Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

230 Regained Consciousness

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Lying down, Ye Chen let out a m.u.f.fled groan. After being stuck in a coma for so many days, he had finally gained some consciousness but he was not completely awake yet. He could only vaguely hear Ye Xuan and Little Tanuki's voices. A sharp pain pierced his mind, making him very miserable.As his thinking gradually cleared, Ye Chen vaguely remembered when he was inside the Heavenly Astra Master Seal. The seal had released an energy that blew him away and then everything went blank.

Ye Chen checked the condition of his body. His meridians were broken and his organs were badly damaged. The nine Chi Vortexes in his dantian were extremely weak and scattered in a mess. His Celestial Chi was also empty.

"What a powerful energy that was! If a mystical beast is also sealed there, it must be much stronger than the Purple-fire Astra Lion!" Ye Chen endured the pain and slowly operated the Flying Dagger in his mind. Celestial Chi containing a warm energy started to flow from the Flying Dagger, eventually nourishing Ye Chen's body and healing his meridians.

After an unknown amount of time, under the nourishment of this Celestial Chi, the pain in his body had subsided slightly. He could vaguely hear some sobbing.

Ye Chen forced his eyes open and vaguely saw Little Tanuki's figure. Little Tanuki's eyes flashed with tears. Behind her stood Ye Xuan, who was crying until her eyes turned red and swollen.

"Little Tanuki, Little Xuan, I'm fine," Ye Chen said with some difficulty.

Little Tanuki nuzzled Ye Chen's cheek with her little head. A gentle force slowly entered Ye Chen's body.

"Brother Ye Chen, you're finally awake. Please rest and don't speak." Ye Xuan wept with joy. She quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks. "I'll tell the clan."

"How are Father and Granduncle?" Ye Chen was still weak and pale. He was worried about his father and granduncle.

"First Uncle and Granduncle are alright. Although they suffered some injuries, they'll be fine. Brother Ye Chen, stop talking." Ye Xuan choked. The most injured one was Ye Chen. All of Ye Chen's meridians were broken and there was no place on his body that was not injured. The clansmen had discussed in the hall on how to treat Ye Chen, but it was difficult to move Ye Chen's body. Ye Chen waking up was good news from the heavens. They thought that Ye Chen would never wake up ever again.

"Little Xuan, I'm fine." Ye Chen smiled. However, his wounds stretched and he sucked in a deep breath as he hissed in pain.

"Brother Ye Chen, please stop talking." Ye Xuan sobbed.

Seeing Ye Xuan and Little Tanuki's appearance, Ye Chen could only remain silent. His injuries this time were much more serious than before. He had to recover quickly. Ye Chen forcefully used the Flying Dagger and more Celestial Chi flowed, nourishing his wounded meridians. His injuries also began to heal.

The Nine Astra in Ye Chen's dantian returned to their respective positions from the original chaos and disorder, operating slowly and gathering Celestial Chi.

It seemed like Ye Chen's injuries could still be healed.

Ye Xuan was shocked. Many wounds looked extremely ferocious on Ye Chen's body but after five days, many had already healed and mended. It seemed like Brother Ye Chen could still recover. Ye Xuan's tears fell freely. She hurriedly ran to tell the clan.

Hearing Ye Xuan saying Ye Chen had a chance to recover, the clansmen waiting outside anxiously were immediately elated.

"I just knew that Chief would be fine."

"The Chief is blessed with great fortune. One who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune forever after."

The clansmen cried and laughed. Many rushed to slaughter pigs and sheep to sacrifice to heaven and earth.

In his room, Ye Chen's right hand was already able to move. He gritted his teeth and twisted his body, and heard loud clicks and cracks as several dislocated bones were twisted back to their original positions.

'Thank goodness I didn't die.' Ye Chen was extremely fortunate. He held out his right hand and petted the tearful Little Tanuki. He smiled and said, "Little Tanuki, I'm fine. My life is pretty tough."

Little Tanuki grew even sadder. Her tears kept falling. If anything happened to Ye Chen, she did not know what to do.

"Big Brother Ye Chen, I… Waaaah, it's all Little Wingsy's fault. Little Wingsy should've stayed beside Big Brother Ye Chen." Little Wingsy walked to the bed and wailed. Little Squido did not know what was going on and why Little Wingsy was crying, and was full of confusion.

"It's not your fault, Little Wingsy. Don't be sad. Doesn't Big Brother Ye Chen look perfectly fine now?" Ye Chen laughed. The power released by the Heavenly Astra Master Seal was too strong. At that time, things happened so quickly that Ye Chen did not have any time to make preparations. Even if Little Wingsy was present at that time, it would be very difficult for him to have saved Ye Chen.

For another seven days, Ye Xuan stayed by Ye Chen's bedside to take care of him. Little Wingsy and Little Tanuki also stuck beside Ye Chen. Ye Zhanlong, Ye Zhanxiong, and other clansmen visited from time to time. Seeing that Ye Chen was gradually recovering, they were also relieved.

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Over time, more Celestial Chi flowed from the Flying Dagger and the meridians in Ye Chen's body recovered even faster. By the seventh day, Ye Chen was somewhat able to walk.

Looking at Ye Zhantian who was seriously injured and lying in bed, Ye Chen's heart was filled with guilt. If not for his carelessness, his father would not have been hurt like this.

While the crowd was not paying attention, Ye Chen grabbed Ye Zhantian's wrist and infused his Celestial Chi into Ye Zhantian's body. With this Celestial Chi, Ye Zhantian's injuries began to recover, albeit at a slower speed than Ye Chen.

The state of Ye Zhantian's body was detected by Ye Chen. When Ye Zhantian had cultivated the Thunder Emperor Technique, his physical strength had indeed improved vastly, so his recovery rate was also quite good.

Celestial Chi flowed to Ye Zhantian's head. Ye Chen's Astral Body suddenly jolted as if sensing something.

Ye Chen froze and closed his eyes. He let his Astral Body out. He seemed to have discovered something strange.

Ye Zhantian's consciousness was completely different from that of ordinary people. It was several times larger and contained a strange type of energy. Was it a change caused by cultivating the Thunder Emperor Technique?

Ye Zhantian's consciousness could not release an Astral Body like Ye Chen. However, due to the effect of that kind of power, his five senses became extremely acute. It was unknown whether this change was good or bad, but on second thought, the energy was not destructive, so it would not be a large problem.

After more than an hour, Ye Zhantian had regained consciousness.

"Little Chen, why are you here?" Ye Zhantian's eyes filled with tears when he saw Ye Chen and he struggled to sit up. Previously, he had been worried about Ye Chen's condition, but the clansmen had refused to tell him anything. He had been extremely anxious but he was seriously injured and pa.s.sed out before long. "You're not hurt? That's great!"

"Don't worry, Father. I'm fine. Father, you're seriously injured. You need more rest." Ye Chen smiled.

"Thank goodness you're alright. Thank goodness you're alright." A burden had finally lifted from Ye Zhantian's heart. He lay down, feeling at east. Before this, the clansmen would not say anything to him. He thought that something had happened to Ye Chen. Now that he saw Ye Chen sitting well and healthy in front of him, even if he had a firm temperament, he could not help but shed tears.

"My injuries have already healed. Father, rest for now. I'll go and see Granduncle." Ye Chen a.s.sured.

"Alright, go ahead." Ye Zhantian recalled that Ye Changxuan had been seriously injured along with him, and felt ashamed in his heart. He had been worried about Ye Chen these few days but he had completely forgotten about Ye Changxuan.

When Ye Chen arrived at Ye Changxuan's room, Ye Changxuan was still asleep. Ye Chen sent him some Celestial Chi and found that Ye Changxuan, like his father, had some changes in his consciousness. Ye Chen still could not understand the secret of the Nine Astra Skies and naturally could not explain what kind of phenomenon this was.

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