Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: Dark Spirit

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Hum hum hum. Those two swords kept shaking, trying to break free of Little Wingsy's grip but unable to do so.

 “Let go!” Tuoba Yan yelled. He urged his Celestial Chi but it had no effect.

 Tuoba Yan's face paled in fright. He sensed that he had lost contact with the two swords. Just who was this little boy to be able to grab his swords with his hands?

 Little Wingsy grabbed a Tier Three spirit artifact sword in each hand but could not make any moves to catch the third one. The third sword swung at Little Wingsy's head.

 A “ding” sounded. Contrary to Tuoba Yan's imagination, the sword did not cut Little Wingsy in half. Instead, the artifact spirit in the Tier Three spirit artifact sword trembled in fear. It finally shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

 There was an additional but faint trace left on Little Wingsy but was not noticeable if one did not look carefully.

 After the incident with Tantai Ling, this was the first time Little Wingsy's body had suffered injuries!

 Although the sword that cut Little Wingsy was the same as the Emerald Cloud Sword before, a Tier Three spirit artifact, it became several times more powerful after the formation of the sword array. Furthermore, the sword was imbued with the Celestial Chi of a Mystique Venerable One, which was why it had managed to injure Little Wingsy.

 However, this little scratch only made Little Wingsy feel an itch. It was not painful at all.

 “Hey, big guy. What other tricks do you have? Just use them all.” Little Wingsy huffed. Although Tuoba Yan was a skinny old man, to Little Wingsy, everyone was a “big guy”.

 Tuoba Yan's mouth opened so wide you could stuff an egg in there. He stared at little Wingsy and the sword fragments on the ground in a daze.

 Tuoba Yan was very clear on the Triple Sword Array's power. Although his strength was greatly reduced and the Triple Sword Array's power was not even half of what it would be at his peak, it could still seriously injure a mid-Mystique Venerable One. However, this little boy in front of his eyes took the attack head-on with his own body!

 “You're not human! You're not human!” Tuoba Yan cried in horror. He knew that some mystical beasts could transform and immediately thought of that. If a Tier Three spirit artifact could not harm him, that meant he was a mystical beast at least peak Mystique Adept Rank or even higher! His heart was completely demoralized and filled with panic.

 “My turn.” Little Wingsy threw the two swords on the ground and huffed childishly. With a “swoosh”, he leaped at Tuoba Yan and picked him up before beating him up with his little fists.

 Bang bang bang!

 Tuoba Yan suffered hit after hit that even his Chi Construct Barrier could no longer be sustained.

 “Grandpa, Grandpa, I was wrong. Please spare me, Grandpa!” Tuoba Yan cried out bitterly, begging for mercy.

 “I'm not your grandpa. I'm only five,” Little Wingsy said with a straight face and punched him again.

 “Little Hero, I was wrong.”

 “I'm not Little Hero either. I'm Little Wingsy…”

 Tuoba Yan was beaten by Little Wingsy into a pig's head. Snot and tears streamed down his face but he was too afraid to resist. Why was he so unlucky today? How did he end up with this disaster? Little Wingsy had beaten Tuoba Yan violently. Then, he took the Heaven-Earth Pouch on his waist and threw it aside, and tossed Tuoba Yan away. He did not want to kill Tuoba Yan.

 After being tossed away, Tuoba Yan continued to kneel for mercy.

 Little Wingsy waved his little fists proudly. ‘How dare you hurt my Big Brother Ye Chen? I'll beat you up!'

 Little Wingsy picked up the two Tier Three spirit artifact swords he had put away and was just about to leave when suddenly, a sharp whistling sound came from deep underground.

 It was as if something was approaching Little Wingsy's way at a frightening speed.

 “Little Wingsy, come back!” Ye Chen felt some sort of danger and quickly sent a message to Little Wingsy.

 Ye Chen's Astral Body had detected that something was approaching quickly. It let out ear-piercing screeches.

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 The thing looked like a bat but it was the size of a buffalo. It looked ferocious with several sharp claws on its wings and its long tail was tipped with sharp barbs. No trace of vitality could be detected from it. It was the same as the two Human Puppets that stood outside the Exclusion Zone. It should at least have the strength of a Mystique Adept!

 The Giant Bat flew further. At this distance, even if the Giant Bat turned around, they still had enough time to run away.

 “Big Brother Ye Chen, this is that old man's Heaven-Earth Pouch. There are some things inside. Are they valuable? There are also two swords here.” Little Wingsy handed Ye Chen the Heaven-Earth Pouch with sparkling eyes. The current Little Wingsy was like a robber. He never let go of things that had caught his eye. Fortunately, Ye Chen taught him that even if he wanted to rob, he could only rob from bad people.

 “These two swords are both Tier Three spirit artifacts. Not bad.” Ye Chen opened up Tuoba Yan's Heaven-Earth Pouch. There were several pills such as Chi-ama.s.sing Pills, Earthly Quintessence Pills, and so on. There were several spirit artifacts that could be considered good. In addition to these things, Ye Chen found an ancient book as well as a notebook. The skin of the ancient book was made from the hide of a mystical beast. It should have a few dozen pages originally, but it had been badly damaged, and only three pages were relatively intact. Various figures were painted on it with some directions. They might be arrays.

 The first page near the front of the book, most likely the third page, looked like the refining method of the Triple Sword Array. After looking at it, Ye Chen saw that it was quite useful. Unfortunately, Ye Chen did not know how to utilize the array. The Triple Sword Array required some unique refining techniques.

 The middle page was of a formation. It looked profound and the diagram was even more complicated, making people dizzy just by looking at it. As for the last page, it was of a giant sword array. The sword array needed tens of thousands of Tier Five and above spirit artifacts and the process was also very complex.

 As for the notebook, it was the research notes of someone from the Oracle Sect. It seemed like Tuoba Yan took these items from an Oracle Sect member.

 Ye Chen's Astral Body extended along the direction the Giant Bat flew toward and slowly explored underground. What he saw shocked him.

 It was an extremely empty s.p.a.ce with a radius of several kilometers and a ceiling several hundred meters high. On the open ground, bones greeted the eyes of onlookers. These bones were not scattered around but laid side by side. There were more than tens and thousands of them. Using his Astral Body to check, Ye Chen found several ma.s.s graves under the earth where countless bodies were buried.

 The dark wind blew. With so many bones piled up together, one could only imagine the dark energy that was being formed.

 Several Mystique Venerable Rank puppets were busying around with their heads bowed. Ye Chen did not know what they were doing. The Giant Bat flew across and threw Tuoba Yan's body among the corpses.

 Further away, Ye Chen's Astral Body saw five high cylindrical pillars dozens of meters high. In the middle of the pillars was a dark spirit similar to the evil spirits that Ye Chen had encountered in the Sunken Jade Tower. From time to time, the illusory face let out shrill screams.

 “Let me out! I want to kill! I want to kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” the dark spirit howled angrily. A fierce aura rose to the sky. It struggled unceasingly but it was firmly locked to the pillars by black chains.

 Clang clang clang. The chains being pulled gave off bursts of clanking sounds. The chains were painted with complex patterns, glowing radiantly with bursts of gold. There were most likely special seals placed on it.

 Every time the dark spirit struggled, the iron chain would burst with gold light and shine on the dark spirit, making it howl with a painful shrill.

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