Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 276 – The Strength Of The Purple

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Chapter 276: The Strength of the Purple-fire Astra Lion!

“I'll never kneel!” Ye Chen gritted his teeth. Blood oozed out of his ears and eyes because of the pressure. He felt like the meridians in his body were about to burst. His bones were also unable to support him and his knee slowly bent to the ground.

Celestial Chi surged out from the Flying Dagger in Ye Chen's mind but his cultivation was too weak and could not digest this Celestial Chi. He could not fight against a G.o.dly Venerable One's Celestial Chi at all.

If this continued, Ye Chen's body would be crushed to pieces!

“Is the Tribunal Council full of people like you? Good, very good. That's great!” The Purple-fire Astra Lion's voice roared angrily from the Heavenly Astra Seal. “Boy, you spoke well. A man only kneels to heaven, earth, and his parents. I raise my hat to you. Today, I'll give my all and lend you a hand!”

As the Purple-fire Astra Lion spoke, the Heavenly Astra Seal in Ye Chen's left palm suddenly appeared out of thin air. With a loud “bang”, a scorching purple flame rose to the sky. Ye Chen's body burned ablaze with purple flames as he turned into a human torch.

This power diffused inside Ye Chen's body. The Flying Dagger in his mind seemed to be stimulated and Celestial Chi surged out. The Celestial Chi in his body also swelled, rising from beginner Heavenly Venerable Rank to mid-Heavenly Venerable Rank, to peak Heavenly Venerable Rank, and to beginner Mystique Venerable Rank…

An incredibly powerful strength that seemed to be from ancient times surged to the heavens.

The Purple-fire Astra Lion had infused all his strength into Ye Chen's body!

There seemed to be a sort of wild primal awakening in Ye Chen's heart. The muscles in his body suddenly bulked.

“Ah!” Ye Chen roared at the skies like a fierce ancient beast. He slowly stood up, straightening his waist. He could resist Fu Yu's Celestial Chi energy. The energy seemed to grow stronger but it did not seem to be able to oppress him anymore.

“What's going on?” Fu Yu was frightened. The powerful energy that was suddenly released from Ye Chen's body made him slightly fearful. He seemed to have suddenly thought of something as he paled. “This is the energy of a primordial bloodline. Is this boy from a primordial mystical beast tribe? If that's the case, I can't kill him!”

Although the Tribunal Council was the most powerful force in the Great Eastern Continent, some forces could not be reasoned with and should not be provoked. That was especially true for some primordial tribes. They cherished their bloodline ties very much and killing one of their own would only result in b.l.o.o.d.y revenge. They would not rest until they died. Moreover, these primordial tribes were extremely powerful, so even the Tribunal Council did not dare to easily provoke them.

Fu Yu was shocked and uncertain. These primordial tribes had extraordinary talent. Over time, Ye Chen may grow to become a powerful enemy. However, if he was killed now, Fu Yu was afraid that someone would track him down. That would just cause unnecessary trouble.

“Should I kill him or not?” Fu Yu hesitated for a long time. With a low grunt, the Celestial Chi in his body poured out and suppressed Ye Chen.

However, the energy on Ye Chen's body was rising too fast. It was as if it was about to surge to the heavens! Fu Yu was afraid that he could only control Ye Chen like this for a moment longer. If this continued, Ye Chen's strength would soar to the point where it would be difficult for him to match!

Fu Yu finally got his hands on the Celestial Martial Chi. Was he really about to lose it like this? A strong unwillingness surged in Fu Yu's heart. 'Don't even dream about taking what belongs to me!'

On the other side, Lin Qiu watched as Ye Chen stood up under the pressure of Fu Yu's energy. He was shocked and a powerful fear rose in his heart. 'That person is too terrifying! I was lucky not to be killed by Ye Chen earlier. With such powerful strength, his background must also be extraordinary!'

Fu Yu's gaze landed on Lin Qiu and he ordered, “Lin Qiu, kill him!”

Lin Qiu's body slightly shivered at Fu Yu's words. He immediately understood that Fu Yu was trying to make him kill Ye Chen instead of doing it personally! Fu Yu must be afraid of the forces standing behind Ye Chen, so if Lin Qiu was the one who killed Ye Chen, Fu Yu would be able to get away!

'D*mn old fox!' However, under the coercion of a G.o.dly Venerable Rank combatant, Lin Qiu would only die if he did not obey. He gritted his teeth and drew a Tier Three spirit artifact sword from his Heaven-Earth Pouch, calming himself down. Step by step, he walked toward Ye Chen who was bound by Fu Yu's Celestial Chi energy.

Ye Chen still could not move but the energy on his body grew stronger as if he could break free from Fu Yu at any moment.

“Master Lion, your power is so great!” Ye Chen could feel the terrifying force flowing in his body. The power continued to increase as if it wanted to burst out of his body.

“Boy, your body is still too weak. I've only given you a fraction of my strength but you can barely hold on,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said proudly.

The Purple-fire Astra Lion was a powerful primordial being. Even a fraction of his power was beyond an ordinary person's imagination.

Lin Qiu approached Ye Chen step by step.

In the distance, Little Wingsy saw Lin Qiu walking toward Ye Chen and his eyes filled with tears. His heart was full of unwillingness. He had cultivated for so long but why was he still so weak that he could not protect Big Brother Ye Chen. He wanted to fly up in anger but he could not fight against the oppressive energy at all.

At this time, the Soul Pearl flew over to Little Wingsy with a “whoosh”. Black light poured down, swiftly healing the injuries on Little Wingsy's body.

Little Wingsy finally flew to the skies. Countless black flames appeared around his body along with a sword as he charged at Fu Yu.

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“How dare a firefly try to compete with the splendor of the moon!” Fu Yu snorted coldly. He punched the air, forming dozens of shadows of fists.

“You don't have the right to kill me!” Ye Chen bellowed. The purple fire shook off Fu Yu's suppression with a “boom” and rose to the sky. Currently, Ye Chen had a power that was at least G.o.dly Venerable Rank. Although his cultivation had not reached that level, his strength was not inferior to a G.o.dly Venerable One.

Palm Shattering the Milky Way!

Ye Chen met Lin Qiu head-on and used Palm Shattering the Milky Way. Endless flames filled the sky and turned into little stars that swiftly wrapped around Lin Qiu. Ye Chen's Palm Shattering the Milky Way was dozens of times more powerful than the Palm Shattering the Milky Way that the gold-armored soldier had used before. The force that surged from it was like a dam bursting.

Lin Qiu felt a powerful chi movement firmly lock himself in place. Looking up, he saw countless purple flames coming toward him in all directions. The purple flames contained a power that frightened him.

“No!” Lin Qiu screamed miserably. The purple fire fell on him and burst continuously, killing him instantly. Lin Qiu had never imagined that Ye Chen's attack would be so powerful that he did not even have the chance to escape.

Ye Chen killed Lin Qiu in one strike and looked up at Fu Yu. A fierce light flashed in his eyes.

Fu Yu saw Ye Chen's beast-like eyes and his heart suddenly dropped, feeling slightly suffocated. He had never thought that Lin Qiu would be killed this easily. Indecision emerged in his heart. Ye Chen's strength now was not inferior to a G.o.dly Venerable One. Currently, he was not certain that he would emerge victorious against Ye Chen.

'Why did this boy suddenly become so strong?'

However, how would Fu Yu be willing to give up on the Celestial Martial Chi?

Fu Yu clenched his fist. The muscles of his entire body seemed to harden into steel, giving out an explosive sound.

“Come, boy. Till now, except a few Grand Supreme and Peerless Power Ones, I've never been afraid of anyone!” Fu Yu's eyes were hard as steel as he stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took a step forward only to hear a “boom” as dozens of several meters high boulders turned to dust. The power that Master Lion had given him was too strong, making it difficult to control. Ye Chen could feel his body burning. Master Lion's power was corroding his body!

Ye Chen had to score a quick victory. Master Lion's strength was too great. His body would not be able to hold on for long!

Ye Chen's fighting spirit surged like a giant sword, pointed toward Fu Yu.

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