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Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: The Ashen Condors

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By the time Ye Chen had leaped down from the Golden Sun Condor, Ye Zhantian and the rest had grouped around him.

“Little Chen, you're finally back.” Ye Zhantian was pleased as he looked at his son who had returned. He had a thousand things to say, which finally came out in just one line. He, who had always been so calm and collected, could not prevent the rim of his eyes from turning red.

“Yes, Father, your son has returned.” Ye Chen smiled. As he stared at Ye Zhantian who glowed with vitality and vigor, he was overjoyed. During this period, the Ye Clan must not have faced much trouble. His initially skinny father had plumped up slightly.

As he looked around the surrounding crowd, Ye Chen could see joy and hope on each of their faces. This was a wonderful thing.

When Ye Chen noticed Ye Zhanlong and Ye Zhanxiong, he greeted them, “Second Uncle, Third Uncle…”

“It's good that you're back.” Ye Zhanlong nodded with an elated expression.

“Without you around, this valley seems to be missing something.” Ye Zhanxiong laughed out loud.

In just a moment, Ye Meng, Ye Ming, and the rest had crowded around Ye Chen, grinning and chortling.

“Brother Ye Chen, you're so wonderful. What mystical beast is this?”

“This condor looks so dignified!”

“Huh, who's this little kid?” Just then, everyone shifted their attention to Little Wingsy and in particular, the strange octopus Little Wingsy was holding.

Upon seeing that so many people were looking at him, Little Wingsy became shy and reserved all at once. He was completely unlike the devil incarnate he was before. As for Little Squido, it was beaming as usual, wriggling its tentacles in glee with no trace of fear.

These people were Big Brother Ye Chen's family! Little Wingsy stammered, not knowing what to say. After a long while, he finally said, “I'm Little Wingsy.”

“Little Wingsy is an orphan, so I took him in,” Ye Chen explained to his clan members.

It turned out Little Wingsy was an orphan. Everyone looked at Little Wingsy, filled with sympathy.

“Little Wingsy, from now on, this will be your home.”

“If anyone bullies you, come and tell us right away,” Ye Meng and the rest said.

Ye Meng and the rest did not know of Little Wingsy's true ident.i.ty. However, Ye Xuan had witnessed Little Wingsy's original form before. That terrifying Winged Serpent form was still fresh in her mind. Nonetheless, when she stared at the small kid that was Little Wingsy today, with his naïve, adorable, bashful look, she felt disoriented. The ma.s.sive Winged Serpent that she saw that day – was it really Little Wingsy? Although she knew about his true form, Ye Xuan did not tell anyone. When she looked toward Ye Chen, she saw that he was giving her a knowing smile.

“Brother Ye Chen, this ma.s.sive condor must be an Earthly Venerable Rank mystical beast, right?” Ye Ming stroked the Golden Sun Condor excitedly.

“You're wrong. That's not what you call mystical beasts above the Tenth Level. Mystical beasts above the Tenth Level are called Earthly Adept Rank mystical beasts. Only humans will be called Earthly Venerable Rank,” a youth named Ye Yu disputed at one side.

“Whether it's Earthly Venerable or Earthly Adept Rank, this mystical beast is above the Tenth Level, right? I feel that it's much more powerful than Fluffy Five.” Ye Ming knew that he had said the wrong thing and blushed slightly, then looked toward Ye Chen hopefully.

Everyone looked expectantly at Ye Chen for the answer as well. If it was an Earthly Adept mystical beast, it would mean that the Ye Clan had an additional Earthly Venerable Rank expert! Truly, no one knew how Ye Chen had managed to tame these mystical beasts.

“This one's a Heavenly Adept Rank mystical beast that I bought at an auction.” Ye Chen grinned.

“Heavenly Adept Rank mystical beast?” Ye Zhantian and his brothers gasped sharply. My heavens!

“The Heavenly Adept Rank is above the Earthly Adept Rank!”

“So does that mean that the Heavenly Adept Rank is equivalent to a Heavenly Venerable Rank fighter?” The clan members were in a heated discussion, looking at the Golden Sun Condor with new eyes.

Heavenly Venerable Rank was an attainment level they could not even imagine. The sect leaders of the Three Major Sect themselves were no more than Heavenly Venerable Rank experts. In the eyes of the Ye Clan, Heavenly Venerable Rank experts were practically G.o.dlike existences.

“Little Chen, what attainment level is your cultivation base at?” Ye Zhantian asked from the side.

It was only then that everyone realized they had even forgotten to ask Ye Chen about his cultivation base. They looked toward Ye Chen.

“Mid-Earthly Venerable Rank,” Ye Chen answered. In terms of his Astral Body, he should just about be able to contend against peak Heavenly Venerable Ones. Nonetheless, Ye Chen would not mention something like his Astral Body.

Upon hearing what Ye Chen had said, the entire group burst out into excitement.

“I told you that Brother Ye Chen must've broken through!”

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“Congratulations, Brother Ye Chen!” The younger generation of clan members congratulated him.

Ye Changxuan rode the Vermillion Spirit Condor back from Jadeite City. He could see that he was about to enter the Lianyun Mountains' boundary. He would be back at the Ye Clan soon. Ye Changxuan was in a good mood. During this auction, he had bought quite a few good items.

Ye Changxuan had three Tier Three Spirit Artifact Rank items with him. It was just a shame that he was unable to purchase that Heavenly Adept Rank Golden Sun Condor. What a regret. That Heavenly Adept Rank mystical beast was bought by someone at the high price of two hundred thousand Chi Deposition Pills and he only had a hundred and thirty Chi Deposition Pills with him at the time. After joining Jadeite City's auction, he truly realized that the Ye Clan was not truly wealthy yet. After all, the sale of Lingzhi had only been going on for a few months, not even half a year. They still had not acc.u.mulated much.

The Vermillion Spirit Condor streaked across the sky. Suddenly, Ye Changxuan heard the sharp cries of birds. He looked into the distance and saw a team of more than ten condor-type, flying mystical beasts. They were in a V-formation and were pa.s.sing in front of him. In terms of size, each of these flying mystical beasts was not lacking compared to the Vermillion Spirit Condor.

These were condors that were silver-gray all over. Ye Changxuan recalled the handbook of mystical beasts the clan possessed. Could they be Ashen Condors?

Ashen Condors were Tenth Level mystical beasts at least. Some were at an even higher level, even reaching Earthly Adept or Heavenly Adept Rank.

Ye Changxuan hurriedly turned the Vermillion Spirit Condor around, heading into the other direction to avoid b.u.mping into those Ashen Condors.

Previously, in the Lianyun Mountains, one would occasionally see flying mystical beasts pa.s.sing before them in the sky. However, those were mostly Seventh or Eighth Level. Even Ninth Level ones were uncommon. Why did Ye Changxuan suddenly encounter a group of Ashen Condors above the Tenth Level today?

The Vermillion Spirit Condor turned around. When the team of Ashen Condors spotted the Vermillion Spirit Condor, they started to give chase.

Ye Changxuan turned pale with fright and urged the Vermillion Spirit Condor to flee faster.

The Ashen Condors behind got closer. Ye Changxuan was burning with panic. When he looked back, he saw that the team of Ashen Condors were mostly similar to the Vermillion Spirit Condor, being Tenth Level mystical beasts. The one at the front was slightly larger and was possibly Earthly Adept Rank. Its flying speed was also clearly superior to the ordinary Ashen Condors behind.

This group of Ashen Condors must have been pa.s.sing by, but unexpectedly they had b.u.mped into him.

The Vermillion Spirit Condor sped all the way, getting further from the Lianyun Mountains. It appeared that the Ashen Condors were closing in behind. This time, things did not look good. There was a flash of determination in Ye Changxuan's eyes. Even if he died today, he must not lead these Ashen Condors into the Lianyun Mountains!

The Vermillion Spirit Condor was getting further away from the valley where the Ye Clan was. Ye Changxuan looked into that direction, his eyes filled with profound emotion. He smiled sadly. He had never thought that this trip would be the last time he said goodbye to his clan members.

“Fluffy Five, if you can head back to the Ye Clan alive, you must bring all the items I have with you,” Ye Changxuan said in a low voice. He drew out the Tier Three Spirit Artifact Rank Thunder Sword and stood on the back of the Vermillion Spirit Condor. He was prepared to fight a final battle against the approaching Ashen Condors!

“Chirp, chirp!” the Vermillion Spirit Condor seemed to understand him and cried out in response, flying even faster.

Among flying mystical beasts, the Vermillion Spirit Condor's body was relatively large. Even so, the Ashen Condor that was getting close was much larger. Its piercing eyes shone with a faint light and within a few flaps of its wings, it was above the Vermillion Spirit Condor.

With a “swish”, that ma.s.sive Ashen Condor dove down toward the Vermillion Spirit Condor with its talons spread open.

“Bring it on!” Ye Changxuan circulated his Celestial Chi. Thunder-type Celestial Chi surged into the Thunder Sword, which slashed viciously at the Ashen Condor that had swooped down. There was a sharp slicing sound. The Thunder Sword had managed to cut the Ashen Condor's claw. Blood spurted out from the claw like crimson rain.

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