Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Venomous Hornet

The two Earthly Venerable Rank fighters felt despaired immediately. This was as good as sending them to their deaths! Tuoba Yan was the duke and on top of that, a Mystique Venerable Rank fighter. How could they not obey? They helplessly headed to the front to scout.

The rest of the Earthly Venerable Rank fighters exchanged glances and remained silent, feeling bad for the two who were sent ahead. Tuoba Yan and the others stayed behind, distancing themselves about a hundred meters away. They figured that from this distance, if the two in front had encountered the people of the Xiwu Empire, they would be able to a.s.sist them in time.

Ye Chen's Astral Body took note of this and he sneered. The truth was most fighters were fearful of deaths and would prioritize preserving themselves first. To send subordinates to their deaths was a normal occurrence.

Since they had sent out two of them ahead to their deaths, it would be a waste of their kind gesture if he did not take advantage of it.

Little Tanuki spat out a cloud of mist and it drifted around the mountain forest.

Since it was ten in the morning, it was not abnormal for there to be some mists in the woods.

Ye Chen hid behind a large tree. With several swift leaps, Little Tanuki was quickly approaching the two Earthly Venerable Rank fighters.

“What's going on? Why is the mist so thick?” one of the Earthly Venerable rank fighters asked. Using several gusts of palm force, he scattered the mist around them.

Right then, a glimpse of a white shadow flashed between the trees.

“What's that?” The two Earth Venerable rank fighters were alerted. They nervously observed the movements of the winds and around them.

“I think it's a beast,” after some time, one of them said uncertainly.

Little Tanuki had intentionally shown herself to draw their attention. While they were in a conversation, their vision suddenly blurred. When they turned around, they were greeted by a gigantic Winged Serpent leaping toward them. Terrified, they immediately ran ahead as if they had been poked by a knife from behind.

The gigantic Winged Serpent was an illusion conjured by Little Tanuki. The primal form of Little Wingsy was conjured within the two Earthly Venerable rank fighter's minds.

The two Earthly Venerable Rank fighters quickly dashed directly into the mist.

Seeing the two Earthly Venerable Rank fighters vanishing into the mist, Ye Chen, who had been hiding behind the tree, shot two Flying Daggers out of his palms. The Flying Daggers whooshed like a lightning bolt, piercing several large trees before striking the two Earthly Venerable Rank fighters with a thump. Fresh blood spilled from between their brows as they collapsed to the ground.

Got them! Ye Chen and Little Tanuki quickly flew away. Little Tanuki continued to produce mist to prevent the remaining fighters from catching up.

“Those two fools, why would they charge in shouting when the mist is so thick?” Tuoba Yan roared angrily. He flew a short distance with the group before encountering the thick mist ahead. They did not want to risk heading forward. Together, they used their palm force to scatter the mist.

After the mist had dispersed, they saw the two bodies laying on the ground. The spot between their brows was pierced through with a dagger of some sort.

When they saw the two bodies, they were startled and quickly stood on alert.

Tuoba Yan's expression remained still as calm water as he looked down to inspect the bodies. There were no signs of life left within them.

There were no remnants of the weapon. The kill was carried out in extreme proficiency and utterly clean!

“The manner of their deaths is strange. Logically, they wouldn't continue pursuing if they saw the thick mist ahead. Why did they choose to charge into the mist instead? This mist seems to be more than just a mere coincidence.” Zuoqiu Gongye looked around their surroundings. There were no clues left behind nor a hint of their enemy.

Before they had even seen the Xiwu Empire fighters, they had already suffered two casualties!

“Until now, we still haven't found the location of the Xiwu Empire fighters. These cunning b*stards are definitely hiding in the shadows waiting to ambush us!” Tuoba Yan looked toward the rest of them and asked, “What do you all think?”

They had their suspicions but could not come up with a better guess. More importantly, though Tuoba Yan held his position as a duke, due to his long stay at the Central Empire over the years, the fighters did not have much faith in him. In addition, there was the chilling thought of the fact that he had just pointlessly sent two of them to their deaths.

“As it is, it's better for us to stay in a group to prevent being picked off one by one,” Zuoqiu Gongye answered.

Zuoqiu Gongye's reply spelled their concerns as every one of them responded by nodding their heads in agreement.

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“If that's the case, n.o.body is to be separated by more than five meters.” Tuoba Yan groaned for a moment and nodded.

Just as Tuoba Yan opened the pouch, Ye Chen's pupils shrunk as he released his Astral Body.

After being released, the swarm of grain-sized Venomous Hornets swarmed together in the air. They formed a black cloud and looked like they were looking for a target. When they noticed Tuoba Yan's group beside them, they caught the scent coming out from them. It turned them off. Just as they were about to look for other prey, a wave of strong Astral Body came over them. The entire swarm of Venomous Hornets was sent into a frenzy and they disregarded the unappealing scent coming from Tuoba Yan and charged toward him.

Tuoba Yan had just released a portion of the Venomous Hornets and there were about three hundred of them. Just as he was about to wrap up the pouches, the released Venomous Hornets suddenly came after him.

Several Venomous Hornets violently stung Tuoba Yan's hands, nearly causing him to scream in pain. The back of his hand instantly swelled up with several large lumps. The burning sensation was like being scorched by a burning-hot steel bar.

Tuoba Yan had never expected that the Venomous Hornets who had always been under his control would suddenly turn against him and attack him. He felt waves of numbing sensations coming from his hand – it was the hornet's venom! His hand jolted, dropping the pouch on the ground where more Venomous Hornets came buzzing out.

Thousands of Venomous Hornets flew around and charged toward Tuoba Yan and the rest. They were all caught off guard.

“Duke, didn't you say that the Venomous Hornets wouldn't attack us?” Zuoqiu Gongye, Zuoqiu Mingye, and the rest of them hurriedly invoke their palm force on the Venomous Hornets.

However, the Venomous Hornets were extremely tough. Even the palm force from Heavenly and Earth Venerable Rank fighters was not able to kill them all.



Horrifying shrieks came one after another.

No matter where the Venomous Hornet stung, a swollen, burning lump the size of a bun immediately swelled up. They quickly consumed the antidote.

“I have no idea! Something's wrong here. Someone must've played some sort of trick!” Tuoba Yan shouted. With his palm force, he killed the Venomous Hornets one after another. These Venomous Hornets possessed some intelligence as well. They did not attack together from the same direction but instead, came in at different angles.

“Duke! This isn't good, the antidote effects aren't strong enough!” one of the Earthly Venerable Rank fighters shouted, panicking. He had been stung in more than ten spots and his body was covered in large lumps. Even his lips had turned plump like a sausage and his voice had become m.u.f.fled. The antidote could suffice if one was stung once or twice. If stung too many times, then it could not be effective anymore.

They were stung all over. Their entire body felt numb, almost unable to move at all.

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