Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Escape from Demise

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The wound on Ye Chen's face was initially a deep blood red but it instantly turned black. It was as if it had been painted with some form of corrosive material as white smoke sprouted out from the wound.

Was the Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture's talon poisonous?

Ye Chen shuddered. He invoked the Flying Dagger's wave of Celestial Chi to envelop his cheeks. He had realized that the wound that the Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture left on his cheeks was not poisonous. Instead, it was some form of strange ancient energy where it was able to corrode human flesh!

The Celestial Chi from the Flying Dagger had enveloped the strange ancient energy and quickly consumed it.

Fortunately, Ye Chen had special Celestial Chi in him. Otherwise, this wound would be lethal even to a Heavenly Venerable Rank fighter.

It was at this moment when another Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture had swooped down.

Dong dong dong!

A burst of crackling rang from the punches that Little Wingsy threw at the Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures, blasting them away. Little Wingsy had faced four Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures by himself. Although he was not able to destroy the beasts, he could at least strike them back.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, go!” Little Wingsy hurriedly called out as he received a few blows. Fortunately, his body was resilient and would not be wounded so easily.

Ye Chen saw another Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture about to leap on him. He moved his right hand and materialized the Celestial Flying Dagger in his palm.


The Celestial Flying Dagger struck forward like a bolt of lightning toward the Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture.

The Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture had noticed the Celestial Flying Dagger but it made no effort to dodge. It only extended its paws out toward the dagger.


The Celestial Flying Dagger pierced through its paw. It did not stop there. With another thump, it had pierced right through the beast's body.


The Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture shrieked. It hung in mid-air for a moment before parts of its body crumbled into pieces and fell onto the ground.

Right then, Ye Chen made another leap and jumped forward several meters. He was finally able to damage the Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures! Ye Chen had thought that these Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures were truly invulnerable.

After the momentary pause, the Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture shrieked sharply. Again, it charged toward Ye Chen along with several other sculptures.

The extremely sharp Celestial Flying Dagger was able to pierce through their bodies, but it still could not kill them since they were just lifeless sculptures!

Whoosh. Following the call of the Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture, the other four sculptures gave up on Little Wingsy. They rushed forward in pursuit of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen froze. Were these sculptures intellectual? How else could they know to change their strategy to ambush him together?

All six Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures were coming for Ye Chen. He could not escape!

Ye Chen had prepared to activate the Heavenly Astra Seal as a last resort. He could come back out after avoiding this wave of attack. A Celestial Flying Dagger materialized out of his right hand and shot forward.

The Flying Dagger had pierced through the head of one of the Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures. It burst with a bang and pieces of crushed rocks splashed around.

Ye Chen was shocked to see that despite losing its head, the Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture was still moving and rushing at him.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, watch out!” Little Wingsy saw that Ye Chen was in trouble. Little Wingsy turned into his primal form where his body size was slightly smaller than his largest form. A thick and strong tail swung forward, sweeping at the Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures.


The tables and chairs in the hall were obliterated. Five of the six Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures swept by Little Wingsy's tail were sent flying ten meters and crashed hard against the wall.

The remaining Mystical Flying Beast Sculpture that had evaded Little Wingsy's attack came back up and charged at Ye Chen.

Little Wingsy twisted his tail sharply. With another loud bang, the last sculpture was also sent flying away.

Although the Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures were hit hard, they did not take any visible damage. With another loud, strange shriek, they came back up and surrounded them again.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, the monsters are back. We have to go!” Little Wingsy said hurriedly.

Ye Chen carried Little Squido and took Little Tanuki. He hopped onto Little Wingsy's back.

Fortunately, there was enough s.p.a.ce. Despite Little Wingsy's small frame, he still had enough s.p.a.ce to move freely. Little Wingsy quickly took flight.

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The six Mystical Flying Beast Sculptures were still in hot pursuit. With his right hand, Ye Chen shot one Celestial Flying Dagger after another.

The Golden Sun Condor hovered around the skies above the Nether Palace and bound northward at last.

If there was no need for it, Ye Chen would not return here again.

Little Wingsy, did you guys find anything in there?” Ye Chen had conducted some aftercare on the Black Lotuses before returning them into the medical cabinet within the armguard s.p.a.ce. The medical cabinet in the armguard must be managed diligently. Otherwise, if he kept retrieving medicinal herbs from it but did not restock them, no matter how large the supply of medicinal herbs was, it would run out one day.

“Big Sister Tanuki found some Tier Two and Three spirit artifacts,” Little Wingsy said as he took out a Heaven-Earth Pouch. It contained different types of weaponry, armor, and other items. There were thirteen in total. Five of them were in good condition while the other eight were damaged. Although they were damaged, the material they were made with was of excellent quality so they were still valuable. Little Wingsy looked at several other Heaven-Earth Pouches he held in his hands. “I also took about thirty jars from the palace.”

“Could you take out the jars?” Ye Chen was curious about the jars.

“Hm.” Little Tanuki nodded as he retrieved a jar from the Heaven-Earth Pouch.

Ye Chen inspected it. The jars were made with excellent craftsmanship and its materials were extraordinary as well. The mouth of the jar was sealed with a thick layer of sealing clay. Each of the jars weighed up to twenty to thirty kilograms. He had attempted to crack open the sealing clay and a thick scent of wine came from within. Even though Ye Chen did not drink alcohol, his mouth was watering. It was difficult to say just how long this wine had been fermented but it was sweet beyond belief!

Little Wingsy already had saliva dripping down from his mouth. He stared at Ye Chen with his eyes wide open. “Big Brother Ye Chen, can I drink it?”

“One moment.” Ye Chen shook his head. He did not know if the wine was poisonous. He thought about it. His Celestial Chi had a certain degree of detoxification effect. He dipped his finger into the wine. The thick wine no longer had a liquid form but instead, took on a jelly-like form.

Ye Chen consumed a small bit of it and immediately channeled the Flying Dagger's Celestial Chi to his stomach region. If it was poisonous, he would be able to counter it.

The wine jelly went down Ye Chen's stomach. He instantly felt like there was a flame burning within his belly as it was scorching hot.

Such strong wine!

Still, it was a truly incredibly sweet and good wine!

A flush of red quickly came upon Ye Chen's cheeks. He was feeling tipsy despite only having just a little. Besides, his cultivation base was mid-tier Earthly Venerable Rank where ordinary liquor would not have any effect on him. Ye Chen channeled his Celestial Chi and suppressed the drunkenness.

This wine had a certain degree of effect on the Cultivation Base. However, its effects were negligible since it was not some form of extraordinary Spirit Pill.

“This wine is strong, don't drink too much.” Ye Chen took several bowls from his armguard s.p.a.ce and poured some for Little Tanuki, Little Wingsy, and Little Squido. He then sealed the jar back up.

Little Tanuki, Little Wingsy, and Little Squido drank some and one after another started getting slightly drunk. Little Wingsy had drunk the most and thankfully, his body was of Daemon King Rank. Otherwise, he would have gotten so drunk he would have fallen head first off the Golden Sun Condor.

“This wine is delicious,” Little Wingsy muttered and stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not dare let Little Wingsy drink anymore. He quickly stored all the jars back into his armguard s.p.a.ce.

Little Wingsy pouted. There was no other way around it as it would be troublesome if he had gotten drunk. He just sat there and continued chewing on a leg of lamb.

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