Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: The Difference Between Humans and Lions

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“Let's go!” Qi Nan grunted and flew off into the air. At the moment, he did not give a fig.

 Lin Qiu burned with resentment toward Qi Nan. If Qi Nan had not insisted that Lin Qiu shot down that Golden Sun Condor, they would have avoided all these troubles. When he heard what Qi Nan said, he could only follow.

 The two figures flew off swiftly.

 When those octopus monsters saw that Lin Qiu and Qi Nan were fleeing, they promptly gave chase.

 Lin Qiu and Qi Nan flew for five or six thousand meters. The Celestial Chi in their bodies had been mostly drained. With a “splash”, they landed in the sea and could only hurriedly swallow a few medicinal pills such as the Earth Quintessence Pill. Then, they frantically paddled with both hands and started swimming.

 The octopus monsters followed closely behind these two and began to pursue them on the open sea. Their tentacles occasionally reached out to flog Lin Qiu and Qi Nan.

 Two Mystique Venerable experts had been reduced to such a pathetic state. Even when they returned to the Tribunal Council, they would be too embarra.s.sed to tell anyone about this experience.

 “Lin Qiu, we'll have to split up,” Qi Nan said in a panic. Their swimming speed could not compare to those sea monsters at all. If they stayed together, they were likely to be wiped out.

 Lin Qiu understood the logic behind this and turned around, swimming in the other direction.

 Both of them swam in opposite directions opening the gap between them further. As it was in the middle of the night in the sea, they could no longer tell which direction they were swimming in.

 In the night sky, groups of stars twinkled.

 Ye Chen sat cross-legged upon the reef, enduring the impact of the waves. He felt that the Celestial Chi within his body was unceasingly surging, just like the violent, majestic sea. The cultivation base of his Celestial Chi was advancing bit by bit. Ye Chen gradually became used to the battering of the waves and sat there calmly in cultivation.

 Wave after wave of seawater pounded Ye Chen's body, and his Celestial Chi was constantly refined and strengthened. His body endured the beating as well.

 If Ye Chen had cultivated in this manner for a month, his Celestial Chi cultivation base should be even more solid.

 To continue progressing after Heavenly Venerable Rank, one must have unsurpa.s.sed talent. It was not something that could be done in one or two months.

 Ye Chen only returned to the island when it was very late at night. Even so, he did not stop cultivating and entered the Heavenly Astra Seal. He condensed the gold-armored soldier again and again, battling the Purple-fire Astra Lion.

 After what had happened in the Exclusion Zone, Ye Chen's desire to improve his abilities had become more urgent. This period spent at sea was his best opportunity to cultivate. He did not wish to waste even a second. Having just cultivated his Celestial Chi on the reef, he immediately entered the Heavenly Astra Seal to train his Astral Body.

 When the Purple-fire Astra Lion saw that Ye Chen had called up the gold-armored soldier to fight against him, his face turned green. Still, he had no other choice but to go along.

 The gold-armored soldier had beginner Mystique Venerable strength now and was much more difficult to handle than before. Moreover, this time, Ye Chen's cultivation was even more intense. When he had commanded the gold-armored soldier in battle, he was more forceful and aggressive. Each time the gold-armored soldier was shattered, Ye Chen would continue materializing the gold-armored soldier after a short while.

 Ye Chen was practically risking his life for his cultivation. When the Purple-fire Astra Lion saw Ye Chen in this state, he wanted to die from dejection.

 “Hey, little punk, I'm not playing around with you anymore!” The Purple-fire Astra Lion protested, slamming his front paws against the ground. If they continued in this manner, he would lose his mind. ‘Sigh, why is my life so bitter? I've been trapped in this Heavenly Astra Seal for so many years without even touching a young lioness. Now, I have to fight against this lunatic every now and then.' If he had been at his peak, a single sneeze from him would wipe Ye Chen off the face of the earth. Now, he had no choice but to battle Ye Chen using Mystique Adept Rank strength. This situation was akin to a forty-year-old middle-aged person playing marbles with a small kid. How was this supposed to interest him?

 “Again!” Ye Chen's eyes were still full of a burning desire to battle. He made the gold-armored soldier slash with its saber.

 The Purple-fire Astra Lion was so melancholic that he wailed loudly. He sprang up and dodged the gold-armored soldier's attack, then struck with a paw. With a “bang”, the gold-armored soldier was smashed once again. Each time, the Purple-fire Astra Lion simply struck once but each time, Ye Chen was unable to dodge.

 Ye Chen's face was slightly pale and he sat down for a moment. Following that, he stood up again and sent forth his Astral Body, condensing the gold-armored soldier once more.

 Seeing that Ye Chen had formed the gold-armored soldier again, the Purple-fire Astra Lion was close to falling apart. He sprawled onto the ground heavily, his four limbs splayed apart, and said unabashedly, “I'm not playing with you anymore. This time, no matter what, I'm not retaliating. Just slash me with your blade then.”

 The gold-armored soldier Ye Chen had materialized flew above the Purple-fire Astra Lion, ready to bring its saber down but Ye Chen saw that the Purple-fire Astra Lion was just lying there like a dead dog with his eyelids drooping, and not moving at all. Ye Chen was rather speechless. This Purple-fire Astra Lion had lived for a few millennia in any case, but why was his att.i.tude so…

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 Ye Chen did not know what word he should use to describe the Purple-fire Astra Lion.

 “I can help you find them but they must do it voluntarily,” Ye Chen said after some thought.

 “Someone as handsome, charming, magnificent as me, who's also from the n.o.blest Purple-fire Astra Lion Clan within the lion clan – which young lioness wouldn't wish to savor my exalted prowess?” The Purple-fire Astra Lion lifted his chin and struck an awe-inspiring pose, speaking in a smug tone.

 “Stop!” Ye Chen yelled hurriedly, “Let's not talk about this anymore.” He was worried that if the Purple-fire Astra Lion continued speaking, there was no telling what he would say next.

 The Purple-fire Astra Lion glanced at Ye Chen and said disdainfully, “I really don't understand you humans. You're all too hypocritical. Some people want to do it but don't dare to say it, acting upright and honorable. Others appear refined on the surface but the stuff they secretly do… You humans are truly complicated creatures, unlike our lion clan. We're frank and direct – what a joyous thing mating is!” The Purple-fire Astra Lion smacked his lips as if reminiscing. Suddenly, he recalled his previous owner and a chill ran down his spine. He looked around quickly, making sure that fellow was not here, before heaving a sigh of relief.

 When Ye Chen listened to the Purple-fire Astra Lion's words, he laughed wryly. It was true that many humans were duplicitous and extremely hypocritical. However, if everyone acted like the Purple-fire Astra Lion, things would be less interesting. Humans were not mystical beasts and they harbored emotions that had transcended mystical beasts. There were many issues that mystical beasts would not possibly understand.

 “Just like you. You clearly like that young tanuki. Just sleep with her and be done with it. There's no need to be secretive about it,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion continued saying as he glanced at Ye Chen.

 The Purple-fire Astra Lion did not understand the affection between Ye Chen and Little Tanuki at all. Sometimes, being together was enough. It had nothing to do with fornication. Ye Chen suddenly thought of something and pinned the Purple-fire Astra Lion with his gaze. “While you're in the Heavenly Astra Seal, surely you're not able to see everything?”

 “Tch, I'm not that lifeless. I can hear the things all of you say and use my consciousness to sense what's going on outside. But I can't see the outside.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion snorted twice. “Still, little punk, I quite like you. I wouldn't have bothered to talk so much with most people.”

 “Why?” Ye Chen asked. It was good that the Purple-fire Astra Lion could not see out, otherwise, would he not have seen Little Tanuki in the nude? However, the Purple-fire Astra Lion said that he liked Ye Chen. This was completely beyond Ye Chen's expectations.

 “Because you like a tanuki and are willing to die for that tanuki.”

 “And why's that?” Ye Chen was stunned. Did the Purple-fire Astra Lion admire Ye Chen merely because Ye Chen liked Little Tanuki?

 “Because a tanuki is a Celestial Beast. Humans have always treated mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts as enemies or tamed them as pets. Very few people would sincerely treat mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts as equals,” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said dreamily as if he was immersed in some other thoughts.

 ‘So that's why,' Ye Chen thought to himself. Perhaps this was linked to some past encounter of the Purple-fire Astra Lion.

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