Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Celestial Martial Chi

What was this?

The elder's eyes were wide opened. He was finally able to clearly see the appearance of the sea turtle.

The sea turtle was nearly thirty meters long and it was enormous. One thing it did not have in common with regular turtles was that it looked like it was formed by some sort of light projection. It did not have a physical body and appeared to be a spirit form but it was different from an ordinary spirit form. Its body shone a milky white light, illuminating everything around it. Its gaze was like lightning and it was searching for food.

Wherever the sea turtle swam to, the water around it boiled into bubbles. A magnificent Vital Chi circled the giant sea turtle's body as it carried an ancient aura.

“It's the Celestial Martial Chi! How am I so misfortunate!” The elder's face instantly turned sour. Ever since the day he was born, misfortune seemed to follow him everywhere he went. He had been through all kinds of unfortunate events and horrible acts. Even when he had escaped to a sea trench, he still ran into the Celestial Martial Chi that could only be seen once every thousand years. Could there be anyone more misfortunate than him?

“What's a Celestial Martial Chi?” asked Little Wingsy. He did not know anything about the enclosing threat.

Little Squido nervously waved his tentacles, trying to signal Little Wingsy to quickly run away. Little Squido could easily tame sea monsters but apart from the lethal venom within his body and his extreme defensive capabilities, he had no combat abilities to speak of. When he saw the giant sea turtle swimming their way, he was already trembling in fear.

“Little Squido, are you afraid? You can escape first!” Little Wingsy's voice came from the Soul Pearl.

With a speedy “woosh”, Little Squido dashed far away like a bolt of lightning.

“Master, you haven't explained to me. What's a Celestial Martial Chi?”

“I'll tell you what the Celestial Martial Chi is later. Little Wingsy, you know how your Master had always been plotted against by people ever since he was a child? I've been in numerous dangerous situations and yet I've managed to outlive everyone who tried to bring harm to me. Do you know what's the reason I've been able to live longer than everyone?” the elder said while cautiously eyeing the approaching giant sea turtle.

“Why?” Little Wingsy asked curiously, blinking his eyes.

“Before I teach you the second technique, Absolute Zero Freezing h.e.l.l, let me teach you a more important lesson. This is an insight I've gained from thousands of years of experience, and that is, save your own life!” Just as he finished his sentence, the giant sea turtle happened to look at another direction. He hastily invoked the Soul Pearl. With a “swoosh”, the Soul Pearl turned into a black ray of light and shot itself far away.

The giant sea turtle suddenly sensed something and quickly turned its head around. When it saw the Soul Pearl, it was already several hundred meters away. The sea turtle's eyes flashed with anger. It moved its limbs and charged forward with a “whoomp” sound like it was gliding on air, pursuing after the Soul Pearl.

The giant sea turtle was extremely fast. In just a few short minutes, it was closing in on the Soul Pearl. It extended its jaws and bit the Soul Pearl.

When the elder in the Soul Pearl saw what had happened, all the hair on his body stood up. He knew how powerful the giant sea turtle was. If the giant sea turtle swallowed the Soul Pearl, the Soul Pearl would be digested into the base of Celestial Chi in an instant.

The Soul Pearl abruptly dove downward as the giant sea turtle missed the Soul Pearl. It followed and charged downward as well, stubbornly pursuing the Soul Pearl.

The elder could only keep making the Soul Pearl change its direction to evade the incredibly quick giant sea turtle.

“You can do it, Master! Go or we'll be eaten! Make for the sea surface!” Little Wingsy was so nervous he was hopping anxiously.

“Go faster, Master! Or else we're going to turn into sea turtle p.o.o.p!”

“Shut up!” The black light burst from the elder's body, making the Soul Pearl swerve wildly along its way.

Both the Soul Pearl and the giant sea turtle were moving unbelievably fast.

At the same time, Ye Chen was on the island with his Astral Body scouting undersea. He suddenly noticed that he could hardly see anything under the sea surface. Everywhere the eye can see was covered in a blinding white light. It was as if there was a sun that hid under the sea.

What was going on? Ye Chen frowned. He became agitated as Little Wingsy and Little Squido were both down there on the seafloor!

Ye Chen looked in front of him. The sea surface that was so tranquil previously suddenly turned its tide into a mighty raging storm. The gigantic waves were more than ten meters tall. A huge wave came toward the island.

The situation under the sea surface must be restless. When Ye Chen saw the approaching ten-meters tall gigantic wave, his Astral Body immediately materialized into the gold-armored soldier. It stood tall in the air and exclaimed furiously, “Break!”

The huge wave was instantly cut into two halves and split to each side. They violently rammed into the forests on the island.

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When he looked into the distance, he saw a black ray burst out of the sea surface and continued to fly into the sky. The black ray was the Soul Pearl!

Ye Chen was lightly shaken, the color on his face turned slightly pale. He immediately retracted the gold-armored soldier and recomposed himself by channeling Celestial Chi. This sea turtle was so powerful!

After the sea turtle had knocked away the gold-armored soldier, it did not care for it anymore. The sea turtle fixed its sight back on to the Soul Pearl and charged toward it.

“Master Lion, just what is this sea turtle?” Ye Chen briefly described the sea turtle to the Purple-fire Astra Lion. The sea turtle's body was some sort of light projection as it did not have a physical body at all. For some reason, it possessed such a mighty power. The sea turtle was different from cold and dark ent.i.ties like the dark spirit as it was wrapped in a heavy Vital Chi. This sea turtle was probably some sort of World Spirit Creature.

“If I'm not mistaken, the sea turtle you're describing should be the Celestial Martial Chi!” the Purple-fire Astra Lion pondered for a moment before it replied from the Heavenly Astra Seal.

“Celestial Martial Chi?” Ye Chen was confused. Why was the sea turtle called Celestial Martial Chi? Was it the same thing as Celestial Chi?

“There are many types of Chi in the world. When they are infused with the essence of World Celestial Chi and materialize into their own forms, they turn into a spiritual body. There are many such beings in the world such as Celestial Martial Chi, Celestial Yellow Chi, Primal Purple Chi, and many more. These Chi are spirits of the world. For your current level, you're no match for the Celestial Martial Chi. If you can run away, you better do it quick,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said.

“But the Celestial Martial Chi is trying to eat the Soul Pearl. Little Wingsy is inside the Soul Pearl!” Ye Chen replied urgently. He could not leave Little Wingsy behind and escape himself!

“The Celestial Martial Chi isn't going to simply devour the Soul Pearl. It devours all worldly spirit artifacts. After it devours the spirit artifact, it turns them into its own Celestial Chi. If it realizes that you have the Heavenly Astra Seal, even I wouldn't be able to survive.” There was a sense of urgency in the Purple-fire Astra Lion's voice.

“Previously, I couldn't save Little Wingsy. This time, I will not abandon him again!” Ye Chen answered, his eyes filled with determination.

Ye Chen treated Little Wingsy like he was his little brother. What kind of person would he be if he chose to run away when his little brother faced danger?

When he heard Ye Chen's reply, the Purple-fire Astra Lion could only sigh. “Seems like I'm going to have to come along for the ride. What choice do I have since I'm sealed inside your body? If you lose, then I'm going to have to pay with my life too. Go all out!”

“I'm sorry for dragging you into this,” Ye Chen said after a moment of silence. After becoming closer to the Purple-fire Astra Lion, there were times where he relented and had the urge to use the Flying Dagger to break the Heavenly Astra Seal, setting the Purple-fire Astra Lion free. “Master Lion, if I were to lose, before my death, I'll use the Flying Dagger to break the Heavenly Astra Seal to set you free.”

For quite some time, there was no response coming from the Heavenly Astra Seal. Then, the Purple-fire Astra Lion muttered softly, “Forget it, I've been sealed in this Heavenly Astra Seal for several thousand years. If I were to break free I wouldn't even know where to go. Another ten or twenty years won't make a difference. I don't want to accept your favor either. I'll set a pact with you today. If you can survive today and you can defeat me before I break out of the seal, then I will willingly become your protective divine beast. If you cannot defeat me, then I'll bid you farewell and live freely.”

When he heard the Purple-fire Astra Lion's words, Ye Chen suddenly felt empowered, “Alright! Then I'll make this bet with you. Let's see who wins in the end. To settle this bet, I can't afford to lose to Celestial Martial Chi today!”

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