Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: Jian Ying

“If we lose, then we'll leave on our own accord.” Tantai Ling lifted her trident. A wave of pressure was released from the trident as it glowed with the radiant Seven-colored Divine Ray.

The handsome young man glanced at Tantai Ling. “I admit that your trident is a pretty powerful weapon, unfortunately, the artifact spirit within lies dormant. You wouldn't even be able to unleash one-tenth of its power. You're no match for me.”

“I can't even exert one-tenth of the Divine Trident's power? Isn't it the same for you?” Tantai Ling locked her gaze on the opponent, unwavered.

The handsome young man smiled gracefully and nodded. “You have a good eye, I have been sealed. My current strength isn't even at one percent of my prime but it's enough for me to deal with you.”

“Let's find out.” A strong fighting spirit surged from Tantai Ling's body.

The air around them grew thick as if a battle would break out any moment.

Ye Chen was anxious when it looked like they were about to clash. What if Tantai Ling was no match for him? This was a matter of life and death. His situation was not very ideal either so he quickly blurted out, “Hold on, senior, how should we address you?”

Even when facing Tantai Ling who was ready for battle, the handsome young man glanced at Ye Chen and nonchalantly replied, “Jian Ying.”

“Senior Jian Ying, we didn't come here to rob the grave. Does the senior know about the other incident outside the ancient tomb?” Ye Chen asked.

“What incident?” Jian Ying lifted his brows and asked calmly.

“Someone is feeding dark spirits out there.” While talking, Ye Chen paid close attention to Jian Ying's expression. He saw a chance to turn the situation around.

Jian Ying pondered for a moment and replied, “I know, those are the residual soul of Emperor Ming.”

“Since Senior knows that there were some evil people taking hold of Emperor Ming's residual soul, why did you not try to stop it?”

Jian Ying's expression remained unchanged. “Young man, in Daoism, the common man has three immortal souls and seven mortal forms. At Emperor Ming's level, his soul takes on tens of thousands of forms. After the Emperor's death, his soul was scattered all around the world. The residual soul you're referring to is only one of its million pieces. Even if fed, it would at most reach Grand Supreme stage. The true soul of Emperor Ming is here with me!” Jian Yin lifted his right arm. Waves of green rays danced around his palm until they condensed together to form a robed figure. He was only slightly above two centimeters tall and sat cross-legged on the center of Jian Ying's palm. His expression was stern and completely identical to the person inside the frozen coffin.

Jian Ying stared thoughtfully at the figure on his palm, his eyes were full of sadness.

“I've been fighting alongside Emperor Ming since I was born. Even in his death, I'll continue protecting him until the end of time,” Jian Ying said resolutely. He closed his fist and the green ray immediately vanished.

An ever-changing soul form… At what level was that achieved? It seemed that the most important part of Emperor Ming's soul was in Jian Ying's hands. That explained why he did not know anything about the outside world.

“The people out there have wretched intentions and they're trying to use Emperor Ming's wraith. Does Senior Jian Ying not think it's blasphemy against the late Emperor Ming?”

“No matter what clever and convincing words you use, you'll not be able to persuade me as those residual souls are unimportant. Don't bother trying to deceive me to try to gain something from me,” Jian Ying said indifferently.

“Senior Jian Ying, we don't have business with Emperor Ming's body. We just want to borrow a relic of the emperor to suppress the dark spirits. Would Senior Jian Ying rather leave Emperor Ming's residual soul out there to be taken advantage of by these wretched people?” Ye Chen was still trying to convince Jian Ying.

“If not for them feeding the residual souls, the Emperor Ming's residual soul would've long scattered by now. One way or another, the residual soul will eventually scatter one day. If you want to take Emperor Ming's relic, be my guest, but you'll have to go through me first,” Jian Ying said slowly, his white robe danced in the air.

Ye Chen frowned as they were back to square one. Judging by him and Tantai Ling's level, they were probably no match for Jian Ying.

“So d*mn stubborn!” Tantai Ling yelled. The trident rapidly spun in her arms, waves of Water-type Celestial Chi gathered all around them. The hall was instantly drenched wet.

Tantai Ling leaped into the air and floated mid-air effortlessly. Her white gauze dress danced to the wind around them, her beautiful pupil burned with battle hunger as she exclaimed, “Sea G.o.d's Devouring Wave Technique!”

When the icy words dropped, the Water-type Celestial Chi in the hall abruptly turned into furious waves. They formed an enormous spiraling column of rapid waves that resembled a silver dragon. It stormed toward Jian Ying like a raging bolt of thunder.

“To possess this level of cultivation base at this age is truly astounding. Once you have mastered the full potential of the trident, I'd likely not be a match for you. As it is now, you still have a long way to go.” Facing the raging water dragon, Jian Ying calmly stood still. With a flick of his right finger, he unleashed a gust of energy.

The wave of energy expanded as it shot forward, instantly turning into a gigantic sword, piercing through the air around it.

The gigantic sword and the Water-type Celestial Chi column clashed together.


The hall shook violently and countless droplets poured down like a giant downpour.

Standing in the pouring rain, Jian Ying held his elegant poise, remaining still with his arms behind him. His handsome features coupled with the gentle and elegant way he had carried himself would leave many in awe. Based on his appearance, n.o.body would have expected him to wield such terrifying power.

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Noticing Tantai Ling drawing closer with her trident in hand, Jian Ying conjured a sword from his right hand. The shape of the sword was the same as Emperor Ming's sword below them.

At the very moment the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger appeared, Emperor Ming's Sword seemed to have sensed it and it started to hum and sent its energy into a wild frenzy.

At that moment, Jian Ying, who was dueling with Tantai Ling, also felt something amiss. His gaze quickly locked on to the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger shooting toward Emperor Ming's Sword. An overbearing aura oozed from the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger, causing him to shudder.

Tantai Ling had noticed Jian Ying's peculiar reaction and she quickly realized what Ye Chen was trying to do. She would not let Jian Ying have a chance to get away. With a strong huff, she struck her trident along with its glowing Seven-colored Divine Ray forward, aiming toward Jian Ying.

A wave of panic flashed across Jian Ying's face, who had been calm all this time. He parried Tantai Ling's blow with his sword. With his left hand, he shot a bolt of sword energy toward the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger.

“Break!” Jian Ying exclaimed.

The sword energy clashed with the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger.


Unexpectedly for Jian Ying, the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger was not destroyed. Instead, the sword energy which he had materialized was blown into pieces. The Celestial Chi Flying Dagger did not slow down and continue toward Emperor Ming's Sword.

Jian Ying frowned, to think that this Flying Dagger was so powerful!

Just as the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger was about to strike Emperor Ming's Sword, the hostile energy around Emperor Ming's sword materialized into a solid form and shot toward the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger like raining meteors. Boom boom boom! Upon colliding with the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger, the hostile energy disintegrated, only managing to slightly slow down the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger.

The Emperor Ming's Sword moved slightly to its side and the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger barely brushed past it.

“You won't get away that easily!” Ye Chen concentrated his mind on the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger, seemingly conjuring an invisible thread between himself and the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger. With his mind, the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger that was flying forward suddenly turned back and once again shot toward Emperor Ming's Sword that was within a short distance.

Judging by the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger's destructibility, if it managed to hit Emperor Ming's Sword, it should be able to destroy the sword.

Emperor Ming's Sword kept shaking around, avoiding the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger.

“I'll have no mercy on you if you try to destroy my sword body!” Jian Ying roared chillingly. The longsword in his right hand that parried Tantai Ling's attack was enveloped with sword energy, protecting himself. No matter how Tantai Ling tried to attack, she could not break the barrier. Jian Ying flicked his left hand and shot out several bolts of sword energy.

However, this time, the target of his sword energy was not the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger but Ye Chen.

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