Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Bait

Ye Chen looked up into the sky and saw the giant sea turtle chasing after the Soul Pearl, which was coming toward his direction. With a deep grunt, the gold-armored soldier materialized once again and wielded its sword, and charged toward the giant sea turtle.

“Master, run!” Inside the Soul Pearl, Little Wingsy urged nervously, jumping around.

“The giant sea turtle is way too fast. Master isn't going to make it. Little Wingsy, get out of here. If I'm eaten by the giant sea turtle, you make sure to bury me properly.” The elder in the Soul Pearl frowned.

“Master, am I supposed to pick up the giant sea turtle's p.o.o.p?” Little Wingsy asked, blinking blankly as he looked at the elder.

The elder thought about it and sighed. “Forget it, just let me be buried in the ocean.”

“Master, I'm going to take down the giant sea turtle!” With a “whoosh”, Little Wingsy exited from the Soul Pearl. He transformed into a gigantic Winged Serpent spanning slightly over three hundred meters. His body was wrapped in a black flame and steel blades danced around him.

Sword Hill Inferno!

Steel blades enveloped in black flame covered the skies and rained down on the giant sea turtle.

When the giant sea turtle saw him, it opened its mouth wide and swallowed the black flames along with the steel knives into its stomach.

It could even eat this? Little Wingsy was astounded. This sea turtle was incredible!

The giant sea turtle slammed into Little Wingsy, sending him flying about thirty meters away. It continued to stubbornly chase after the Soul Pearl.

“Oh my G.o.d!” The elder was so scared that even his brows jumped up. The Soul Pearl kept trying to get away.

The giant sea turtle cast some unknown secret techniques. Layers of wall formed with water erupted in a radius of several thousand meters, closing them in like a cage. The water walls were covered in seals. The Soul Pearl tried several times to punch through the seals but failed. Even the roof was covered in walls of water that shielded the daylight, which only allowed tiny rays of sunlight to slip through.

Several columns of water shot upward like an agile snake toward the Soul Pearl.

When Ye Chen saw Little Wingsy, the corners of his eyes faintly turned red. It was good to see Little Wingsy again.

Ye Chen observed his surroundings. A gigantic water cage was formed with the island being its central point. It caged Ye Chen and the others along with the Soul Pearl. Was this meant what they say about “to catch a turtle in an urn”?

The gold-armored soldier's longsword sliced down and purple flames erupted from it.

When the giant sea turtle saw the gold-armored soldier, it was visibly enraged. It extended its jaws wide open, swallowing the purple flame. Then, it shook its giant head and violently headb.u.t.ted the gold-armored soldier with extreme speed.

The giant sea turtle was too fast for the gold-armored soldier to dodge. Following a deafening crash, the gold-armored soldier was pushed back as its body started losing its form.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, this sea turtle can eat anything!” Little Wingsy shouted. Being trapped in here, there was no way for the master to get away. Was he going to end up as sea turtle food? 'The master is way too misfortunate,' Little Wingsy thought.

Little Wingsy flapped his wings and charged toward the giant sea turtle again.

Ye Chen roared angrily, the gold-armored soldier thrust its palms toward the giant sea turtle. Bright rays of starlight came out of its palm.

Palm Shattering the Milky Way!

Boom boom boom!

Rays of purple sparks landed on the sea turtle's body and exploded. The destructive power of the palm was incredible. After the purple flames had sizzled out, the giant sea turtle was completely unfazed. It was not injured in any way.

Little Wingsy also kept pounding the giant sea turtle with its tail. He could not manage to break through the giant sea turtle's defenses.

Up in the skies, the situation was chaotic. The giant sea turtle chased after the Soul Pearl everywhere it went. All these while, Little Wingsy who had transformed into a Winged Serpent and Ye Chen's gGold-armored soldier had endlessly tried to stop the giant sea turtle. Each time, they were sent flying away.

At the same time, on a certain part of the island.

Lin Qiu was hiding in the woods. He was. .h.i.t several times by the gigantic waves. Thankfully, after he had recomposed and recovered a portion of his strength, he managed to not get swept away by the waves. When he looked up into the sky above him, he was not sure which one he should be more in awe of – the gigantic sea turtle or the Winged Serpent – which spanned up to three hundred meters.

What was going on here? What in the world was the sea turtle and why was it chasing after a black pearl? Also, what kind of mystical beast was the Winged Serpent?

Lin Qiu saw the Gold-armored Soldier repeated attempts of stopping the sea turtle and how it was sent flying away each time. He estimated that the giant sea turtle was at least top Mystique Venerable Rank, potentially even higher than that! Other than biting and tackling with its large body, it did not have any other attacks. Its defense, however, was incredible. No matter how the Winged Serpent tried to attack the giant sea turtle, it remained unfazed. In terms of defense, the giant sea turtle probably could rival a Daemon King.

Lin Qiu thought about killing Ye Chen several times. When he thought about it, in his current state with his destroyed longbow and his injuries, it would be better to wait and see what happened. Ye Chen, who was battling with the giant sea turtle was weakened. If he suffered some injuries, then it would be the perfect time to strike. Another thing that worried him was that the gigantic Winged Serpent that seemed to know Ye Chen.

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This further unsettled Lin Qiu. What sort of background did Ye Chen have?

“I don't know much about how it works either so you'll have to figure it out yourself. I gave you a solution and you'll have to figure out how to do it!” the Purple-fire Astra Lion replied.

Ye Chen frowned as he looked up into the sky. Little Wingsy was covered in bruises attempting to stop the giant sea turtle but he was determined in stopping it.

Even though Little Wingsy had always been playful, deep inside, he was a very sentimental person just like Ye Chen. The elder inside the Soul Pearl had taught Little Wingsy of the cultivation systems and martial art techniques so he was Little Wingsy's master. Even if he had to die for it, Little Wingsy would not just abandon his master.

“For Little Wingsy, I'm going all out!” Ye Chen looked up at the giant sea turtle, his eyes were filled with unwavering determination. He opened his left palm. The Heavenly Astra Seal floated on his extended palms as purple flames shot up. “Master Lion, sorry about this!”

“Hey hey hey, little brat, you can't use me as bait!” the Purple-fire Astra Lion jumped and yelled in panic.

The Heavenly Astra Seal continuously bounced up and down, purple flames erupted from it.

The giant sea turtle seemed to have sensed something, it suddenly stopped in the air for a moment. It looked at the Soul Pearl, then it looked at the Heavenly Astra Seal on Ye Chen's palm. It had been chasing after the Soul Pearl that was as slippery as a pond loach for so long but could not catch the pearl no matter what. It was getting frustrated at this point. When it saw the Heavenly Astra Seal, its attention was locked onto it. At that moment, it did not pay much attention to Ye Chen but it suddenly noticed there was the scent of two treasures coming from Ye Chen's body which drew it closer. It immediately sped up, charging down toward Ye Chen.

“Oh my G.o.d, thank the heavens!” The elder inside the Soul Pearl wiped away the sweat from his forehead, forgetting that he was a spirit body and cannot even sweat in the first place.

The giant sea turtle rushed downward.

Little Wingsy looked down at Ye Chen and noticed the Heavenly Astra Seal that silently floated above Ye Chen's left palm. Even Little Wingsy who had always been slow immediately realized that Big Brother Ye Chen was planning to use the Heavenly Astra Seal as bait to lure the giant sea turtle away! The corner of Little Wingsy's eyes turned red. He threw his body at the giant sea turtle with all his might.


A loud explosion followed and Little Wingsy's body viciously slammed into the giant sea turtle. With Little Wingsy's furious blow on top of his Daemon King tier body, the destructiveness was unbelievable.

Still, even with Little Wingsy's ferocious attack, the giant sea turtle was barely fazed by it.

The giant sea turtle was enraged. It opened its mouth and shot a gigantic ma.s.s of water that slammed into Little Wingsy. Little Wingsy was sent flying away.

After it blasted Little Wingsy away, the giant sea turtle went after Ye Chen again.

Its body spanned more than thirty meters. With its jaws wide open, it came down on Ye Chen.

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