Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: Tong Tian the Leo King

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Ye Chen nodded slightly, walked in, and closed the door. He was still on his guard, knowing that he was only treated so well because the gigantic man believed Ye Chen was a Daemon King. If he knew that Ye Chen was only pretending to be a Daemon King, he would not react in this manner.

“Do you want some tea? It's traditional Pulu tea from the western region.” The gigantic man casually poured a cup of tea and pushed it toward Ye Chen with a faint smile.

Ye Chen sat down in the chair opposite the gigantic man. After he sat down, he instantly felt that the difference in their body sizes was akin to the difference between a five, six-year-old kid sitting before an adult.

After Ye Chen accepted the cup of tea, he did not drink it. He still did not know whether this person was a friend or foe, so why would he drink the tea that was offered to him? When the gigantic man noticed this, he did not seem offended, and instead laughed openly. “You must've some doubts over why I'd invite you here. Let me introduce myself. I'm Tong Tian, known to others as the Leo King.”

The Leo King?

Ye Chen's heart skipped a beat. Was this person before him Mingyuan's boss? The ruler of the Leo King's Palace? The Leo King that Little Tanuki spoke of? She had said that the Xiwu Empire was once the Leo King's territory, but it was later occupied by the Wolven Kingdom.

One must pay the price for making connections indeed. Previously, at the House of Ye, they had received so many items from the Leo King's Palace. Now, the Leo King wanted to meet Ye Chen. If Tong Tian the Leo King knew that Ye Chen was just a fake Daemon King, would he spit blood and fly into a rage? Ye Chen quietly gulped. It was inevitable that he would be rather nervous. After all, this person before him was his benefactor.

Ye Chen had realized something. Back then, Mingyuan came to the House of Ye and inadvertently resolved their crisis as well as gave them many precious herbs. Now that Ye Chen thought about it, he should be thanking Tong Tian the Leo King.

“Leo King, is anything the matter?” Ye Chen asked, trying to figure out the Leo King's intentions.

“Brother, I've simply called you over for a chat to discuss matters of cultivation. Having mingled among humans, have you gained anything in terms of your attainment level?” Tong Tian the Leo King chuckled. “How should I address you?”

“Ye Chen.” It turned out that Tong Tian the Leo King only wanted to discuss Martial Truth with him. Ye Chen was hugely relieved. As long as they did not compare their abilities, there should be no danger of being exposed.

“Ye Chen, a human name?” Tong Tian the Leo King frowned slightly. He thought that Ye Chen had given a half-hearted answer.

“A name is just an index.” Ye Chen smiled.

“A name is just an index?” Tong Tian the Leo King was taken aback and something shifted in his heart. It looked like Ye Chen, who had mingled with humans over a long time, had a deeper level of understanding than his own. He had overemphasized certain things indeed, burdened by his reputation. It was just a name. What did it matter if one was a Celestial Beast or a human? All were creatures of this world. He had a flash of insight.

However, Ye Chen did not know that his careless words would cause the Leo King to think so much.

“Leo King, are you also a peak Daemon King?” Ye Chen asked. After some thought, he decided that no matter what, he had better keep up the act. The more profound he appeared, the safer he would be. No matter what, Ye Chen should first claim to be at the peak Daemon King Stage. This was a matter of life and death. He had no other choice.

“That's right. I've been at the peak Daemon King Stage for over a millennium. It's too bad that I still can't achieve a breakthrough,” Tong Tian the Leo King said ruefully. If he could break through, he would not have been so pa.s.sive in dealing with the Wolven Kingdom. He looked at Ye Chen and flashed a breezy smile. “We from the lion clan are always attuned to our kindred spirits. For some reason, my Psyche could detect from your Psyche a familiar, intimate energy. I don't know what your original form is, brother, but I can't figure it out.”

A familiar, intimate energy? Ye Chen was slightly stunned and soon remembered something. He had a flash of realization – it was the Purple-fire Astra Lion!

Ye Chen's Astral Body had been shattered by the Purple-fire Astra Lion again and again, and thus, remnants of the Purple-fire Astra Lion's energy was left on it. The Purple-fire Astra Lion and Tong Tian the Leo King both belonged to the lion clan. It was not surprising that Tong Tian the Leo King would feel this way.

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Ye Chen was deep in thought for a moment. Then, he carefully released a trace of his Astral Body, ensuring that it was not detected by Tong Tian the Leo King. His black pupils were suddenly ignited by two b.a.l.l.s of purple flames, and he looked toward Tong Tian the Leo King.

“The Purple-fire Astra Lion Clan was an ancient one, with the purest bloodline of the lion clan. A month-old lion cub can already reach the Daemon King Rank and quickly progress into the Grand Supreme Stage. After becoming an adult, they would be a supreme existence. Why is Your Excellency…” Tong Tian the Leo King stared at Ye Chen and said hesitantly.

“When I was a child, I was grievously injured.” When Ye Chen heard Tong Tian the Leo King's words, he trembled deep down and hurriedly made up an excuse. No matter what, he must not allow Tong Tian the Leo King to become suspicious.

Tong Tian the Leo King understood at once and nodded. “No wonder I felt that Your Excellency might not have a pure Purple-fire Astra Lion bloodline. So, it's because you were injured during your youth. I don't know what it was that hurt you, but it must be extremely formidable. Still, after Your Excellency has recovered from those injuries, the Purple-fire Astra Lion bloodline within your body will awaken once more.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly without deigning to comment. He did not know whether this was the right step to take or if he could keep on pretending. He was plotting to himself – he must think of a way to leave Jadeite City safely.

“It's not surprising that Your Excellency wanted to act as a human and live among them. Your Excellency, please be rest a.s.sured that I'll definitely not divulge to anyone that Your Excellency is here. I hope that one day when Your Excellency's injuries are healed, Your Excellency would revitalize our lion clan once more!” Tong Tian the Leo King was at his wits' end regarding the crisis faced by the Leo King's Palace. The reason he came here was initially to enlist a Daemon King Rank expert. Unexpectedly, he had encountered a Purple-fire Astra Lion. Ye Chen had mingled among humans presumably to hide from some powerful enemy. The Purple-fire Astra Lion was still a part of the lion clan. Therefore, Tong Tian the Leo King would certainly lend a hand. If Ye Chen's injuries were healed and he had reached the Grand Supreme Stage in one go, the crisis of the Leo King's Palace would naturally be resolved. Tong Tian the Leo King had weighed his options. No matter what, he must be on good terms with this Purple-fire Astra Lion.

“Mmm, I'll do my best,” Ye Chen replied. As long as his ident.i.ty as a Purple-fire Astra Lion was not exposed to be false, there should not be a problem.

Ye Chen had never imagined that the purple fire resulting from his Astral Body's training against the Purple-fire Astra Lion would help him out at such a crucial moment. Ye Chen had only pretended to be a Daemon King because he had no other choice. Even so, he understood that a lie would eventually be exposed. At that point, he must rely on his own strength.

“This is the Leo King's Token. If Your Excellency requires any help, you may immediately look for the person in charge at any of the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce's branches.” Tong Tian the Leo King took out a black token and handed it to Ye Chen. Suddenly, he felt as if his words were inappropriate. “Of course, with Your Excellency's strength, those people are only good for running errands. Since Your Excellency is hiding in the human world, there are surely many inconveniences. They can help out in that sense.”

Ye Chen took the token from Tong Tian the Leo King. This token was forged from some unknown crystal that was extremely solid, refracting beams of resplendent light. He looked toward Tong Tian the Leo King in surprise, asking, “The Tiandu Chamber of Commerce belongs to you?” It must be said that Ye Chen was thoroughly astonished. The Tiandu Chamber of Commerce was the most powerful chamber of commerce in the entire Great Eastern Continent. Its business had extended all over the world. The owner behind the scenes of the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce was the Leo King before him?

“That's right. Few people know that the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce is mine. Thousands of years ago, if it weren't for my support, how would that tyke Duan Ganhong establish such a ma.s.sive chamber of commerce?” The Leo King nodded with a calm expression. “Other than the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce, a part of the Central Empire's Royal Tribe as well as the Oracle Sect and the Stygian Sect of the Central Empire's Five Major Sects are all under my control. With the Leo King's Token, Your Excellency may employ their services at any time.”

Ye Chen's fingers tapped the table lightly. He had not expected the Leo King to have such momentous influence by controlling so many human factions. Now, he understood what this black token truly signified. Even so, he asked breezily, “So what do I have to give in return?”

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