Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: The Stone Room

Tantai Ling could sense Ye Chen's simmering fury and said indifferently, “You can't possibly kill that dark spirit.” Tantai Ling spoke as if this was an absolute truth that left no room for argument.

“Why did you save Little Wingsy and I earlier?” Ye Chen did not even glance at Tantai Ling as he sat cross-legged on the ground, recovering his Celestial Chi. The hatred in his heart had spurred in him an urgent need to increase his strength. His capabilities were too disparate from the dark spirit's. He knew that if he went after the dark spirit now, it would be a suicide mission. Plus, he could not even get past the stone door now!

“No reason. It took no effort.” Tantai Ling thought about it. If she was pressed to give a reason, it would be because she felt a sense of destiny. Perhaps someday, some time, Ye Chen would help her break through. She wanted to see how much Ye Chen would grow. As for why she had saved Little Wingsy, she was not as clear. It was possibly because of that tanuki. In the tanuki's final moment, that look of love she had – Tantai Ling knew how much the tanuki wanted to live but in the end, she still charged at the dark spirit resolutely.

The tanuki had wanted to give up her own life in exchange for Ye Chen and Little Wingsy's lives! Tantai Ling did not understand why the tanuki would do so. Was it because of so-called affections? Tantai Ling did not know why but the tanuki's expression – that calm smile – was still lingering in her mind, causing her iron-clad heart to feel a pang.

Affection – what was it really? Tantai Ling recalled when her father had died. Her heart felt like it would shatter from the agony. She had taken up the divine trident and led tens of thousands of her Sea Demon clan members, slaughtering without stopping until the entire sea region was stained red. In the end, she was the only one left on the battlefield.

Could affection be the thing that hurt one's heart?

Tantai Ling had all these doubts. During the past years, she had not felt heartache for a long time. She had cultivated martial arts incessantly and had forgotten all else. From the Daemon King Stage, she had reached the Grand Supreme Stage and became the North Sea Ruler. Only at certain times, when she was alone and thinking of her king father, would her heart ache somewhat. Perhaps that was what they called loneliness.

'When you laugh, you share it with no one. When you cry, you share it with no one either.'

It turned out that just because certain things were not on her mind, it did not mean that Tantai Ling had forgotten them.

These whispers of memory flowed across Tantai Ling's heart like a stream. After a moment, she was Tantai Ling once more, the North Sea Ruler who looked down upon everything and was as cold as frost.

“No matter what, I have to thank you. Not for rescuing me but for trying to save Little Wingsy back then, although he still died.” Ye Chen's eyes flashed with irresoluble grief. How he wished to let loose and sob! Still, he knew that he must remain strong. After having calmed down, Ye Chen knew that releasing the Purple-fire Astra Lion was the plan of a weakling.

Ye Chen circulated the Nine Astra Chi Circles in his body. Even though his strength was lacking by too much compared to the dark spirit, Ye Chen swore on his life to kill the dark spirit!

What method would allow Ye Chen to reach the Grand Supreme Stage? The Flying Dagger? The Heavenly Astra Seal? Or something else?

“The dark spirit is the residual soul left behind after the death of this tomb's owner. It was captured and used by someone through a Soul-absorbing technique, then nurtured by the Souls of powerhouses. If we could obtain a remnant that had belonged to the tomb's master, then when I've replenished my strength, and we break the stone door down, we might have a chance of killing that dark spirit,” Tantai Ling said calmly.

Upon hearing these words, Ye Chen turned around sharply and gazed steadily at Tantai Ling, asking, “Where's the body of the tomb's master?”

“This tomb is divided into two floors, each with its own mechanisms. To reach the bottom floor, one must break through a stone room. Logically, not even I could do so, let alone you. Still, your Flying Dagger is immensely powerful. You might have a chance.” Tantai Ling's voice carried a hint of exhaustion. In resisting the dark energy within her body, she had become extremely weak without the least bit of strength left.

When he heard what Tantai Ling said, there was a sudden gleam in Ye Chen's eyes. If they could kill the dark spirit, this small challenge was nothing!

“And how do I locate the body of the tomb's master?” Ye Chen asked, standing up promptly. Presently, his internal injuries had healed fully. His cultivation base had not recovered its initial peak, but it was at least seventy, eighty percent replenished.

Tantai Ling stared at Ye Chen in shock. He had recovered so swiftly. Before this, his Astral Body had been shattered twice over, plus he had used a tremendous amount of Celestial Chi, causing a certain degree of harm to his body's meridian channels.

“I know how to get there. Help me up.” Tantai Ling tried to force herself to stand but had no strength left. With her left hand gripping the divine trident, she stretched out her right hand.

Ye Chen had thought that a powerhouse at Tantai Ling's level would not be injured. Now, he had discovered that Tantai Ling was hurt to this extent, where even standing up was difficult. The current him no longer gave a fig about bullsh*t regarding how men and women should not have physical contact. With someone as emotionless as Tantai Ling, there was no need to treat her as a woman.

Ye Chen reached out and supported Tantai Ling's right hand. The skin on her hand was fine and soft, without a trace of flaw and without a trace of warmth. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as a hand of ice and jade. When he touched her hand, a dark chill cut to his bones and caused him to shiver.

The cold force which the dark spirit had left on Tantai Ling's body was so terrifying. Even after such a long time, Tantai Ling still had not expelled this cold, dark energy. Perhaps the Celestial Chi within Ye Chen's body would have some effect on this dark energy.

Although Ye Chen and Tantai Ling had a history, now they were both facing the same enemy. He would not act selfishly. He channeled streams of Celestial Chi into Tantai Ling's body.

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Tantai Ling looked at Ye Chen and was about to tell him this was a futile gesture. However, a stunned look crossed her face suddenly. Although the Celestial Chi which Ye Chen had channeled to her was extremely feeble, when it came into contact with the cold, dark energy in her body, it devoured that dark energy bit by bit.

If there was a mechanism, flinging Ye Chen's Celestial Chi Flying Daggers around carelessly might activate an offensive mechanism. That would be troublesome. If Tantai Ling still had her Grand Supreme Stage strength, that might still be okay. However, now, Tantai Ling did not even have the power to defend herself. As for Ye Chen, with his current abilities, he might find it difficult to survive if he had encountered some mechanism. After all, the master of the tomb had been a Peerless Power when he was alive!

Could Ye Chen locate the mechanism instead?

As Ye Chen looked around, he saw that the stone room was sealed by three-meter squares of slabs. The margins of each slab were carved with relief sculptures. These were sculptures of naked, beautiful women in various postures. It was t.i.tillating. The top of the stone room was embedded with more than ten luminous pearls, illuminating the entire room brightly.

“The mechanism here must be well concealed. I've tried looking before. It's difficult to find out where it is.” Tantai Ling saw that Ye Chen was looking around and explained patiently.

Ye Chen did not reply and looked at the stone table before him. This stone table was set in the middle of the room, which was strange indeed. He lowered his head and looked, seeing if the table had some hidden mechanism or if there was some way to move the stone table.

Indeed, Ye Chen found that the table's sides contained no mechanism b.u.t.tons and that there was no way to shift the table.

Since Tantai Ling had already examined this place, how could ordinary mechanisms possibly escape her eyes? If a mechanism was set up here, it must be well hidden.

“Don't waste your efforts,” Tantai Ling said. Ye Chen was using such a crude method of locating the mechanism. How could he possibly find out where it was?

Ye Chen's gaze fell upon the candle holder upon the stage. This candle holder could hold three candles. The candles strewn across the tables were half in length, and the table was covered in wax drippings. He looked up at the top of the stone room. Those luminous pearls cast direct rays of light which blended with the shadows. It was a mystical aesthetic.

There were thirty-six luminous pearls in total. The positions in which they were inlaid formed a peculiar formation.

Ye Chen's heart suddenly leaped. These thirty-six luminous pearls made up a formation that was filled with explosive power.

Thank goodness Ye Chen had not wrecked the stone room recklessly!

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