Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: Caught

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“Even if I'm seriously injured, there are still many ways to kill you!” Tuoba Yan's eyes burned with anger.

 After the gold-armored soldier had recovered, Ye Chen made it suddenly appear behind Tuoba Yan and slash its sword.

 “What speed! It's almost instantaneous!” It was as if Tuoba Yan had eyes on the back of his head. He raised his gauntlets and blocked the attack. He suddenly pivoted, his legs like steel, and aimed to kick the gold-armored soldier's neck.

 The gold-armored soldier suddenly disappeared, avoiding Tuoba Yan's attack. Then, it appeared at Tuoba Yan's flank and slashed at his neck.

 Tuoba Yan shrunk away and the gold-armored soldier's sword whistled over his head, instantly burning the few remaining strands of hair he had to ashes. His scalp was scorched black.

 “Die!” Tuoba Yan yelled madly and charged at the gold-armored soldier. He was like a fierce tiger that suddenly went on a rampage.

 Ye Chen thought that Tuoba Yan would dodge and did not expect that he would fight back instead. Using his Astral Body to fight was different from fighting personally. There were instinctive reactions if he had used his body, but the Astral Body was unable to feel any pain and could not respond to the changes in Celestial Chi movement.


 Tuoba Yan punched the gold-armored soldier's left chest, leaving a large hole behind.

 If an ordinary person had a hole punched out of his left chest where his heart was, he would have died without a doubt. However, this gold-armored soldier was formed from Ye Chen's Astral Body and had no organs.

 Tuoba Yan's fist was still deeply buried in the gold-armored soldier's body when he suddenly realized that its left chest was not a vital point. It was too late for him to retract his hand.

 The gold-armored soldier abandoned its sword. It grabbed Tuoba Yan's shoulders and slammed its head against Tuoba Yan's.

 Tuoba Yan let out a battle cry and golden light suddenly flashed on his forehead, activating a protective martial art technique.

 Boom boom boom!

 The gold-armored soldier fought in close quarters against Tuoba Yan. Astral Body collided with Celestial Chi, causing bomb-like explosions everywhere. Rocks exploded into dust as the entire cave rumbled and shook.

 If they continued fighting like this, the entire cave would collapse.

 Tuoba Yan was injured all over. His clothes were torn to shreds and there were patches of blackened skin all over his body. He raised his head to eat a few medicinal pills, holding onto the wall as he heaved heavy breaths. He looked beyond miserable now. However, he was still a Mystique Venerable One, so he would not fall that easily. His Celestial Chi consumption was still within a tolerable scope.

 Tuoba Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at the gold-armored soldier in front of him.

 At this time, the gold-armored soldier's state was also very miserable. Its entire body had been reduced to resemble a honeycomb. If Ye Chen did not grit his teeth and forcefully maintain it, the gold-armored soldier would have burst apart already.

 Ye Chen constantly circulated Celestial Chi and supported the gold-armored soldier. Little Tanuki spat out the Illusory Pearl, which shone a dreamy white light that enveloped Little Tanuki.

 A warm energy entered Ye Chen's body.

 Ye Chen could sense his energy constantly merging with Little Tanuki's.

 The gold-armored soldier roared and exploded with power. It slashed down with its sword.

 “Kill!” Ye Chen felt the Celestial Chi in his body like stormy waves, wildly diffusing into the air.

 Seeing the gold-armored soldier swooping down from the air, Tuoba Yan did not panic. His mouth flashed with an ugly sneer and his body shot up. With a flick of his wrist, three swords flew out from his Heaven-Earth Pouch. The three swords were of different shapes and were Tier Three spirit artifacts. The blades glinted and flew in the air like a dragon gliding over the seas. They looked incomparably mysterious.

 “Have a taste of my sword array!” Tuoba Yan bellowed. Pure Yang Construct burst out of his body.

 Swoosh swoosh swoosh. It was as if the three swords had a mind of their own. They shot toward the gold-armored soldier like snakes coming out of their den.

 Ye Chen was shocked. It was the first time he had encountered an attack like this. Tuoba Yan had used Chi Construct to control the swords and form a mysterious sword array.

 At this time, it was too late for Ye Chen to command the gold-armored soldier.

 The gold-armored soldier met the three swords with its sword.

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 ‘Where did Little Wingsy learn that from? ‘ Ye Chen looked at Little Tanuki. Little Tanuki also looked up at Ye Chen and blinked innocently as if she did not know anything.

 Hearing Little Wingsy's words, Tuoba Yan burst into laughter. “Little boy, do you know who I am? Get out of here or get an adult to come instead. Otherwise I might accidentally cut you down with my sword.” Tuoba Yan glared maliciously at Little Wingsy. It was odd that a child-like Little Wingsy had appeared here. He guessed that there must be an adult behind Little Wingsy, so he did not dare to kill indiscriminately. If circ.u.mstances were different and a child dared to speak to him this way, he would have cut the child down already.

 “I don't care who you are. I just don't like you, so I'll beat you up first,” Little Wingsy's chubby and tender face said seriously as he advanced toward Tuoba Yan.

 Tuoba Yan looked at Little Wingsy with a sinister expression and snorted coldly. “You're the one courting death. Don't blame me when you get sent to the underworld!” He waved his right hand and bouts of palm energy emerged.

 Generally, a five- to six-year-old child would have Second or Third Level cultivation at most. It would be stranger if he did not die after getting hit by a Mystique Venerable One's attack. He was about to kill a young child but there was no trace of sympathy on Tuoba Yan's face. There was only malicious glee.

 Little Wingsy saw Tuoba Yan's attack but did not make any move to avoid it. He continued to advance.


 Tuoba Yan's attack landed on Little Wingsy's body. This attack was enough to break a person's organs. Little Wingsy would most certainly end up dead but to Tuoba Yan's horror, he found out that Little Wingsy still appeared completely fine and was still walking toward him.

 Tuoba Yan's eyes widened. How could this be? Could it be that after getting injured, his cultivation was reduced to such a level that he could not even kill a five- to six-year-old boy?

 “Little boy, I won't pursue you if you leave immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me for killing you!” Tuoba Yan said, trying to appear tough. He could tell that there was more to this boy than met the eye. He quickly urged the remaining Celestial Chi inside his body and the three Tier Three Spirit Artifact Rank swords two meters away suddenly quivered violently and pointed toward Little Wingsy.

 “Old man, I told you to drop everything you have, strip, and then kowtow to me while calling me grandpa. Otherwise, there are no more chances for you!” Little Wingsy snorted twice and pointed at Tuoba Yan.

 Although Little Wingsy was only a five- to six-year-old child, being ordered to strip, kowtow, and call him grandpa made Tuoba Yan's face turn into the color of pork liver. He scoffed. “You're just a kid with scarcely any hair on your body. How dare you speak that way to me?” Tuoba Yan roared with anger. The three Tier Three spirit artifact swords flew across the air and shot toward Little Wingsy.

 Little Wingsy was not worried even after seeing the three swords flying toward him. His large eyes observed the swords using the method to identify spirit artifacts that Big Sister Little Tanuki had taught him. These three swords should be Tier Three spirit artifacts. One Tier Three spirit artifact could be exchanged for ten thousand Chi-ama.s.sing Pills or dozens of mountains of steamed meat buns!

 The three swords spun rapidly toward Little Wingsy.

 Seeing the three swords getting closer, Little Wingsy still looked at ease. He suddenly stepped forward and grabbed the first two swords with both hands.

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