Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Incorporated!

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The Ashen Condor let out a cry and immediately flapped its wings and soared into a distance.

Although the Tier Three Spirit Artifact Rank Thunder Sword had cut the Earthly Adept Rank mystical beast, Ye Changxuan was sent flying by the Ashen Condor's huge impact and fell. The Vermillion Spirit Condor quickly swooped down and caught Ye Changxuan, flying swiftly.

The Ashen Condor was furious at being injured, but it was full of fear toward the weapon in Ye Changxuan's hands. While the Vermillion Spirit Condor had caught Ye Changxuan, it took the opportunity to pounce in front of the Vermillion Spirit Condor. The Vermillion Spirit Condor could only turn around and avoid it.

While that Ashen Condor was fighting with the Vermillion Spirit Condor, all the Tenth Level ordinary Ashen Condors behind started to surround them. There was no escape for the Vermillion Spirit Condor.

“My life is over!” Ye Changxuan looked around. More than a dozen Ashen Condors were eyeing him. He knew that he could no longer escape. He could only circulate his Celestial Chi and continue fighting.

The Earthly Adept Rank Ashen Condor should be the leader of this group of Ashen Condors. Its strength was higher than that of the other Ashen Condors.

The head of the Ashen Condor cried loudly and swooped down fiercely. Its sharp steel claws grabbed Ye Changxuan. The other Ashen Condors also advanced.

‘I never thought I'd die in the hands of these mystical beasts.' Ye Changxuan's eyes revealed a deep look of unwillingness. He looked at the direction of the Lianyun Mountains where his beloved Ye Clan was. He hoped that after his death, the Ye Clan would continue to prosper. He also hoped that his clansmen would find his bones and bury him in front of their ancestors.

Ye Changxuan let out a roar and jumped several feet, swinging the Thunder Sword to cut off the head of the Ashen Condor leader.

The leader of the Ashen Condor brandished its claws when it heard a “ding”. The Thunder Sword in Ye Changxuan's hands was knocked out of his hands and fell.

The leader of the Ashen Condors was injured twice in a row. The smell of blood in the air had roused its anger and ferociousness, and its other claw grabbed Ye Changxuan's head.

Seeing the razor-sharp claws, the dangling Ye Changxuan no longer had any foothold. His strength was too weak compared to an Earthly Adept Rank mystical beast.

Ye Changxuan slowly closed his eyes. The power gap was too large. Any counterattack was futile. At the brink of death, what he could not bear to leave behind the most was still the Ye Clan.


Just as Ye Changxuan thought he was about to die, he saw a stream of light in the distance that flew with a “whoosh”.

The speed of that stream of light was like a meteor falling from the sky. A long tail of flames trailed behind it.

It flashed for only a moment, hence no one could see its shape at all.

It was as beautiful as a dream, shining beautifully with the colors of the rainbow.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

In an instant, the stream of light had pierced the body of the Ashen Condor leader. The Ashen Condor leader let out a shrill wail as blood gushed out from its body like a fountain.

‘What happened? Reinforcements!' Ye Changxuan opened his eyes and reacted instantly. Chi Construct burst out of his body. He stomped on the head of the Ashen Condor and landed on the Vermillion Spirit Condor.

The leader of the Ashen Condor groaned and fell from the sky. The scent of blood in the air became more pungent.

The Vermillion Spirit Condor cried out a few times eagerly and joyfully.

Ye Changxuan was surprised to see the surrounding Ashen Condors trembling and whimpering, not daring to attack him. It was as if they had realized something terrifying. When Ye Changxuan looked behind, he saw Ye Chen sitting on the Golden Sun Condor.

It was Little Chen! Ye Changxuan was overjoyed. Tears flashed in his old eyes.

Seeing Ye Chen appearing here like a saving deity, Ye Changxuan's heart was filled with emotion. If Ye Chen had arrived even a second later, his life would have been forfeit.

Ye Chen's eyes swept over the condors attacking Ye Changxuan. They were a species of condors called Ashen Condors. Besides the leader, which was Earthly Adept Rank, the remaining fifteen were top Tenth Level. Earlier, he was short of time to save Ye Changxuan and could only injure the Ashen Condor leader. His Astral Body had infiltrated the minds of the Ashen Condors. Like the giant black condor, these Ashen Condors also had owners. Ye Chen's Astral Body split and wrapped around the Ashen Condors' Psyches. In an instant, those Psyches were devoured by Ye Chen's Astral Body, and the sixteen Ashen Condors had changed masters.

Ye Chen's Astral Body was a little different. He could easily devour an ordinary Celestial Beast's Psyche.

“Granduncle, are you alright?” Ye Chen asked with concern. The Golden Sun Condor that he was sitting on flew over.

“I'm fine, thanks to you. Otherwise, I think this would've been the final resting place of my bones.” Ye Changxuan had just escaped from the fate of certain death, after all. However, he had regained his calm after a moment and finally glanced at the Ashen Condors around them fearfully.

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The Golden Sun Condor swooped down and grabbed the Ashen Condor leader that had fallen and was struggling to fly.

The members of the Ye Clan were waiting anxiously. They had gathered at the training ground and looked up at the sky.

“I wonder how Little Chen and Sixth Uncle are now,” Ye Zhantian said worriedly.

Ye Zhantian's heart was full of apprehension.

Suddenly, the sound of birds rang out in the sky. The clansmen were overjoyed.

“The Chief must be back!”

“I wonder if Granduncle is back too.”

The sky suddenly darkened as a group of giant condors appeared in their sights, startling the clansmen. They thought that the valley was being attacked by mystical beasts. However, upon a closer look, they found that in the center of the group of giant condors was Ye Chen's Golden Sun Condor and Ye Changxuan's Vermillion Spirit Condor. They let out a breath of relief.

The condors hovered and landed on an uncultivated gra.s.sland in the valley. Ye Chen and Little Wingsy jumped off the Golden Sun Condor's back, and Ye Changxuan jumped off the Vermillion Spirit Condor's back.

The seriously injured Ashen Condor leader was placed on the flat ground. It whined and whimpered.

Ye Zhantian and the others rushed over from the training ground. Seeing such a large group of condors, they walked over while staring at them, stupefied.

“Sixth Uncle, you're back.” Ye Zhantian came forward, still staring at the condors.

“Mm.” Ye Changxuan looked at his clansmen. He narrowly escaped death and was able to see his clansmen again, and naturally felt even closer to them.

“Sixth Uncle, what's with all these Ashen Condors?” Ye Zhanlong's eyes flickered.

“Did Sixth Uncle buy these Ashen Condors from the auction in Jadeite City?” Ye Zhanxiong asked. Since Ye Chen could buy a Golden Sun Condor from the Jadeite City auction, Ye Changxuan must also be able to buy a few Tenth Level Ashen Condors.

There were a total of sixteen Ashen Condors and the largest one was an Earthly Adept Rank Ashen Condor. Why was it still injured?

“I didn't buy these Ashen Condors. Ye Chen subdued them.” Ye Changxuan shook his head. “I was attacked by these Ashen Condors on my way back. Fortunately, Little Chen arrived in time and saved me.”

“Little Chen subdued them?” Everyone looked at Ye Chen and felt incredulous. How long had it been since Ye Chen had left? They thought about the other mystical beasts in the valley and began to understand. Ye Chen seemed to have some unique methods to tame beasts.

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