Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Heavenly Astra Master Seal

The tree's branches and leaves spread like a giant umbrella. White endospores grew between the green leaves, shaped somewhat similarly to that of the flower buds of sweet osmanthus. Many began to bloom, and in an instant, an aromatic fragrance had spread into the air.

Ye Chen was shocked when his Astral Body found that the Spirit Tree had blossomed. He smelled a trace of fragrance and quickly held his breath.

“Everyone back away!” Ye Chen quickly instructed the clansmen. He picked up Little Tanuki and leaped back.

The clansmen stepped back after hearing Ye Chen's words.

“Chief, what's wrong?” a group asked.

After reading the notes of the armguard owner, Ye Chen did not dare to be careless. When many tree species bloomed, their fragrance was highly toxic! Therefore, caution was required. This tree was highly suspicious as its origin was unknown.

“Everyone, stay away from that tree for now,” Ye Chen said. He sat down on the flat ground.

Earlier, Ye Chen had inhaled a trace of the fragrance but it was unknown if there would be any harmful reaction. Ye Chen immediately used his Celestial Chi to check for signs of poisoning. The Celestial Chi flowed through his body but there did not seem to be anything abnormal. Instead, he felt somewhat refreshed.

“According to the a.n.a.lysis, the aroma is fragrant and clear. The meridians in all parts of my body are operating normally, and my pulmonary reactions are normal. It shouldn't contain any toxic substances.” Ye Chen had verified the toxicity according to the various methods recorded by the owner of the armguard. He even got a silver needle to pierce the Tiantu acupoint (TN: The Tiantu is the acupuncture point right above the sternum).

After making sure that there were no adverse reactions, Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like he had overreacted. Since the tree was not from a poisonous species, it must be some kind of spirit tree. However, it still needed to be observed carefully. Ye Chen would collect some leaves and petals of that tree to study and a.n.a.lyze if it contained medicinal properties.

“It's alright.” Ye Chen waved.

Only then did the entire clan disperse.

The Spirit Tree in the valley had resulted in many discussions among the clansmen. Some people who were not present earlier specifically ran to look at it and marveled at the spirit tree that had grown to that size in just a few moments. They also wondered what the origin of the spirit tree was.

Ye Chen looked through the ancient books left by the armguard owner but there was no record or any information about the tree. Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian had searched all the ancient books the Ye Clan possessed, but did not find anything either. The origin and characteristics of the tree was a mystery.

Fragrance spread throughout the valley. Ye Chen was worried that the fragrance would cause adverse reactions but it seemed that the clansmen did not exhibit any symptoms of discomfort. They were all in good spirits.

The aroma was indeed refreshing. After a deep inhale, one felt invigorated and refreshed! It also helped clear one's mind.

At present, it seemed that the fragrance of the flowers was not harmful to people but had some benefits instead.

Ye Chen had collected some leaves and petals, and cooped himself in his room. He a.n.a.lyzed its medicinal composition according to the methods of ancient alchemy. Ye Chen's achievement in alchemy was no less than a Junior Master. In addition, he had learned some ancient alchemy, which had enabled him to study the medicinal properties of herbs even in reverse.

A few days later, Ye Chen was still unable to study the medicinal properties of the Spirit Tree. The additional effect the Spirit Tree had on Celestial Chi was very limited, so he could not refine it into pills to improve Celestial Chi such as Chi-ama.s.sing Pills or Chi Deposition Pills. Its leaves and petals looked very ordinary but he could confirm that the Spirit Tree did not contain toxins.

Ye Chen still felt that the Spirit Tree's usefulness did not just end there. Its vitality was too strong! He saw with his own eyes how terrifying the tree's growth rate was. How could Ye Chen believe that it was useless?

After careful consideration, Ye Chen decided to teach the first three grades of the Greenwood Technique to the Ye Clan. He had asked his father and granduncle to find some clansmen suitable for cultivating the Greenwood Technique. Ye Chen wondered if the Wood-type Celestial Chi overflowing from the Spirit Tree would be of help to Wood-type Celestial Chi cultivation. Ye Chen also made some minor modifications to three martial arts techniques, namely Fury of Shattering Earth, Kunlun Sundering the Mountains, and Heavenly King Rupturing the Sun to make them more suitable for the Ye clansmen to cultivate. Then, he pa.s.sed on the techniques to the clansmen in the training ground.

With his cultivation of the Nine Astra Skies deepening day by day, Ye Chen now understood how he could easily modify martial arts techniques. Nine Astra Skies seemed to be a general outline of martial arts in the world. The content was vast and complicated, and with just a little understanding, he would be able to easily master low-rank martial arts techniques in Palms Puncturing the Cosmos and even modify them.

Although the martial arts techniques recorded in Palms Puncturing the Cosmos were Tier Six to Seven which were considered amazing for ordinary people, to the Nine Astra Skies, it was negligible.

The Flying Dagger in Ye Chen's mind was something that even the powerful Senior Tian Yuan had gasped in admiration at!

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Ye Chen wondered who had created the Nine Astra Skies. Their understanding of martial arts must have reached an amazing level. It was definitely beyond the reach and comprehension of ordinary people.

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded. Although he still missed this place, he had important matters to attend to.

Ye Zhantian's expression dimmed slightly but accepted it after thinking. His son was an eagle in the sky destined to fly among the nine heavens. He could not stay in this valley forever.

“When are you leaving?” Ye Changxuan asked. Like Ye Zhantian, he was also slightly sad. In his heart, Ye Chen was already like his biological grandson.

“In a few days,” Ye Chen said. He had been here for nearly five days already.

“I'll have some people make preparations,” Ye Zhantian said after a moment of silence.

“It's okay, I don't need to bring anything.” Ye Chen shook his head. Every time he traveled, his father and granduncle always prepared many things for him including his daily necessities. He understood that although the items were not of much use, they were prepared with strong family affection, which filled his heart with warmth.

“Some things are necessary when you're traveling.” Ye Zhantian smiled kindly.

“Father, Granduncle, I have a presumptuous request,” Ye Chen suddenly thought of something and said.

“Say it. You call the shots in the Ye Clan.” Ye Zhanyian laughed.

“Father, Granduncle, I want to bring another Heavenly Astra Seal,” Ye Chen said. There were a total of two Heavenly Astra Seals – one large and one small. The Heavenly Astra Seal in Ye Chen's hands was the smaller one, which was the Vice Seal. The one in his father's hands, the Master Seal, was much larger.

There was the Purple-fire Astra Lion inside the Vice Seal. Could there be a powerful mystical beast inside the Master Seal too?

If that was the case, it would not be safe for the Master Seal to be left with his father. First, he had to find out what mystical beast was inside the Master Seal, and whether it could break the seal or not. He had to plan ahead!

Ye Zhantian paused. What did Ye Chen want the Heavenly Astra Seal for? It did not have any purpose and it only had symbolic meaning to the Ye Clan. Besides, Ye Chen already had the Vice Seal in his hands. If he also took the Master Seal and somehow lost it, they would not be able to explain themselves to their ancestors. However, Ye Chen was already the head of the Ye Clan. There was nothing wrong with taking the Heavenly Astra Seal.

“You're now the head of the Ye Clan, so you should naturally keep the Heavenly Astra Seal. I shall go get it now.” Ye Zhantian nodded.

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