Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Advancement to Heavenly Venerable Rank

A flash of enlightenment briefly came to Tantai Ling as the energy in her body rose quickly. She seemed to have figured how to ascend to greater heights. She looked at Ye Chen before withdrawing her trident and heaved a long, winded breath. Recalling when Ye Chen told her that “You'll understand one day”, she felt like she finally understood a little.

Tantai Ling lowered her head to look at Ye Chen. Ye Chen's sharp and distinct features were full of fatigue. She remained silent for a long time and faintly said, “The reason I didn't kill you today is because of the five years promise between us. I want to see which one of us will win five years from now.” After she had finished, she threw two objects beside Ye Chen. One was a sheepskin paper roll and the other was Emperor Ming's Belt. Then, she turned away and headed out.

Would Tantai Ling one day come to regret not taking the chance to kill Ye Chen? That she did not know. She did not even know why she decided to leave behind those two items.

Just as Tantai Ling turned around, the Illusory Pearl that levitated nearby suddenly glowed brightly. A faint projection appeared above the Illusory Pearl. It was a graceful and beautiful lady. Mere words were not able to describe her immense beauty.

She was like a blossoming snow-white lotus.

She was like the fairest fairy in all the realms between heaven and earth. Her features were slightly different from a human's. She had pointed ears and eight swaying tails. These characteristics did not take away her beauty but instead, enhancing it. Only her face was slightly pale, giving off a frail and weak impression.

Little Tanuki looked at Tantai Ling's figure from behind, her clear voice earnestly expressed, “Thank you.” She saw everything that Tantai Ling did from within the Illusory Pearl.

Tantai Ling turned back and looked at Little Tanuki. Even though she was taken aback by Little Tanuki's appearance, she did not let it show on her face as her expression remained unchanged. She quietly said, “No need, I didn't do anything.” Tantai Ling walked away. After walking another ten steps, she jerked to a stop. “Did you willingly sacrifice yourself for him at the time? Why?”

Little Tanuki lowered her head, her beautiful cheeks flushed red as she nodded her head and said, “I don't understand as well. All I know is that I have no regrets because he was the last person I saw before I died.”

Tantai Ling stood still for a long time before continuing on her way, disappearing at the entrance of the ancient tomb.

Little Tanuki watched as Tantai Ling's figure vanished. She was not sure what Tantai Ling was thinking. Tantai Ling had always been good at masking her emotions as she was like a glacier mountain that did not let anyone approach her. Still, Little Tanuki's Astral Body was able to sense that there was restlessness in Tantai Ling's heart.

Little Tanuki looked back at Ye Chen. He was sleeping soundly.

Little Tanuki worriedly looked at the direction which the Soul Pearl flew in and muttered, “I wonder what happened to Little Wingsy…”

“Little Wingsy, I'm sorry. I can't just leave Ye Chen here. I'll look for you in the future,” said Little Tanuki. Ye Chen was in a deep sleep. Dark spirits lurked around this area and appeared from time to time. If she did not stand guard here for Ye Chen, anything could happen to him.

Little Tanuki silently looked at Ye Chen's face, her slender fingers brushed over his face. She lay her head on top of Ye Chen's chest to feel Ye Chen's warmth.

“How I wish we could continue being together. I'm sorry I can't stay with you. We'll see each other again in the future,” Little Tanuki muttered, her eyes wet with tears. She longingly looked at Ye Chen and with a “whoosh”, her body returned into the Illusory Pearl.

The Illusory Pearl radiated a milky-white light, silently levitating above Ye Chen's cheeks.

Days pa.s.sed. Ye Chen, who was in a deep slumber, still did not awake.

As time pa.s.sed by, the dark energy on Ye Chen's face faded away altogether, only small remnants remained in his Dantian. The Flying Dagger in his mind continuously released Celestial Chi which spread through his body. The Nine Astra located in his Dantian also underwent some transformation where a materialized orb slowly grew bigger in the center of the Chi Circle. As time went on, the nine Chi Circles materialized and turned into orbs, each one of them a different color – gold, green, red, gray…

The nine orbs rotated rhythmically, each of their rotations signified a deeper Dao trance.


Ye Chen's stomach grumbled abruptly. He suddenly sat up, then looked around his surroundings blankly. He could remember Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy and his heart still throbbed in pain. He suddenly noticed the Illusory Pearl which levitated above him that shone with a milk-white light. He reached for it and grasped the Illusory Pearl in his hands.

The Illusory Pearl in Ye Chen's palms faintly glowed a mellow ray of light. Deep in his heart, Ye Chen felt a warm sensation as tears uncontrollably fell.

“Little Tanuki, you're still alive right? Little Tanuki, I can feel your energy, you must still be alive!” Ye Chen held the Illusory Pearl close to his chest like he was hugging Little Tanuki. He felt a heartbeat that beat along the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Little Tanuki must have stayed in the Illusory Pearl due to some unknown factors. Ye Chen still was not willing to accept that Little Tanuki had truly died as he felt that Little Tanuki must still be alive.

“No matter how long it takes, no matter when it'll be, I'll be waiting for you,” Ye Chen said with determination. He looked at the Illusory Pearl and he felt that Little Tanuki was right by him and had never left his side.

Ye Chen looked everywhere and still did not see the Soul Pearl. He dreamt that Little Wingsy had said his farewells. Little Wingsy said that he was going to cultivate himself and after his cultivation, it would be his turn to protect Big Brother Ye Chen and Big Sister Tanuki.

Ye Chen did not know where the Soul Pearl went. He stayed silent for a long time. Maybe it was not just a dream.

Ye Chen lowered his head, looking at the Illusory Pearl, his eyes glowed with determination. “Little Tanuki, Little Wingsy, I was too weak. I didn't protect you two like I was supposed to. I'll become stronger and I believe that you two are still alive and we'll meet one day!”

Ye Chen sat up and properly kept the Illusory Pearl on him. He took some food from the armguard s.p.a.ce and gorged down on them. Tears fell down his cheeks as he ate.

Ye Chen lowered his head and saw Emperor Ming's Belt and the sheepskin paper roll. It was only then when he noticed that Tantai Ling had left.

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Tantai Ling was merely a pa.s.ser-by hence it was not surprising to Ye Chen that she had left. He just did not expect Tantai Ling to have left two items for him. When he thought about Tantai Ling's cold personality, he was puzzled.

'I have finally achieved Heavenly Venerable Rank!' Ye Chen was exhilarated as his cultivation base had finally improved to the next level.

Unless there existed some other people with a special bloodline, there was scarcely any person who had improved as fast as Ye Chen did. Having reached beginner Heavenly Venerable Rank, Ye Chen was still not satisfied. He knew that his cultivation base still had a long way to go.

Ye Chen slowly entered a trance state, feeling the Chi flow transformation in his body. At that moment, his heart was as devout as a monk.

Inside the surging Celestial Chi, Ye Chen finally solidified his cultivation base, setting himself in the stage of beginner Heavenly Venerable Rank!

Ye Chen looked again at the captivating Emperor Ming's Belt. To think that this belt contained two such extraordinary energies, helping him advance to beginner Heavenly Venerable Rank. Feeling the flowing energy from Emperor Ming's Belt, Ye Chen felt that this was not all that it was capable of!

After a while, Emperor Ming's Belt grew dimmer. Other than the elegant ornate, it seemed just like an ordinary belt.

Ye Chen wondered how strong Emperor Ming was. He must have been superhuman. Since the belt was Emperor Ming's relic, it must be special too. It looked like he would have to take his time to unravel the mysteries of Emperor Ming's Belt.

There was still the sheepskin paper roll beside him. When Ye Chen opened it, he found out that it was a map. The paths charted on the map must be the way out of the ancient tomb. Tantai Ling probably left this behind so that he would not be stuck in this place, unable to find a way out.

When he thought of Tantai Ling's cold expression, Ye Chen smiled bitterly. Tantai Ling's personality was far too cold. It was not easy to approach her but it seemed like deep down, she was not a bad person.

Ye Chen's Celestial Chi cultivation base had finally advanced to beginner Heavenly Venerable Rank. In that case, his Astral Body prowess should have also grown substantially. He wondered how powerful his Astral Body had become!

With a small huff, waves of Astral Body energy with his Celestial Chi shot into the sky. Above Ye Chen's head, a gold-armored soldier stood in the air. The gold-armored soldier was about fifteen meters tall and the longsword it wielded was about seven to eight meters long. It was clad in golden armor and it looked like an invincible G.o.dly figure.

If a Daemon King's Psyche manifestation had encountered the mighty gold-armored soldier and were not aware of the gold-armored soldier's true power, even it would shudder in fear.

At this point, the gold-armored soldier's level was near beginner Mystique Venerable Rank!

Ye Chen was uncertain just how powerful his Astral Body was. With a low groan, the gold-armored soldier instantly moved twenty to thirty meters and swung its sword forward. A gigantic crescent-shaped blade slammed downward.

Boom boom!

The boulders piled on the ground were smashed into smithereens by the impact of the sword. This was before infusing the sword with Blazing Internal Energy. If he had done that, it would be far more powerful!

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