Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: G.o.dly Venerable One

One hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters. The giant sea turtle got closer to Ye Chen.

At this time, Ye Chen could no longer avoid it.

“Hey, kid, even if you want to die, don't drag me down with you!” the Purple-fire Astra Lion shouted from the Heavenly Astra Seal.

Seeing the giant sea turtle getting closer, the worry inside Ye Chen's heart grew tremendously.

Ye Chen could not fail. He must not fail!

As the giant sea turtle approached him, Ye Chen took out the Heavenly Astra Master Seal from the armguard s.p.a.ce. The calm Heavenly Astra Master Seal was lifted into the air with Ye Chen's Celestial Chi.

The giant sea turtle's eyes grew brighter at the sight of the Heavenly Astra Master Seal. It could feel that the energy contained in the Heavenly Astra Master Seal was even purer.

Even if it was the pure Celestial Chi of the world, it could also devour it.

Just as the giant sea turtle was about to swallow the Heavenly Astra Master Seal, Ye Chen's Astral Body suddenly burst through the protective layer of the Heavenly Astra Master Seal. Then, the sound of an ancient beast roaring rang inside the seal.


An extremely powerful energy was released from inside the Heavenly Astra Master Seal.

The moment the energy was about to hit Ye Chen, he dropped the Heavenly Astra Master Seal and his Astral Body suddenly dived into the Heavenly Astra Vice Seal.

The energy released from the Heavenly Astra Master Seal was like a powerful shockwave sweeping through.

At this time, the giant sea turtle had opened its mouth wide and was caught off guard by this powerful impact force.


With an explosion that sounded like thunder, the giant sea turtle was blown hundreds of meters away and collided with the restrictions of the water walls in the distance. It let out a wail as its body became thinner.

Boom boom boom!

A shockwave visible to the naked eye instantly swept across the entire island. Hundreds of square meters of the upper part of the island were flattened by this force and rocks and debris flew everywhere.

At this time, Ye Chen's Astral Body broke through the seal of the Heavenly Astra Master Seal a little more than previously but the power released by it was several times stronger than in the Ye Clan valley!

Lin Qiu, who was at the other end of the island, was startled by the loud noise. He was thrown into the sea by the force before he was able to react and was continuously pelted by stones flying from the sky. He struggled miserably ash.o.r.e from the sea and wondered in horror what kind of force had resulted in this. It was unbelievable!

At this time, inside the Heavenly Astra Seal, Ye Chen was also very miserable. Although he had hidden promptly, he was still too close to the Heavenly Astra Master Seal and his body had been impacted by the force. His organs were damaged due to the force and he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

“Ye Chen, you really like to tempt fate.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion guffawed. He did not care that Ye Chen had used him as bait earlier. If it were him in this situation, he might have done something crazier. He also enjoyed the thrill.

Ye Chen's complexion was as white as a sheet as he smiled wryly. He also treasured his life, but under those circ.u.mstances, what other choice did he have? His Astral Body went out to investigate. The Heavenly Astra Master Seal was left on the ground and the giant sea turtle seemed to have been heavily injured. It lay on the distant sea, dying.

As for Little Wingsy, he was seriously injured and was floating on the water. He did not even have the strength to fly.

Ye Chen quickly sat cross-legged and recovered his Celestial Chi. After all, there were still others on the island!

The Soul Pearl suspended in the air, glowing with a black light. At this time, the old man inside the Soul Pearl was also watching the situation outside. He saw the Heavenly Astra Master Seal suddenly release a frightening force, the Celestial Martial Chi.

What the h.e.l.l was that? There was an ancient ferocious beast sealed inside!

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After recovering around twenty to thirty percent of his Celestial Chi, Ye Chen immediately came out of the Heavenly Astra Vice Seal and kept the Master Seal that had fallen to the ground back into the armguard s.p.a.ce. In the distance, the huge water wall near the island was falling bit by bit, and the surrounding restriction near it was also slowly being released.

In a split second, that person had already flown over them. He was a middle-aged man wearing a white robe that fluttered in the wind. He had a square face and a high nose bridge as well as a beard over an inch long, giving off an air of masculinity. He was tall and burly with a powerful back and shoulders, and his entire body was full of an explosive aura.

The middle-aged man grabbed the air and the giant sea turtle started to suspend in the air. He took one look at the direction the Soul Pearl was floating and a strange look flashed across his face. 'What kind of treasure is that black pearl? When I finish collecting the Celestial Martial Chi, I'll collect you too!'

Under the imposing aura of the middle-aged man, neither Ye Chen nor Little Wingsy could move.

Seeing that Ye Chen and Little Wingsy were being controlled and the Celestial Martial Chi was about to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away, Elder Tuntian inside the Soul Pearl grew anxious. Right now, he was merely the artifact spirit of the Soul Pearl. He could only unleash his power if someone had activated the power of the Soul Pearl. Now, Elder Tuntian could only urge the Soul Pearl to escape. He could not go on the offensive.

If either Little Wingsy or Ye Chen could activate the power of the Soul Pearl, the middle-aged man would surely die. However, Little Wingsy and Ye Chen were too weak to activate the spirit arcana inside the Soul Pearl!

The middle-aged man glanced at Ye Chen and Little Wingsy and smiled thinly. A sharp coldness flashed in his eyes as he said, “I'm Fu Yu, Head Council of Teal Cloud Sub-council from the Tribunal Council. I've been tracking this Celestial Martial Chi for months now, but I didn't expect that it'd appear here. You won't have any objections if I take away this Celestial Martial Chi today, right?” The truth was, he had only appeared in this area because of what happened in the Exclusion Zone. He hurried over after seeing movement here, and upon seeing the Celestial Martial Chi, he decided to obtain it.

“This Celestial Martial Chi is a World Spirit Creature. With your strength, it's absolutely impossible to subdue it. It's better to leave it to me.”

Fu Yu was very surprised. That young man standing on the island below and the Winged Serpent suspended in the air in the distance had not reached the level of Daemon King or Heavenly Venerable Rank, yet they were able to almost kill the Celestial Martial Chi. It was truly inconceivable. Could it be the work of that black pearl in the distance? However, a World Spirit Artifact should be food for Celestial Martial Chi. It should not be able to defeat Celestial Martial Chi. He would indeed be taking advantage of the situation by taking the Celestial Martial Chi.

Fu Yu wondered what Ye Chen and Little Wingsy's backgrounds were. It would be inconvenient if he were to take too drastic measures, lest he provoked a force he should not have provoked. After all, this was the North Sea, outside of the sphere of influence of the Tribunal Council.

Hearing the middle-aged man's words, the Purple-fire Astra Lion immediately grew unhappy. “No objections? F*ck that! He said he's from the Tribunal Council? Back in the days when I still roamed the world, I've forged friendships with a few Abbots in the Tribunal Council. Back then, the Tribunal Council was fair and strict, and quite prestigious. Now, this eyesore Head Council dares to say words that belong to a robber? Has the Tribunal Council fallen this far? Ye Chen, we can't let that brat take advantage of the situation and s.n.a.t.c.h away the Celestial Martial Chi!”

Ye Chen watched as the Celestial Martial Chi was about to be taken away. He understood that the other party was powerful and if he took away the Celestial Martial Chi by force, Ye Chen would have no way to stop him because he was too weak. However, Fu Yu wanted to take something for himself but still pretended to be a gentleman, saying rubbish like Ye Chen and Little Wingsy would not be able to subdue the Celestial Martial Chi. They had not even tried, so how would he know that they would not be able to subdue it? His facade really made others nauseous. Were all the people in the Tribunal Council like this? It was not surprising that there were people secretly feeding the dark spirits!

“If I met this kind of person back in the days and a puny Heavenly Venerable One tried to steal my stuff, I'd have slapped him to death already!” The Purple-fire Astra Lion fumed.

In the distance, Little Wingsy could no longer bear it and shouted, “That giant sea turtle was beaten by us! What right do you have to take it away?”

Hearing Little Wingsy's words, Fu Yu's expression chilled. He snorted coldly and in the distance, Little Wingsy suddenly felt a powerful force pressing down on him. With a “boom”, a heavy blow hit his chest and he almost fell into the sea.

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