Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

287 Kill!

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"You dare to scheme against me with little hidden weapons?" The Heavenly Venerable One thundered with anger. He urged his Celestial Chi and clapped his palm towards the stream of light.He could just send hidden weapons flying with a swing of his fist. It was impossible for him to get hurt.

Looking intently, he saw that the stream of light was a simple and unsophisticated flying dagger. He snorted contemptuously in his heart. 'It's just a flying dagger. Here I thought it would be an amazing hidden weapon.'

However, he realized that his Celestial Chi had been rendered useless under the stream of light as the flying dagger was right in front of him now.

What was going on?

The expression of the Heavenly Venerable Rank combatant paled in horror. He attempted to dodge, but he was already too late and the flying dagger pierced his right palm. Before he had even felt the pain in his palm when pain radiated in his chest. The flying dagger had already pierced his heart.

"Im… Impossible!" The Heavenly Venerable One's eyes widened and he looked at his chest with disbelief. He never imagined that he would be killed by a small flying dagger. After all, besides having a Heavenly Venerable Rank Celestial Chi Construct, he was also wearing a Tier Five Spirit Artifact Rank armor. How could this flying dagger have penetrated his armor so easily!?

His eyes were full of unwillingness as his gaze gradually lost its focus. He finally fell to the ground with a 'thud'.

A few other Heavenly Venerable Ones that were standing to the side looked over and their fear was betrayed in their expressions. Two of them were from the Nanman Kingdom and another two were from the Daemon Fire Sect. They could be considered to be very familiar with the Heavenly Venerable One that was killed and knew about the armor that he wore. How in the world could it be bested by a simple flying dagger?

What exactly was that flying dagger?

Their hearts filled with fear. What a sharp dagger it was!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!!!

Streams of light ripped through the night sky and shot towards them.

It was the flying dagger again!

"Run!" All the Heavenly Venerable Rank combatants chose to flee instead of fighting.

Just as the Heavenly Venerable Ones dodged the flying daggers, one of the flying daggers in the air suddenly pivoted on its axis and pierced the body of one of the Heavenly Venerable Ones. That Heavenly Venerable One fell to the ground in disbelief, lying in a pool of blood. Even as he died, he could not understand why the flying dagger suddenly changed its course in the air.

Ye Chen had shot out five flying daggers at once, but he could only control one at a time. That flying dagger that he was controlling became the deadliest weapon!

"There he is. Kill him!" The remaining three Heavenly Venerable Ones shouted loudly and charged at Ye Chen.

Little Wingsy had been standing beside Ye Chen. Seeing the three Heavenly Venerable Ones rush over, he rubbed his fist. He was ready for a fight.

The three Heavenly Venerable Ones were determined to prevent Ye Chen from releasing more flying daggers. They surrounded Ye Chen from three directions.

If it were in the past, three Heavenly Venerable Ones would have made Ye Chen nervous. Now, a cold smile lifted the corners of Ye Chen's mouth. Ye Chen was not a bloodthirsty maniac, but as he raised his head, he saw the corpses of gold-armored imperial guards everywhere. The stench of blood hung still on the battlefield.

After these people from the Nanman Kingdom broke into the imperial palace of the Xiwu Empire, they had killed at least several thousand gold-armored imperial guards. These gold-armored imperial guards were all citizens of the Xiwu Empire and had wives and children standing behind them. However, the people from the Nanman Kingdom did not show any mercy. They were simply killing for sport.

This was a war between two countries. Once a war broke out, there would definitely be corpses everywhere.

He thought of Yin Mengtian and the people who died for him, and suddenly understood a little more of the responsibility that rested on his shoulders. Although he was not a person from this world, with the pa.s.sage of time, he gradually integrated into the world he had been sent to. The only difference he had from the people of this world was that Ye Chen still held his respect for living beings.

Ye Chen had thought that as an outsider, he could stay out of the war between the Nanman Kingdom and the Xiwu Empire when it started. However, as the Xiwu Empire fell apart and more and more people died, Ye Chen gradually understood that he could not just stand idly by and watch everything unfold on the sidelines. The people of the Xiwu Empire also had the right to live.

Although he was not willing to kill indiscriminately, being kind to these people would only cause more people to die! Ye Chen's heart gradually hardened. 'From today onwards, I, Ye Chen, will protect the people of the Xiwu Empire!'

Ye Chen grunted, and his Astral Body formed a tall, gold-armored soldier several dozens of meters tall. Purple flames burned on its body. It was just like an ancient giant. It gave off a formidable feeling in the dark night sky.

At that moment, everyone stopped fighting, including Xie Dao, Xie Jian, Great Emperor Mingwu, Nie Qingyun, and the others who were in the midst of battle. They all looked at the giant in the sky in a daze.

"What is that thing?" Xie Dao and Xie Jian froze for a moment before recalling that that was the Astral Externalization of the Daemon King! They were considered well informed in the Central Empire, but they had only heard about Astral Externalizations before. Astral Externalizations had always been in the form of beasts. They had never heard of a Daemon King's Astral Externalization taking on a human form before.

At this time, everyone around looked at the gold-armored soldier in shock. The current gold-armored soldier looked like a descending G.o.d.

The three Heavenly Venerable Rank combatants charged at Ye Chen and were prepared to kill him until they saw the gold-armored soldier appear above. They immediately stopped because they were afraid.

"What is that?" The three Heavenly Venerable Ones looked horrified.

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As the three Heavenly Venerable Ones froze, Ye Chen's gold-armored soldier had already locked them into place.

Little Wingsy shot towards Nie Dao and Nie Jian at Ye Chen's words, giving chase.

"Yes!" Nie Qingyun and Great Emperor Mingwu both said respectfully and went after them.

At this point, Great Emperor Mingwu knew that this was a chance that he could not miss. A Daemon King was an existence equivalent to a G.o.dly Venerable combatant. Under a Daemon King, not only would the Xiwu Empire be protected, the Yin Royal Tribe would also continue and might even reach a more brilliant peak!

Even the major sects in the Central Empire would not dare to fight with a Daemon King!

From that moment on, Great Emperor Mingwu lowered his stance and stopped acting as the head of a country. Even if Ye Chen wanted to take the Xiwu Empire from him, he would not be unwilling. Instead, he would agree happily. As long as the Yin Royal Tribe could rise up, losing control of an empire would be nothing.

Great Emperor Mingwu had decided to submit to Ye Chen like Nie Qingyun and the Eclipsing Firebird.

Seeing Little Wingsy, Nie Qingyun, and Great Emperor Mingwu give chase, Ye Chen's eyes swept grandly around him.

"Everyone from the Nanman Kingdom, lay down your weapons and kneel with your hands on your head. Otherwise, there will be no mercy!" Ye Chen's tone left no room for refusal.

The remaining Earthly Venerable masters from the Nanman Kingdom and the Daemon Fire Sect looked at each other. Some hesitated for a moment while some suddenly rose and ran away towards the outside.

"You're courting death!" Ye Chen urged the gold-armored soldier who launched several attacks.

Palm Shattering the Milky Way!

Purple fire dancing like the bright Milky Way flowed through the air. Boom boom boom. The few Earthly Venerable Rank masters that tried to run were all devoured by the purple flames.

It was impossible for them to escape.

Under the gold-armored soldier's powerful might, the remaining thirteen Nanman Kingdom and Daemon Fire Sect Earthly Venerable Ones exchanged glances and dropped their weapons one after another. They put their hands on their heads and knelt on the ground. If they had known that the Xiwu Empire was hiding such a terrifying guy, how would they have dared to come to the Xiwu Empire?

"Gold-armored imperial guards, arrest them." Ye Chen told the spear-wielding gold-armored imperial guards gruffly.

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