Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: Emperor Ming's Belt

Bolts of sword energy came shooting toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen instantly noticed the killing intent that was locked onto him. The sword energy fired by Jian Ying was unimaginably powerful. If he was. .h.i.t by one of them, it would mean certain death.

“I'll break your sword body!” Ye Chen ran like a mad man while flinging his arms out. He launched one Celestial Chi Flying Dagger after another to meet the sword energy.

As Ye Chen was running, he saw Jian Ying's sword energy split into three. Then, from three, they split into nine. Soon, the sky was filled with swords raining on him.

Ye Chen could not escape!

The rain of swords was too tight, not allowing Ye Chen any opening to escape from it.

Ye Chen looked at Emperor Ming's Sword. It continued to hum and shook around. The Celestial Chi Flying Dagger whooshed past the sword again, barely missing it. Without Ye Chen controlling it, the Flying Dagger could not make any maneuvers as it flew off into the distance and instantly vanished thereafter.

Ye Chen was one step too slow. A bolt of sword energy struck on the ground five to six meters away from him. A strong blast that came from the impact swept over him.

With a loud boom, Ye Chen was flung away.

Just as he was about to be hit by the raining swords, Ye Chen quickly activated the Heavenly Astra Seal and his body instantly vanished where he stood.

Boom boom boom!

The rain of swords struck down like a violent storm.

Tantai Ling thought that Ye Chen was dead. She wanted to rescue him but could not make it in time. A glimpse of panic hit her but when she looked toward the direction where the swords. .h.i.t, she saw that there were no signs of blood. Ye Chen had managed to escape somehow.

Jian Ying frowned lightly. He did not expect that Ye Chen would be able to escape in that situation. He could still sense Ye Chen's aura that had lingered around.

The two of them did not stop exchanging blows.

With a loud boom, Tantai Ling flew back several steps. Her beautiful face turned pale and there was blood seeping out the corner of her lips.

Ye Chen had slightly recovered his Celestial Chi after entering the Heavenly Astra Seal. He observed the situation out there, noticing that Tantai Ling was not doing too well. He started to feel a little anxious.

In the center of the formation, the Purple-fire Astra Lion looked at Ye Chen and said, “Kid, let me out, I'll easily take care of that Jian Ying guy with a sweep of my tail!”

Ye Chen looked at the Purple-fire Astra Lion. He realized that if he did let the Purple-fire Astra Lion out, it would be over for all of them. This was a very dangerous move. Back then, he only recklessly broke open the Heavenly Astra Seal because he desperately wanted to save Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy. This time, he understood that releasing the Purple-fire Astra Lion would only make matters worse.

“The little beauty out there is no match for that little b*stard. If you don't let me out, the little beauty is as good as dead.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion beat its paws lightly and chuckled. “Seeing that you were willing to break open the Heavenly Astra Seal and let me out just to save that little tanuki and Winged Serpent, I do admire you. If you let me out now, I'll gladly let you become my subordinate!”

Ye Chen glanced at the Purple-fire Astra Lion and groaned silently. He did not trust the Purple-fire Astra Lion to honor its promises as it was absurd to trust a mystical beast to honor a promise. However, Tantai Ling would not last much longer. It seemed like there were no other options for them to defeat Jian Ying. Ye Chen was having a lot of conflicting thoughts.

“Do you know of any way for me to defeat Jian Ying?” Ye Chen looked at the Purple-fire Astra Lion, wondering what to do.

Releasing the Purple-fire Astra Lion is too risky. Was there no better solution?

“Of course! For that little b*stard, even if I don't head out there myself I have plenty of ways to deal with him. But do you think I'd be stupid enough to tell you how?” the Purple-fire Astra Lion said so arrogantly and shook its mane. He continued mischievously, “Quickly let me out now, I've been locked in here like a caged bird for so many years. It's boring me to death”

“You're lying. At my current strength, I'm no match for Jian Ying. How am I supposed to defeat him?” Ye Chen quickly responded.

“We, Purple-fire Astra Lion clan, are far more intelligent compared to you humans.” The Purple-fire Astra Lion snorted.

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“I've lived tens of thousands of years. How is something this trivial supposed to trouble me?”

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Jian Ying's expression finally changed. His face turned dark. “If you do that, I'll hunt you down and kill you! My powers are indeed sealed up currently. It was done so that I don't have to deal with robbers coming here. If you break Emperor Ming's frozen coffin, I'll break off the seal. When that happens, you'll have no chance of getting away from me!”

“Senior Jian Ying is harsh. As I said, I don't want to become your enemy, we just wanted to use one of Emperor Ming's relics. If Senior would give it to us, we promise to leave immediately and we won't cross your path again. If you still insist on not giving it to us, then I'll have to break the frozen coffin with the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger. Even if it means our death, it'd at least be worth something!” Ye Chen did not give in. The Celestial Chi Flying Dagger in his hands grew stronger.

Jian Ying was having conflicting thoughts. After pondering on it for a long time, he finally came up with a difficult conclusion. He had to compromise. “I can give you Emperor Ming's relic. After taking the relic, I want you to leave immediately. If you stay for just a moment longer, then I won't be courteous with you any longer!”

“If we can get Emperor Ming's relic, then we won't disrespect your wishes!” Ye Chen said as he bowed.

Tantai Ling retreated some distance and heaved a sigh of relief. She had never thought that Ye Chen would use a method like this to negotiate with Jian Ying. She had to admit that this was the most effective solution. If they continued battling, she would be defeated.

In the past, Tantai Ling had always been unrivaled in every battle she had fought in. Today, she realized that there was such a powerful existence within the Exclusion Zone and it was a humbling experience.

Jian Ying flew to Emperor Ming's frozen coffin and stood still for some time. He silently gazed at Emperor Ming's body residing inside the frozen coffin, his eyes filled with deep thoughts and sadness.

“Ming Feng, it had been fifty-seven thousand three hundred and sixty-four years, seven months and twenty-one days. You remain the same and so do I, despite the time that by, I've not aged a single day. Please let them take something from you today and let them go.” With a wave of Jian Ying's right hand, the frozen coffin gently slid open. He locked his gaze on several items beside Emperor Ming's body. Those were relics that Emperor Ming had left behind. When Jian Ying moved his right hand, a belt flew toward Ye Chen. After he put down his hand, the frozen coffin's lid closed and was sealed again.

When he saw the belt that came flying over, Ye Chen received it and held it in his hands. He looked over to Jian Ying who was standing still in the air. Ye Chen closed his fists and said, “You have my thanks, Senior Jian Ying. Senior is an affectionate man who shared close bonds with Emperor Ming. I'm sure the Emperor wouldn't want to see Senior in such sorrows. We'll not come and disturb you again. Please take care, Senior Jian Ying.”

Ye Chen slowly exited the hall with Tantai Ling following after him. When Ye Chen looked back, he saw Jian Ying was still standing silently beside the coffin.

The two of them headed back to where they came from.

Inside the hall, Jian Ying stood still in mid-air and continued looking at Emperor Ming's body. After some time had pa.s.sed, he looked at Ye Chen and Tantai Ling's figures and heaved a deep, long sigh. His body transformed into rays of light and returned to Emperor Ming's sword sitting on the altar.

The mottled Emperor Ming's Sword covered in rust lay still in its spot, recalling back to the ancient ages where it came.

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