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"Father, you're not going to ask me why I want the Heavenly Astra Seal?" Ye Chen asked. He had thought that Ye Zhantian would ask for a reason."I believe you have your reasons for doing this." Ye Zhanyian smiled. He had absolute trust in Ye Chen. Looking at Ye Chen, he said with deep emotion, "Little Chen has grown up." In the blink of an eye, the young Ye Chen who had just learned to walk had already become an adult.

"Little Chen, why do you want to take the Heavenly Astra Seal? It doesn't seem to have any use." Ye Changxuan was not opposed to Ye Zhantian giving Ye Chen the Heavenly Astra Seal. He was just curious and confused. The Heavenly Astra Seal was made of a special material and many of their ancestors had asked the clan to carefully study its purpose but they had never found anything. When Ye Changxuan was in charge, he had also tried and failed.

"I'm also not sure of the function of the Heavenly Astra Seal yet." Ye Chen thought for a moment and spread out his left hand, revealing a mysterious runic seal. He circulated Celestial Chi and the Heavenly Astra Seal suddenly appeared over his palm. It floated in the air colorfully. 

Ye Chen did not dare to tell Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan anything about the Purple-fire Astra Lion sealed inside the Heavenly Astra Seal, lest they worry.

Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan were startled. What was the mysterious runic seal on Ye Chen's left palm? How was the Heavenly Astra Seal summoned from it?

Ye Chen's right palm moved slightly and the Heavenly Astra Seal floating above his left palm started to burn with purple flames. The purple flames contained scorching energy that seemed to be able to devour everything.

"I've never thought that the seal pa.s.sed down by our ancestors was so mysterious!" Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian were quite amazed. They never knew about this before.

"It seems only Little Chen can find out the use of the Heavenly Astra Seal. I'll bring the Heavenly Astra Main Seal immediately." Ye Zhantian hurriedly went to get the Heavenly Astra Seal. He had realized that the Heavenly Astra Seal had great significance. Otherwise, their ancestors would not have kept the Heavenly Astra Seal so well.

If Ye Chen could release the power of the Heavenly Astra Seal, it was better than just letting it be stored away.

Ye Chen clenched his left fist and kept the Vice Seal.

After a moment, Ye Zhantian returned with the Master Seal.

"This is the Master Seal of the Heavenly Astra Seal." Ye Zhantian handed the Heavenly Astra Master Seal over to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took the Master Seal from Ye Zhantian's hands. The volume of the Master Seal was several times larger than that of the Vice Seal, and much heavier as well. However, their structures were similar. It just seemed like an enlarged version of the Vice Seal. The Purple-fire Astra Lion was sealed inside the Vice Seal. What mystical beast would be sealed inside the Master Seal? Perhaps there was nothing?

Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan curiously looked at the Heavenly Astra Seal in Ye Chen's hand. How did Ye Chen discover the secret of the Heavenly Astra Seal? They hoped that this Master Seal would be of use to Ye Chen. Perhaps it could help in his cultivation.

Ye Chen also understood Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan's curiosity. After all, they had been keeping the Heavenly Astra Seal for decades but they had never discovered its secrets.

"Father, Granduncle, no matter what happens, don't find it strange. Let me test out this Heavenly Astra Seal first," Ye Chen said. His right hand held the Master Seal.

"Alright." Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian glanced at one other and retreated a distance. They had felt the strength of the purple flame on Ye Chen's palm earlier and did not dare to be careless.

Ye Chen's eyes were fixed on the Heavenly Astra Master Seal. It looked ordinary on the outside but when he looked further, the texture of the stone was like delicate carvings, extremely charming. It caused the chi movement in his body to circulate involuntarily. He continued to look through the texture of the stone as if pa.s.sing through countless time and s.p.a.ce, and arrived at a bright starry sky in the distance. Each star twinkled and operated according to its own rules. It was truly mysterious.

Slightly dazed, Ye Chen quickly pulled his mind away, and he suddenly found himself standing in the same spot as before. The Heavenly Astra Master Seal in his hand was just like an ordinary stone seal.

Like the Vice Seal, this Heavenly Astra Master Seal was mysterious!

Ye Chen's Astral Body had entered the Heavenly Astra Master Seal like a thin needle, gradually penetrating some kind of defensive barrier.

After entering, Ye Chen's eyes brightened. He thought he would disappear like before when entering the Master Seal. Unexpectedly, an abnormal change suddenly occurred.

A low voice like an ancient roar made its way to Ye Chen's ears. The voice was very light but it sounded in his ears like thunder.

"Ah!" Ye Chen screamed in pain. It seemed as if his eardrums were about to burst. A deep and unimaginable pain emerged from his Astral Body as if tens of thousands of arrows were piercing his heart. Then, a powerful force in the Master Seal swept over.

'Oh no!' Ye Chen had sensed the powerful force and wanted to escape but it was too late.

With a "boom", the powerful force hit Ye Chen's chest. It was as if Ye Chen's body was being crushed. The impact sent Ye Chen flying.

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Boom boom boom!!!

After so many things had happened, they no longer merely had grat.i.tude, admiration or respect for Ye Chen in their hearts. Blood was thicker than water, which tied their hearts together. At this time, many people were even willing to die for Ye Chen.

Five days later.

The decoration in Ye Chen's room was very simple. There was only one bed and two cabinets. Although the Ye Clan now had amazing wealth, Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian still urged the clansmen to maintain the quality of hard work and plain living. It was difficult to start a business and even more difficult to keep it running.

To avoid disturbing Ye Chen, the clansmen waited outside the room, leaving only Ye Xuan, Little Wingsy, and Little Tanuki in the room.

Little Wingsy sat in the corner with tears pouring down his cheeks. He was very regretful for not being beside Big Brother Ye Chen. If anything happened to Big Brother Ye Chen, he would blame himself to death.

Ye Xuan was responsible for taking care of Ye Chen and had not slept for three days and nights. Even if her cultivation was at mid-Ninth Level, not sleeping for so long and staying depressed was quite strenuous.

As for Little Tanuki, once in a while, she would spit out the Illusory Pearl and bathe Ye Chen in the white light of the Illusory Pearl. Only when she was exhausted would she take back the Illusory Perak and shut her eyes to cultivate. Little Tanuki was also very sad at Ye Chen's current state. At this time, she could only continue to consume her Celestial Chi to keep Ye Chen alive.

Fortunately, over time, the vitality in Ye Chen's body did not decrease but became more vigorous instead. His injury also showed some signs of recovery. It was already a miracle that an injury that serious could still recover.

After closing her eyes and cultivating for a long time, Little Tanuki finally opened her eyes again and spit out the Illusory Pearl. White light streamed on Ye Chen's ragged body. Under the white light, his wounds recovered quicker. If an ordinary person had suffered such injuries, it was almost certain that they would die but Ye Chen's body was very strange. By right, if the dantian was shattered, the body would no longer be able to produce Celestial Chi. However, a little pure Celestial Chi started to overflow from Ye Chen's head, which hung onto Ye Chen's life. Although the Celestial Chi was weak, Ye Chen's injuries recovered constantly. This made everyone hold onto the last glimmer of hope.

A moment later, Little Tanuki felt fatigued and lay down tiredly.

Ye Xuan knew that Little Tanuki was trying her best to save Ye Chen's life. The fact that Ye Chen had not died so far was largely thanks to Little Tanuki.

"Little Tanuki, take a rest if you're tired. Brother Ye Chen is recovering quickly. He'll definitely recover in another month or two. Previously, Ye Chen recovered even after all his meridians were broken, so I believe there's nothing that will stop him. You shouldn't tire yourself out," Ye Xuan said in concern. She did not know why, but she had completely stopped treating Little Tanuki as a mystical beast, and instead, treated her like a person.

As Ye Xuan spoke, the Celestial Chi in Ye Chen's body suddenly increased.

Ye Xuan immediately stopped talking and looked at Ye Chen. Little Tanuki also widened her eyes. She felt a slight change in Ye Chen's body.

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