staying in the Daemon Fire Sect?”

 After weighing the interests in his heart, Xie Jian also nodded. That was true. The doubts in his heart disappeared. In any case, whether they liked it or not, they had to do whatever the Daemon King wanted to the best of their abilities. They did not dare to even entertain the thought of betrayal. Following a Daemon King was indeed more promising than staying in the Daemon Fire Sect.

 Although the Golden Sun Condor had flown far away, Ye Chen's Astral Body still covered a large area of the imperial palace and he naturally heard Xie Dao and Xie Jian's conversion. Ye Chen kept the Astral Body a moment later. He did not expect Xie Dao and Xie Jie to be absolutely loyal to him. It was enough that they could understand what was best for themselves and did not dare to betray him.

 Whoosh whoosh whoosh, the Golden Sun Condor whistled across the air.

 The Liangyun Mountains, the second floor of the Sunken Jade Tower, hot magma flowed along the cracks in the boulder.

 In the magma, a body was floating quietly. The body was more than three meters tall and very large. Its bones were also different from that of ordinary people.

 Even the scorching lava failed to melt the corpse. Looking down at the corpse from above showed that he was extremely handsome. Although he had no eyebrows or hair on his head, it did not seem odd. His skin was white and his features were p.r.o.nounced. He seemed to be full of heroic spirit.

 He lay quietly without wearing any clothes. His body was tall and straight, and his facial features carried a n.o.ble elegance. Even aristocrats would not have a thousandth of the disposition he had.

 Before the Sunken Jade Tower was opened, the people from the Stalwarts of the Heavenly Stars had wanted to move his body, but no matter how hard they tried, they failed to move the body out of the lava. They only managed to retrieve the armguard that was on his arm.

 With the pa.s.sage of time, the temperature around the body had dropped slightly, and the magma had gradually solidified and turned into a hard calcareous rock layer.

 At this moment, the eyelid of the corpse seemed to twitch. If there was a person here to see it, they would most certainly be shocked. How could this corpse that had been dead for an unknown amount of time actually be alive?

 A moment later, his finger also moved, and his pale body suddenly flushed a faint red light. After a little while, he finally opened his eyes. They were dark but twinkled like stars. His pupils turned and scanned around before he frowned. There seemed to be some confusion in his eyes. Finally, he sat up.

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