Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: In the Eyes of a Daemon King

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“Yes!” The surrounding thousand gold-armored imperial guards and even Great Emperor Mingwu heeded Ye Chen's command. Who would dare to defy him? Looking up at the tall gold-armored soldiers standing above Ye Chen, they could not help but feel compelled to obey. However, their hearts grew more and more excited.

 The Xiwu Empire was their home country. Their parents, wives, and children all lived there. If the Xiwu Empire was invaded by the Nanman Kingdom, it would inevitably end in a bloodbath. There was no guarantee that they would even be alive at the end. However, the Xiwu Empire now had a peerless master that was Ye Chen. It was basically impossible for the Nanman Kingdom to destroy the Xiwu Empire!

 In the past, in their hearts, Great Emperor Mingwu was the War G.o.d that protected the empire. However, now Ye Chen's strength was deeply ingrained in their minds. Today, Ye Chen saved them as well as the Xiwu Empire. Although they did not know what a Daemon King was, Ye Chen killed five Nanman Kingdom Heavenly Venerable Ones with just one blow each!

 It was impossible to guess how much stronger this kind of power was compared to Great Emperor Mingwu.

 The t.i.tle ‘Great Master Ye' had long been circulated amongst the gold-armored imperial guards. However, only now did they know that Ye Chen was such a powerful being.

 A group of gold-armored imperial guards tied up the Nanman Kingdom Earthly Venerable combatants and dragged them in front of Ye Chen. There were twelve of them, excluding the ones who had just died.

 “War G.o.d!”

 “War G.o.d!”

 The gold-armored imperial guards raised their spears and cheered loudly. Their voices seemed to reach the heavens itself.

 The t.i.tle ‘War G.o.d' was the loftiest t.i.tle in the Xiwu Empire! The gold-armored imperial guards expressed respect in their hearts in this way.

 Ye Chen's Astral Body went away to scout in the distance and found Little Wingsy, Nie Qingyun, and Great Emperor Mingwu fighting against Xie Dao and Xie Jian. Although Xie Dao and Xie Jian were beginner Mystique Venerable Ones, luck was against them for encountering Little Wingsy. Nie Qingyun and Great Emperor Mingwu had just reached beginner Mystique Venerable Rank, and although their cultivation was slightly lower than Xie Dao and Xie Jian's, they could certainly win because it was two against one.

 Seeing that there were no problems there, Ye Chen's cold gaze swept over the Nanman Kingdom Earthly Venerable Rank masters. He pointed casually at one of them and said, “Untie him. As for the rest, seal their cultivation and lock them in the dungeon.”

 “Yes!” The gold-armored imperial guards replied.

 The Nanman Kingdom Earthly Venerable Rank combatant that was untied stood up doubtfully. He did not understand why Ye Chen only untied him but locked up the others. Did Ye Chen want to kill him? Looking up, he saw Ye Chen's cold gaze sweep over him and he immediately quivered in fright.

 “n.o.ble sir, I was only following the instructions of my lord…” The Earthly Venerable Rank combatant warbled. The killing intent on Ye Chen's aura made his legs tremble. It was not as unbearable for him even when he was in front of a Heavenly Venerable Rank combatant.

 “Go back and tell this to the Grandruler of Nanman. I'm not interested in joining the war between two countries, but if he continues to attack the Xiwu Empire, then don't blame me for being ruthless and slaughtering every single one of his people!” Ye Chen said in a cold voice.

 The Earthly Venerable Rank combatant's heart shuddered at Ye Chen's words. Even if the Nanman Kingdom attacked the Xiwu Empire, they would not say that they would slaughter everyone in the country. However, he had no doubt about what Ye Chen said.

 “Yes, I'll definitely tell the Grandruler!” The Earthly Venerable rank combatant knew that he was lucky to be able to return alive. He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

 “Scram.” Ye Chen intoned.

 “Yes.” The Earthly Venerable Rank combatant quickly knelt and kowtowed a few times towards Ye Chen. Then, he flew up and disappeared from everyone's sight.

 “Master, you must have suffered a fright. Please go back and rest.” Ye Chen stopped using the gold-armored soldier and said respectfully to Master Apothecary Xuanyi.

 Master Apothecary Xuanyi shook his head and smiled wryly. “I didn't expect Your Highness to be a Daemon King. How can I be qualified to be Your Highness's Master?”

 Ye Chen was startled slightly and said, “No matter what my status is, you've always been my Master. He who teaches me for one day is my father for life.” After Ye Chen came to the Capital City, he was taught diligently by Master Apothecary Xuanyi on alchemy. In addition, Ye Chen also respected Master Apothecary Xuanyi's personality. However, Ye Chen could not explain the origin of the gold-armored soldier.

 Master Apothecary Xuanyi looked at Ye Chen for a long time. He finally nodded when he saw the Ye Chen was sincere. “Very well. In that case, I shall do so.”

 Master Apothecary Xuanyi was then escorted back to the palace by several Earthly Venerable Rank combatants.

 In the distance, Little Wingsy, Nie Qingyun, and Great Emperor Mingwu were fighting fiercely against Xie Dao and Xie Jian. Xie Dao and Xie Jian were afraid that Ye Chen would come after them and had no desire to fight, so they fought while trying to run away. They tried to escape from Little Wingsy, Nie Qingyun, and Great Emperor Mingwu several times, but were always held back.

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 With Xie Dao and Xie Jian's speed, it was impossible for Nie Qingyun and Great Emperor Mingwu to catch up to them. However, Little Wingsy's speed was several times faster than that of Xie Dao and Xie Jian's. He often rushed up to them with a fist, forcing them to turn and fight back. They did not dare to run away separately lest they get picked off individually.

 Seeing this situation, Xie Dao and Xie Jian understood that they could not get away. Although they were not the top combatants of the Daemon Fire Sect, they could be considered second-rate in comparison to those in front of them. Originally, it would be easy to come to the Xiwu Empire and handle the Emperor of such a small empire. However, they never thought that they would fail so miserably. They did not expect that the Xiwu Empire was hiding such a powerful combatant.

 “Which one of you is the emperor of the Xiwu Empire?” One of Xie Dao's eyes was swollen, so he could only open one eye. He looked nervously at Nie Qingyun, Great Emperor Mingwu, and Little Wingsy.

 “I am.” Great Emperor Mingwu said. The three of them had already surrounded Xie Dao and Xie Jian. They had no way to escape. He wanted to see what else they would say.

 “The two of us are from the Central Empire. We're Elders from the Daemon Fire Sect, one of the Ten Major Sects. If we die in the Xiwu Empire today, our sect leader will be out for vengeance. Your Xiwu Empire will be flattened!” Xie Dao said somewhat forcefully. He was not sure if Ye Chen really was of Daemon King Rank. If he was, then the ones getting flattened would not be the Xiwu Empire, but the Daemon Fire Sect instead. However, in this kind of situation, he could only rely on his sect.

 Great Emperor Mingwu hesitated. With the Yin Royal Tribe's strength, he naturally did not dare to offend the Daemon Fire Sect. He would have to see what Ye Chen decided on. He looked at Little Wingsy. At this time, what Little Wingsy says would be more effective than what he says.

 Great Emperor Mingwu realized that he had grossly underestimated Ye Chen and Little Wingsy's strength. Xie Dao's executioner's sword was at least a Tier Four spirit artifact. It had connected with Little Wingsy, but did not cause any damage to him. Instead, a large dent had appeared in its place. Previously, Great Emperor Mingwu had thought that Little Wingsy was just extremely talented, just as Ye Chen said. It was obvious, however, that Little Wingsy was most likely also a Daemon King like Ye Chen. Only a Daemon King Rank body would be this powerful.

 A Celestial Beast Daemon King possessed the ability to utilize Astral Externalization, while a Mystical Beast Daemon King had a powerful physical body. It was highly likely that Little Wingsy was a Mystical Beast Daemon King that guarded Ye Chen's side!

 “What's the Daemon Fire Sect? Are they strong?” Little Wingsy blinked and looked at Great Emperor Mingwu and Nie Qingyun.

 Great Emperor Mingwu and Nie Qingyun did not know how to answer Little Wingsy's question. Of course, in the secular world, the Daemon Fire Sect was extremely powerful. However, they were still too inferior in the face of a Daemon King.

 Nie Qingyun thought for a moment and said, “Your Highness, the Daemon Fire Sect has many Mystique Venerable Rank combatants. They're one of the Ten Major Sects of the Central Empire.”

 Nie Qingyun was actually calling this five-to-six-year-old child ‘Your Highness'? Xie Dao and Xie Jian were shocked. Their eyes when they looked at Little Wingsy held a trace of fear.

 “Mystique Venerable Rank combatants? Are Mystique Venerable Ones stronger or are Daemon Kings stronger? Are Mystique Venerable Ones stronger or are Grand Supreme Rank combatants stronger?” Little Wingsy asked curiously.

 Hearing Little Wingsy's words, Xie Dao and Xie Jian's legs almost shook with fear. Just who was this little boy? Could it be that in his eyes, only Daemon Kings and Grand Supreme Rank combatants were regarded as real masters?

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