Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: Ye Chen's Decision

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Nie Qingyun and Great Emperor Mingwu looked at Little Wingsy. Was Little Wingsy going to kill them or not?

 Little Wingsy felt itchy all over. He had cultivated for so long and finally found someone to fight. He wanted to see how his martial techniques were now, but he never expected that the opponent would kneel down and beg for mercy after being hit a few times.

 Xie Dao and Xie Jian were still kowtowing incessantly. They did not use their Celestial Chi and kowtowed until their foreheads were bleeding.

 “Get up.” Little Wingsy urged.

 “Have mercy, Your Highness.”

 “Just get up already.”

 “Have mercy, Your Highness.” Xie Dao and Xie Jian kowtowed even harder.

 “Your Highness, what do we do now?” Nie Qingyun bowed and asked Little Wingsy.

 Little Wingsy's lips thinned. These two men were too boring. Little Wingsy had never thought of killing them in the first place.

 Ye Chen's Astral Body explored the area and saw Xie Dao and Xie Jian kneel on the floor. He raised an eyebrow. It seemed that Xie Dao and Xie Jian had surrendered. Xie Dao and Xie Jian were both beginner Mystique Venerable Rank combatants, if they worked together, they could almost compete with a mid Mystique Venerable Rank combatant. They would be of use if they could be subdued.

 Both the Wolven Kingdom and the Tribunal Council had extremely large forces. Ye Chen had no way of fighting against them alone. It seemed that from now on, he would have to establish his own forces. If he could bring Xie Dao and Xie Jian under his wing, he would have two more beginner Mystique Venerable Ranked combatants in his hands.

 However, Xie Dao and Xie Jian were people who sailed with the winds. Betrayal came to them as easy as breathing did. However, if he had enough strength to suppress them, they would not dare to betray Ye Chen.

 He had to maintain his strong and invincible image in front of them!

 Ye Chen's Astral Body suddenly materialized the gold-armored soldier. It stood in the air above Little Wingsy.

 Xie Dao and Xie Jian's hearts suddenly tightened at the sight of the gold-armored soldier. They almost fainted from fright. They knocked their heads on the ground like they were grinding garlic.

 “Please have mercy, Your Highness!” Xie Dao and Xie Jian cried.

 “I won't kill you today, but I believe you should know what to do next?” Ye Chen snorted coldly. The tall gold-armored soldier towered over them like a G.o.d, looking down at Xie Dao and Xie Jian.

 “Thank you for sparing our lives, Your Highness! We understand. We'll leave the Daemon Fire Sect immediately and follow Your Highnesses like slaves to do your bidding!” Xie Dao and Xie Jian's hearts immediately felt relief when Ye Chen said that he would not kill them. They were completely soaked in cold sweat.

 “Do you think I can trust two people who would betray their own sect? You turned your backs against your sect today, and that means you can betray me tomorrow as well.” The gold-armored soldier glowered. The purple flame on its body was scorching.

 Xie Dao and Xie Jian thought that they were out of trouble, but Ye Chen suddenly turned the conversation sharply. They almost peed their pants in fright.

 “We absolutely would not dare to betray Your Highness. We swear, if we betray Your Highness, we'll fall into h.e.l.l and never reincarnate ever again!” Xie Dao and Xie Jian hurriedly swore.

 “Hmph, I suppose you wouldn't dare. I've already left a trace of my Psyche in your bodies. If you dare to betray me, I can track you down even if you run to the ends of the earth.” Ye Chen said coldly.

 Xie Dao and Xie Jian did not doubt that Ye Chen had that power. In their minds, that was the least of what a Daemon King could do.

 Nie Qingyun listened respectfully from the side. A bead of sweat also rolled down his back. Ye Chen's strength had been ingrained into his mind. He thought to himself, ‘I definitely have to obey His Highness's orders. If I betray him, the consequences would be unimaginable.'

 “Yes, Your Highness. We'll devote all our efforts to faithfully serving Your Highness.” Xie Dao and Xie Jian said. They were so terrified that they did not dare to say anything else.

 Ye Chen's Astral Body could sense the strong fear coming from Xie Dao and Xie Jian and knew that they were speaking the truth at this time. His Astral Body also felt something strange from Nie Qingyun's body. The gold-armored soldier slowly glanced over at Nie Qingyun.

 Nie Qingyun's back immediately straightened when the gold-armored soldier looked at him. His heart pounded unceasingly. It was like the gold-armored soldier was seeing through him completely, like all the thoughts in his mind were laid bare before Ye Chen. He silently thanked the heavens that he never once thought of betraying Ye Chen after being subdued by him. Otherwise, he might have been reduced to a corpse on the ground right about now.

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 “Very well, I'll take you in.” Ye Chen said casually and kept the gold-armored soldier.

 “My Yin Clan would like to hand over the Xiwu Empire to Your Highness. The Yin Clan is willing to follow and pledge loyalty to Your Highness!” Great Emperor Mingwu said firmly.

 Nie Qingyun, the Eclipsing Firebird, Xie Dao, and Xie Jian were all shocked at Great Emperor Mingwu's words. Mingwu was really daring. He was willing to hand over the land that his clan had ruled over for tens of thousands of years. However, on second thought, they could also understand Great Emperor Mingwu's actions. Although Great Emperor Mingwu was the leader of a nation, he was being attacked from both sides and held back by the major sects of the Central Empire. If he did not manage it properly, he would end up in ruin, and he would not even be able to save the Yin Clan. However, if he took refuge under the authority of a Daemon King, then the situation would be completely different.

 Daemon Kings were a tyrannical existence. None of the sects in the Central Empire would have the courage to provoke a Daemon King!

 Although the Yin Royal Clan was giving up their country, their clan would flourish even more. To Great Emperor Mingwu, this was definitely a beneficial deal.

 “What would I do with all this land? It's better if you continue to be the emperor of the Xiwu Empire.” Ye Chen smiled. It would be too tiring to be the leader of a country. The Xiwu Empire was very large. How was he supposed to manage it?

 “Is Your Highness not willing to take in my Yin Clan?” Great Emperor Mingwu said soberly. Did Ye Chen disdain the Yin Royal Clan?

 Ye Chen hesitated for a long while. The Yin Royal Clan had been in the Xiwu Empire for very long and were extremely powerful. Furthermore, Great Emperor Mingwu himself had already broken through to beginner Mystique Venerable Rank.

 As Ye Chen learned more about this world, he gradually understood that it was very difficult to fight against these superpowers alone. It was necessary to cultivate his own forces. The Yun Clan would definitely be of great help to him.

 “If the Yin Clan is willing to keep me as their priority, then I can take them in. However, I would still like the Yin Clan to manage the Xiwu Empire. If I need you, I will come to you.” Ye Chen considered for a moment before saying.

 Great Emperor Mingwu's eyes brightened at Ye Chen's words. Now, he was under Ye Chen's authority and had the backing of a Daemon King, so his Yin Clan would be stable for at least a thousand years. They could usher in even greater glory.

 “Thank you, Your Highness.” Great Emperor Mingwu said happily.

 “I'm an independent cultivator Daemon King who didn't want to get involved in too many disputes. The tree wants to remain quiet, but the winds won't stop. From today onwards, I've decided to establish my own forces. You all will have to cultivate more diligently. In addition, we will also need to select talented youths from various counties and nurture them. Are you willing to help me?” Ye Chen's dignified gaze swept over the crowd.

 Hearing Ye Chen's words, Nie Qingyun, the Eclipsing Firebird, Great Emperor Mingwu, Xie Dao, and Xie Jian were all stunned before a spark of excitement appeared in their eyes. They all understood what Ye Chen was planning to do.

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