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Mad Snail

Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Spirit Tree

“Let's talk about that later. Father, quickly treat this Ashen Condor first.” Ye Chen walked over to the Ashen Condor leader and entered a trace of Celestial Chi in its body. Then, he took out a Spirit Pill and fed it to the Ashen Condor.

Ye Zhantian and the others hurriedly called the clansmen, and bandaged the wound on the Ashen Condor. They knew that these Ashen condors would become one of the Ye Clan's main fighting forces. None of them could be lost!

The crowd began to get busy. The Ashen Condor stood obediently and pruned their feathers. The young clansmen of the Ye Clan were not afraid of these Ashen Condors and gathered around them, watching curiously.

There were so many Ashen Condors in the valley, including an Earthly Adept Rank one. The clansmen were delighted.

Ye Chen quietened down and used his Astral Body to explore the Ashen Condors' minds. After these Ashen Condors became Ye Chen's mystical beasts, they would voluntarily provide him information.

Ye Chen obtained some information from the Ashen Condors' minds. This group of Ashen Condors was a patrol team for the Wolven Kingdom, and were responsible for patrolling the eastern part of the Xiwu Empire. Ye Chen was shocked when he found out about this information.

Would the Wolven Kingdom trace this missing patrol team to the Lianyun Mountains?

However, after some consideration, Ye Chen knew that he was overthinking. The forces of the Wolven Kingdom were extremely large and they commanded countless mystical beast clans. Their territory was also very vast. There were thousands of flying mystical beasts patrolling the territory alone and there were often squads that disappeared inexplicably or encountered with the enemy, so the damage was inevitable. The Wolven Kingdom would not bother to investigate.

From the minds of these Ashen Condors, Ye Chen had realized the terror of the Wolven Kingdom. Their strength truly was extremely powerful. It was not surprising that the Leo King's Palace kept losing ground and shrinking its territory.

The war between these mystical beast forces was far more astonishing than the wars between nations among mankind.

Ye Chen took a deep breath. Although he had some worries, he had no one to share them with. Looking at these simple clansmen, Ye Chen knew that guarding the clan was his inescapable responsibility.

The clansmen in the valley began to build nests for the Ashen Condors on the cliffs. The Ashen Condors carried the craftsmen who built the nests out of black Xuan-iron and other materials. During this period, the Ye Clan became busy again.

Returning to the valley, Ye Chen's wandering heart finally felt some peace as he savored the taste of home. He chatted with his relatives, feeling particularly cordial.

Little Tanuki found out that her clan was still alive. After returning to the valley, she did not seem to be as sad as before.

Little Wingsy and Little Squido were even more excited upon arriving. There were many children of a similar age as them in the valley, and they finally had others to play with. They had a great time playing ball with the children of the Ye Clan!

In a corner of the valley, there was a flat plain only ten meters away from the lake.

Ye Chen only took Little Tanuki along. He looked around and seeing it as a good place, he took out something from his armguard s.p.a.ce. It was the piece of wood he had bought from the auction.

There was a faint trace of green on the dead wood. What made Ye Chen curious was what this wood would grow into.

It would only grow by using Wood-type Celestial Chi to stimulate it. Ye Chen used the Greenwood Technique and gathered the surrounding Wood-type Celestial Chi. The meridians in Ye Chen's body were also filled with Wood-type Celestial Chi.

Little Tanuki stood on Ye Chen's shoulder and stared at the dead wood in his hand.

Ye Chen grunted lowly and the surging Wood-type Celestial Chi poured into the dead wood. The wood seemed to activate instantly and frantically absorbed the Wood-type Celestial Chi like a vortex.

How fast!

Ye Chen gradually felt that the Celestial Chi supply in his body could not keep up and had to constantly urge the Flying Dagger.

Among the five elements, wood could birth fire. Similarly, water would birth wood!

Ye Chen entered a Dao Trance and used the Water G.o.d Technique together with the Greenwood Technique. The Water-type Celestial Chi on the lake nearby also surged frantically. Supplemented by water and as water birthed wood, there was a continuous flow of Wood-type Celestial Chi.

More Wood-type Celestial Chi was supplied to the piece of wood. After around half an hour, with the huge supply of Wood-type Celestial Chi, the green color on the dead wood became brighter until eventually, a little bud sprouted. The bud grew slowly and three green leaves emerged.

The Ye Clan felt the abnormal fluctuation of Celestial Chi and hurried over, only to see that Ye Chen was circulating Celestial Chi. The two types of Celestial Chi had formed a huge whirlpool on Ye Chen's body. They did not dare to approach and only watched from a distance.

“What's the Chief doing?”

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They noticed what Ye Chen was holding in his hands and felt curious.

The tree was shrouded in extremely rich Wood-type Celestial Chi. There should be some benefits to Wood-type Celestial Chi cultivation but the people of the Ye Clan only cultivated the Thunder Emperor Technique, so it seemed useless.

The clansmen were deep in discussion. It was the first time they had seen such a fast-growing tree.

“The old chief is here.”

Ye Zhantian and Ye Changxuan were slightly shocked to see such a large tree here.

“Little Chen, what's going on?” Ye Zhantian asked cautiously.

“Father, I bought a piece of dead wood when I was at Jadeite City. I found the wood still had some vitality after infusing some Wood-type Celestial Chi, so I thought of bringing it home and cultivating a little seedling before studying what kind of tree it is. I just didn't expect that when I gave it Celestial Chi, it would suddenly grow violently after hitting sunlight. In just a few moments, it had become such a big tree,” Ye Chen explained.

“Just a few moments?” Ye Changxuan froze for a moment. He had never heard of a tree species that could grow so big in just a few moments. “I've never heard of a tree that grows so fast. Could it be a type of spirit tree?”

“Seems like we have to go back and look at the Book of Knowledge.” Ye Zhantian was interested.

They were also somewhat curious about this large tree and wondered what it was for. It would be a pity to waste it if it were a rare treasure.

The clansmen gathered around the tree and continued to discuss.

“Will it continue to grow again?”

“I think it will.” The clansmen were still rather afraid of its terrifying growth rate.

“Before we find out what it's called, let's just call it the Spirit Tree,” a clansman said.

The rest of the clansmen accepted the suggestion.

Ye Chen did not partic.i.p.ate in the discussion. Instead, he carefully observed the branches and leaves with his Astral Body while searching through the descriptions of various trees left behind by the armguard owner. The armguard owner had recorded tens of thousands of mysterious tree species with different uses. Some could be refined into medicinal pills, some could detoxify, and some were highly toxic.

After more than an hour, Ye Chen still could not find out what kind of tree it was. His Astral Body paid close attention to the leaves of this large tree, which were an odd star shape. Water drops seemed to be contained on the green leaves. Under the sunlight, they glimmered like little stars.

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