Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: One of a Kind

Celestial Thunder Devastation!

Lin Qiu grunted as Thunder-type Celestial Chi materialized and surged into his right hand. When he threw his fist, it struck forward like a raging thunder. This punch was a mid-Mystique Venerable Rank fighter's all-in attack!


The gold-armored soldier was shoved several steps backward by the impact of the blow.

Lin Qiu immediately flew away.

“I can't believe he got away!” After the gold-armored soldier took Lin Qiu's punch, Ye Chen felt frustrated. He immediately calmed himself and when he looked ahead, Lin Qiu had already dived into the ocean. “Seems like I haven't mastered Palm Shattering the Milky Way technique yet!”

If it was the Purple-fire Astra Lion who had cast Palm Shattering the Milky Way, it would have probably taken out Lin Qiu in just one hit. In terms of cultivation base, Ye Chen was still inferior to Lin Qiu. Even with the secrets of Palm Shattering the Milky Way, he only managed to gravely wound Lin Qiu. He figured Lin Qiu must have eaten some sort of medicinal pill which raised his potential which would explain how his Celestial Chi had suddenly surged.

“It won't be that easy if he wants to get away!” Ye Chen searched his surroundings with his Astral Body. He found that Lin Qiu did not swim into the sea. Lin Qiu was probably also aware that he would be marked by the octopus sea monsters if he went into the sea. He merely swam to the other side of the island and was resting on a cliff. It looked like he was replenishing his Celestial Chi.

'This guy is probably trying to buy some time and find an opportunity to escape. It would'n be that easy to get away from the tracking of my Astral Body.' Ye Chen was about to have the gold-armored soldier go after Lin Qiu when suddenly, he felt something ominous. An unsettling aura came from somewhere far away on the surface of the ocean.

What was happening?

Ye Chen stopped. His Astral Body reached into the sea to investigate.

Lin Qiu recomposed himself briefly. He looked around him and noticed that Ye Chen did not pursue him. Only then was he able to breathe a sigh of relief. However, he still dared not let his guard down. The most threatening thing about Celestial Beasts was their Psyche. It was said that they could track up to thousands of kilometers with their Psyche. It would be an effortless task just to track several kilometers.

'I have to make use of this window to recover. I might not be able to get away so easily the next time we confront each other,' Lin Qiu thought. He dreaded facing Ye Chen, especially that terrifying palm technique that was able to break through his defensive Celestial Chi and rupture his meridians. The vicious technique sent shivers down his spine.

Lin Qiu made his way into a forest on the island. While recovering his Celestial Chi, he cautiously observed his surroundings. Even the sound of wind brushing against leaves made him jump. His nerves were constantly on the edge.

Ye Chen felt an ominous aura coming from the undersea. He cautiously and quickly retrieved some ointment to help the Golden Sun Condor with its injuries.

“Chirp chirp,” the Golden Sun Condor cried out in a low voice.

Ye Chen inspected the Golden Sun Condor's wound. The arrow had pierced through the Golden Sun Condor's chest and the wound was grievous. If any other regular human or common beast suffered such an injury, they would have died a long time ago. A Heavenly Venerable Rank mystical beast had a strong life force. Despite the grievous wound, Ye Chen could see that it was slowly recovering.

Ye Chen applied some ointment on the Golden Sun Condor's wound and wrapped it with bandages.Thereafter, he fed the Golden Sun Condor a Mystique Venerable Rank Spirit Pill.

After the bandages were wrapped, the Golden Sun Condor tried to get up several times. Each time, it struggled and collapsed back on the ground.

Ye Chen patted the Golden Sun Condor's back. He smiled and said, “Fluffy Nine, why don't you rest?”

Despite its grave injury, it was determined to get back up. Ye Chen decided he was going to properly nurture the Golden Sun Condor. Even though the Golden Sun Condor was not very intelligent, such a resilient quality was rare whether it was in humans or mystical beasts.

After he finished wrapping bandages for the Golden Sun Condor, Ye Chen worriedly looked at the sea surface. His Astral Body had already entered the oceanic trench. He was not sure what was happening or whether it would affect Little Wingsy who was cultivating inside the Soul Pearl.

The sun was shining brightly. The ocean waves were relatively small as well. Yet, there seemed to be an unknown ent.i.ty creeping below the surface of the calm seas.

Ye Chen's Astral Body had finally found Little Squido and the Soul Pearl.

Little Squido was stuck to an underground rock. It looked like he was eating something. A short distance away from him, five octopus sea monsters lined up obediently, waiting.

The Soul Pearl floated on the ocean trench, illuminating a faint dark light. It looked like a giant black pearl that had streams of light patrolling around it. It gave the Soul Pearl a mysterious appearance.

Within the Soul Pearl, Little Wingsy had transformed into his primal form. He was battling countless Winged Serpents like himself. These Winged Serpents were slightly different from Little Wingsy where their bodies were pitch black. They were conjured by the elder who resided inside the Soul Pearl using the Soul Pearl's power.

“Master, this training is so tedious!” Little Wingsy grumbled while fighting the Winged Serpents.

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When Little Wingsy evoked his cultivation system, the feathers on his body instantly grew several folds longer. A black light hovered around them as a large cloud of black flame ama.s.sed around his body. Astounding heatwaves routinely boiled out of the black flame clouds. On top of that, steel blades danced inside the cloud of flame. This was the result of his demonic technique cultivation.

After slaying the Winged Serpents, Little Wingsy came back down. He had transformed back to his human form and he was out of breath at that point.

When he saw that Little Wingsy had defeated the Winged Serpent illusions, the elder brushed his mustache and smiled faintly. He looked very pleased.

“Not bad, you're improving faster than I've expected. After you have grasped Sword Hill Inferno, I shall teach you a stronger technique – Absolute Zero Freezing h.e.l.l. This technique is ten folds stronger than Sword Hill Inferno!” the elder boasted proudly.

“Ten folds stronger than Sword Hill Inferno? Will I be as strong as the dark spirit if I mastered it?” Little Wingsy looked at the elder with awe.

“Of course, it's just a lowly dark spirit so you could easily kill it.” The elder smirked. It was difficult to tell what he was thinking. “This next technique… It's considerably more difficult. Back then, it had taken me five hundred… Uuh hum, even for my outstanding natural talent, it had taken me fifty days of training just to learn it.”

“Master, you're amazing!” Little Wingsy looked at the elder with respect.

The elder's cheeks flushed red. He patted Little Wingsy on the shoulder and encouraged him. “Little Wingsy, one day, you'll reach Master's level as well.”

When he heard the elder's words, Little Wingsy's eyes glowed with excitement. He wondered when he would be able to master the second technique. When he thought of how powerful the second technique was, he was boiling with excitement.

As the two were conversing, somewhere deep in the trench, a large school of bubble boiled upward.

The elder frowned as he seemed to have sensed something.

“Master, what is it?” Little Wingsy noticed the elder's expression and asked curiously.

“Nothing!” The elder shook his head. He grew more alert, closely paying attention to what was going on outside. He thought to himself, 'Could I be this unlucky? Could there be something that was hiding inside this trench?'

At the same time, Little Squido, who was outside, was also getting agitated. His entire body trembled. He had his eyes wide opened, staring into the trench as he waved his tentacles around.

From inside the Soul Pearl, Little Wingsy saw Little Squido signaling with his tentacles. He quickly turned around to tell the elder, “Master, Little Squido is telling us to quickly escape.”

“Quickly escape? Why?” the elder asked. Just as he finished his sentence, a dim light suddenly appeared from deep within the trench. After a moment, the dim light slowly became brighter as an enormous sea turtle appeared within their line of sight.

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