Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Rematch with the Dark Spirit

After several hours, inside the stone-carved room above the ancient tomb.

Ye Chen handed Emperor Ming's Belt to Tantai Ling. The belt's color was a bright yellow. Its craftsmanship was extremely delicate and was embroidered with all types of mystical beasts. Despite looking very intimidating, it did not lose its elegance as Emperor Ming's temperament can be seen from the belt.

Celestial Chi flowed out of the belt. One could not tell its uses from its appearance but it was probably an extremely valuable treasure.

Tantai Ling's wounds had nearly recovered by now. She held the belt in her hands. When she moved her right hand, Water-type Celestial Chi danced around and formed a seal where it was infused into the belt.

“Why is Emperor Ming's relics needed to suppress the dark spirit?” Ye Chen asked puzzlingly when he saw Tantai Ling infusing one mysterious seal after another into the belt.

“When someone turns into a dark spirit after dying, remnants of their memory still remain. If a dark spirit that turns hostile can recall its memories, it'll be able to resolve its grudges and will become weakened. Then, we'll be able to kill it.” Tantai Ling brushed Emperor Ming's Belt with her hands. Several seals swelled around the belt and she said, “This seal is the Ocean Suppressing Seal pa.s.sed down within the Sea Demon clan. It's extremely deadly to any demonic beings.”

Ye Chen nodded, understanding a little by now. n.o.body would want to become a dark spirit that can be freely manipulated by others after their death. Once their memories were awakened, the two energies within will oppose each other. Then, they could take advantage of the opening created by the opposing force.

“How do we get out of this tomb and head to kill the dark spirit?” asked Ye Chen. He was not familiar with the ancient tomb.

“There are two pa.s.sages in the tomb – one leads underground and the other leads to the location of the dark spirit. To kill the dark spirit, we'll need to pa.s.s through the stone door,” said Tantai Ling. With her current strength, she would not be able to break open the stone door. Only Ye Chen's Celestial Chi Flying Dagger would be able to manage it but even the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger could only slowly chip away at the stone door.

Ye Chen stayed silent for a moment and said, “Let me do it then.”

After Tantai Ling had finished making preparations, they came to the stone door again.

When he looked at the stone door, Ye Chen's heart was overwhelmed with sadness. This stone door had separated him from Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy for eternity.

Ye Chen stared at the stone door. He already had two Celestial Chi Flying Daggers materialized on his palms. Swoosh swoosh, the two daggers shot toward the stone door.

Boom boom! The Flying Daggers blasted the stone door.

Ye Chen concentrated on the Flying Daggers, forming a link between the two daggers. Boom, boom, boom! The two Flying Daggers danced up and down in the air, continuously a.s.saulting the stone door.

Controlling two daggers at the same time using his mind was extremely exhausting for Ye Chen. As the stone door was an inanimate object, he only had to slightly control their direction. He did not have to be so precise with his aiming.

The dancing Flying Daggers were exceptionally sharp. Even with the impeccably st.u.r.dy seal on the stone door crumbled when facing the Flying Daggers. The Flying Daggers chipped away at the stone door bit by bit.

Tantai Ling looked at the dancing Flying Daggers. Imagining that if Ye Chen was able to master his control over the Flying Daggers, then even she would dread facing it.

Ye Chen maniacally attacked the stone door. The two Flying Dagger's rapid movements resembled the motion of a sewing machine.

After half an hour had pa.s.sed, a large opening the size of a person had been carved on the stone door. Ye Chen was gasping large mouthfuls of air, his body was drenched in sweat. He was exhausted. Gusts of wind from outside came blowing in through the opening.

Tantai Ling glanced at Ye Chen. Without saying anything, she walked toward the opening. Most of the time, Tantai Ling wielded a cool and icy expression.

Even though Ye Chen was exhausted, he still followed after Tantai Ling and exited the ancient tomb.

When he looked up to inspect the situation outside, Ye Chen was stunned. He saw two pieces of pearls levitating in mid-air. They were black and white respectively. Their radiant rays shone everywhere. The dark spirit approached like a dark cloud attempting to harm the two pearls but whenever it was touched by the rays of the black and white orbs, the dark spirit had to retreat.

The black-colored pearl was the Soul Pearl and the white-colored pearl was the Illusionary Pearl!

When Ye Chen witnessed the scene, his heart shuddered. What if Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy did not die? Or maybe Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy left behind the two pearls after they died?

Ye Chen recalled that Little Tanuki once used the Illusionary Pearl to take in the Soul Pearl. Maybe the Illusionary Pearl had a s.p.a.ce within it similar to the Heavenly Astra Seal? Little Tanuki could have hidden inside the Illusionary Pearl!

When he thought of this, Ye Chen's heart that had given up was once again reignited with a glimmer of hope. 'Please G.o.d, let Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy be alive!'

The dark spirit seemed to have trapped the Illusionary Pearl and the Soul Pearl as these two pearls were unable to move from their spot. When the dark spirit noticed Ye Chen and Tantai Ling appearing again, it immediately let out a sharp and terrible shriek before pouncing toward Ye Chen and Tantai Ling.

Tantai Ling held up her trident and leaped toward the dark spirit.

“You lot still dare to return. I'll kill you all!” The dark spirit formed gigantic sharp claws. It clawed toward Tantai Ling like a huge dark cloud looming over her.

“Demons like you shouldn't remain in this world. Face your death!” Tantai Ling unleashed a beam of Divine Ray which struck the claws of the dark spirit. A loud booming explosion followed.

The dark spirit only trembled slightly but it did not take much damage. It shrieked horrifically again and charged toward Tantai Ling.

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Ye Chen's eyes were burning with boiling rage. It was this dark spirit that let him experience the pain of losing life for the first time. “Swoosh swoosh!” Two Celestial Chi Flying Daggers shot toward the dark spirit.

As he was about to be surrounded by five soul chains, countless thoughts raced through Ye Chen's mind. The Nine Astras channeled within him as the dark energy grew stronger and quickly spread through his body.

'I want to become stronger!'

When he thought of the look upon Little Tanuki's face when she turned around, Ye Chen roared madly in his mind. The Flying Dagger kept humming as the Celestial Chi in his body surged violently. A mighty power erupted into the skies.

'Kill them all!'

For Little Tanuki and for Little Wingsy!

At that moment, the Flying Dagger in his mind hummed in unison. There was also a mist of dark energy enveloping the Flying Dagger.

Ye Chen's vision instantly turned pitch black. It seemed like his body was not able to contain the enormous Celestial Chi. It furiously expanded outward, forming a gigantic and powerful whirlpool around Ye Chen.

The horrifying black-colored Chi raged on like a huge storm.

The five soul chains extended inward and were swept by the Celestial Chi storm and kept spinning around within.

Ye Chen felt a violent bloodl.u.s.t consume his mind. He hated himself for being so weak and for not doing but just helplessly watching as Little Tanuki turned away and left and for not being strong enough to save them when Little Wingsy was dragged away by the dark spirit. When he saw the Soul Pearl and the Illusionary Pearl that hung in mid-air, he had a glimmer of hope that maybe Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy were still alive. He knew that there was very little chance of that happening and his guilt ate away at his heart.

'To attain the strength that I need, I'm willing to succ.u.mb to the demonic psyche!'

The Flying Dagger hummed in unison, seemingly responding to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen lifted his head, a terrible bloodl.u.s.t had manifested within his eyes. Behind the exterior of the bloodl.u.s.t, however, was a tortured and tormented soul!

Tantai Ling struck the soul chains back. Just as she was about to use Emperor Ming's Belt, she felt a crazed and murderous energy fill the entire pit. This energy was so terrifying that she felt herself consumed with fear. When she looked in Ye Chen's direction, she saw Ye Chen coming toward her, his eyes were painted black as ink. She felt a chill like an ice blade stabbing deep into her heart as her soul started to tremble. At that moment, Tantai Ling suddenly realized that Ye Chen was even more terrifying than the dark spirit!

When the face conjured within the dark spirit saw Ye Chen, it frighteningly retreated some distance.

It was still unknown as to what had happened to Ye Chen as he had too many mysteries surrounding him. Tantai Ling hesitated for a moment before thrusting Emperor Ming's Belt toward the dark spirit.

Emperor Ming's Belt flew toward the dark spirit. With a “thump”, it bound on to the dark spirit's body. Runic seals erupted from Emperor Ming's Belt, rumbling at the dark spirit.

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