Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: Celestial Martial Art Technique

“Since you're Little Wingsy's elder brother, I might as well tell you about it. This Celestial Martial Chi has its own mind. Only when it merges with the Celestial Chi in your body will it display a stronger power. Even so, that will take a very long time. When it constantly absorbs the Celestial Chi of your body, your Celestial Chi will gradually change it. When you can activate a part of its energy, you'll be able to use it in some martial art techniques.

“The Celestial Martial Chi is only one type of World Spirit for there are many other similar World Spirits. Anyone who swallows any of them is sure to experience great advancement in their cultivation in the subsequent period. As for how you consolidate and utilize the Celestial Martial Chi, that depends on your luck,” Elder Tuntian said frankly and confidently. “This Celestial Martial Chi seems to gravitate toward defense. You might try cultivating defensive styles of martial art techniques.”

Defensive styles of martial art techniques?

Ye Chen frowned slightly. He did not have any martial art technique books on defense. Must he create a new style of his own?

How could creating a new style possibly be that simple?

Ye Chen would further ponder this in the future. What a shame that Master Lion was in a deep sleep within the Heavenly Astra Seal. Otherwise, Ye Chen could consult him. Ye Chen was still feeling grateful toward Master Lion. If it were not for his agreement with Master Lion, Ye Chen would have happily broken open the Heavenly Astra Seal to release Master Lion.

Fu Yu was injured and had escaped. He would probably not dare to come here again, so this island should be a safe place. Ye Chen and Little Wingsy still had not recovered fully from their injuries, so they continued staying on the island. Little Wingsy continued cultivating under Elder Tuntian within the Soul Pearl. Ye Chen observed Little Wingsy training martial art techniques in the sky. Black flames filled the air and steel blades flashed prettily. Ye Chen felt helpless. Was Little Wingsy going to grow up as a demon in the end? Fortunately, even after cultivating these demonic techniques, Little Wingsy's personality was not influenced at all. Ye Chen felt more rea.s.sured at this.

Ye Chen sat by the ocean, circulating his Celestial Chi, investigating how to use the Celestial Martial Chi.

The Celestial Martial Chi had already fused with his vessels. Could he unleash the Celestial Martial Chi to attack an opponent?

Ye Chen gathered his focus onto the center of his right palm, then struck with his palm. There was a “boom” and the Celestial Chi of his body blasted forward. Nevertheless, the Celestial Martial Chi did not move in the slightest. Was he unable to use it in this manner?

Elder Tuntian had said that to activate the Celestial Martial Chi, he must first let the Celestial Martial Chi absorb enough of his Celestial Chi to change its very composition. Only then could he activate it!

“Well, if there's one thing I have plenty of, it's Celestial Chi!” Ye Chen smiled and suddenly prodded the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger in his mind. Waves of pure, exquisite Celestial Chi poured forth from the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger, streaming into Ye Chen's dantian. After it was processed by his dantian, it followed his meridian channels to his right palm, enveloping that Celestial Martial Chi.

The Celestial Martial Chi had sensed the fresh surge of pure Celestial Chi and instantly shuddered spiritedly. The turtle opened its mouth ceaselessly, frantically swallowing Celestial Chi into its belly. Soon, every drop of Celestial Chi that had surrounded the Celestial Martial Chi had been fully absorbed.

“This fellow sure can take a lot!” Ye Chen was slightly surprised. The Celestial Chi which he channeled to his right palm had been devoured thoroughly by the Celestial Martial Chi. It seemed like this would barely suffice as an appetizer for the Celestial Martial Chi!

In that case, Ye Chen would continue!

Ye Chen continued urging the Flying Dagger and operating his dantian, sending unending torrents of Celestial Chi toward his right palm.

The turtle, upon detecting the deluge of Celestial Chi, became more excited as it gobbled it up ravenously.

One hour, two hours, and the turtle kept on swallowing incessantly.

Upon the surface of the distant sea, Little Wingsy was diligently training “Sword Hill Inferno” martial art technique. The might of his technique was now several times more impressive than before. Steel blades covered in black flames rained upon the sea, sending up clouds of white steam. The ocean's surface rocked and swayed, generating waves a few meters high.

Little Squido was about a thousand meters away, beaming with its eyes as it drifted with the waves. Little Squido was not suited for combat and thus could not a.s.sist in the previous battle. It could only panic helplessly in the sea. However, now that Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were safe, it felt relieved as it watched over Ye Chen and Little Wingsy from the sea.

When the Celestial Martial Chi in his right palm was devouring the Celestial Chi, Ye Chen could sense that the turtle was excreting disparate forms of Celestial Chi into Ye Chen's body, which he hurriedly expelled.

The purity of this alternative Celestial Chi could not compare to the Celestial Chi within Ye Chen's body at all!

“What an impressive fellow!” The amount of Celestial Chi which Ye Chen had channeled to the Celestial Martial Chi was equivalent to a mid-Mystique Venerable Rank expert's volume. Even so, the Celestial Martial Chi was not full yet.

Ye Chen's body was unable to accommodate such a ma.s.sive amount of Celestial Chi!

A Heavenly Venerable Rank expert would probably need years or decades to feed the Celestial Martial Chi to this extent. Moreover, their cultivation would be delayed. However, Ye Chen did not need to worry because the Celestial Chi that he was using came from the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger within his mind!

Gradually, Ye Chen could feel that the Celestial Martial Chi had formed an indescribable bond to the Celestial Chi within his body.

This was how it worked!

Ye Chen struck with one palm and it glowed with a faint light. Indeed, he could mobilize the Celestial Martial Chi now, only it was a relatively small amount, being only a tiny portion of the overall thing.

At last, Ye Chen had found the way to activate the Celestial Martial Chi. He was rather excited and in the following day, he constantly funneled Celestial Chi to the Celestial Martial Chi.

Slowly, it reached the volume of a peak Mystique Venerable Rank expert!


The volume of a beginner G.o.dly Venerable One!

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Elder Tuntian stared at Ye Chen thoughtfully. After a long pause, he said, “Ordinary people would need at least years or even decades to build a rapport with the Celestial Martial Chi and imperceptibly influence it. Your Big Brother Ye Chen has outstanding talent. In such a short time, he has forged a link between himself and the Celestial Martial Chi. He's even learning how to use the Celestial Martial Chi.”

“Big Brother Ye Chen is so clever?” Little Wingsy's eyes widened as he glanced at the distant Ye Chen. Inwardly he was exhorting himself to work even harder or he would always be holding back Big Brother Ye Chen.

Little Wingsy continued training. After so many days, and after experiencing a life-and-death fight, Little Wingsy gradually had gained some understanding of martial arts. He had practiced Sword Hill Inferno to a refined and sophisticated extent.

Elder Tuntian smiled as he stroked his beard. “Your progress is decent. Following this, I'll teach you the second Form which is overpowering beyond comparison – Absolute Zero Freezing h.e.l.l!”

“Mmm. Thank you, Master!” Finally, he could learn the second Form. Little Wingsy was so excited that he jumped up and down.

Ye Chen was immersed in his thoughts. His gaze slowly fell upon the reef upon which he had once cultivated. The tsunami caused by Little Wingsy had submerged the reef countless times but the reef still stubbornly revealed itself.

Something suddenly flashed across his mind!

Defensive martial arts techniques?

St.u.r.dy and stubborn, steady as a boulder!

At last, Ye Chen felt enlightened and his thoughts spilled forward.

Ye Chen suddenly stood up. The Celestial Chi of his entire body seemed to be boiling over in turbulent surges. He stimulated the Celestial Martial Chi in his right palm. There was a “humming” sound from the turtle which joined the resonance of Ye Chen's Celestial Chi.

“Celestial Martial Chi, come forth!” Ye Chen yelled loudly and slammed his palm upon the ground. There was a sonorous “boom” as a burst of Celestial Chi energy spread out from the center of Ye Chen's palm, forming into a halo shaped like a gigantic turtle. This turtle halo enveloped Ye Chen completely.

The turtle reared up to the sky in a majestic, awe-inspiring manner.

This turtle contained a portion of the Celestial Martial Chi's energy. It was like a Chi Construct Barrier, solid and dense, completely protecting the area surrounding Ye Chen over a range of a few meters.

The Celestial Martial Chi's defensive capability had been fully exhibited.

“This is the Form!” Ye Chen was incomparably jazzed up!

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