Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: Meeting Nie Qingyun Again

“Congratulations, Master!” Ye Chen said with full sincerity.

“Ye Chen, I'll keep a portion of these pills for Mingwu. You take the rest.” Master Apothecary Xuanyi handed Ye Chen a Heaven-Earth Pouch. Other than Mingwu's portion, the medicinal pills were all there.

“Master, you're not taking any?” Ye Chen asked.

Master Apothecary Xuanyi laughed aloud. “I'm a bag of bones by now. Even if these medicinal pills would help, I can't progress much further in terms of Celestial Chi and cultivation base. In a decade or two, I'll be dead in the ground. Taking so many pills for myself would be futile. As for your Senior Brother Li, he has many Purple-gold Divine Pills which are enough. Conversely, it's you who have a long road of cultivation ahead of you. You need these medicinal pills.”

“Master.” Ye Chen wanted to say something, but he was so moved he could not speak. Besides his father and his granduncle, Master Apothecary Xuanyi was one of those who truly cared for him!

Ye Chen began to talk about alchemy with Master Apothecary Xuanyi and Li Xu.

“Master, I have an alchemy book with me which I obtained incidentally. Who knows, it might be of benefit to your cultivation in alchemy. Master, have a look.” Ye Chen took out The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy from his Heaven-Earth Pouch.

“Oh? What alchemy book?” Master Apothecary Xuanyi asked. The alchemy books he had collected numbered no fewer than a thousand-plus. He wondered what book was it that Ye Chen had?

Master Apothecary Xuanyi took the book from Ye Chen. This alchemy book was somewhat archaic. It looked like it had been around a long time. When Master Apothecary Xuanyi saw the ancient words on it, his eyes brightened. “The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy? I've never seen this before.” Master Apothecary Xuanyi flipped open The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy and skimmed it over. The content at the start was more basic, but the middle and final sections had some advanced content. Even he had not read about this before. Instantly, he was filled with glee, like a little kid who had found a beloved toy. “It's truly a wondrous book! Some of its contents are much more profound than those in my alchemy books! Ye Chen, can you let me make a copy of The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy?”

“Of course.” Ye Chen nodded. Seeing that Master Apothecary Xuanyi was so exuberant, Ye Chen was happy too.

“Ye Chen, what alchemy book is this that can make Master so joyful?” Li Xu walked over, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with curiosity.

“Li Xu, take a look as well. This is The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy. I don't know which predecessor in alchemy had left this behind. Its contents are truly incomparably profound.” Master Apothecary Xuanyi handed The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy over to Li Xu.

Li Xu perused its contents, his expression turning into one of delighted surprise.

When Ye Chen saw that Master Apothecary Xuanyi and Senior Brother Li were engrossed in the contents of The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy, he could not hold back a smile. He sat down on a cattail ha.s.sock at one side and continued cultivating his Celestial Chi.

Master Apothecary Xuanyi and Li Xu kept reading for over two hours, completely oblivious to the pa.s.sing of time. Only after that did they seem to remember something. Li Xu hurriedly picked up a pen and ink, starting to copy the contents of The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy.

“Master, when are we starting out for Jadeite City?” Ye Chen looked toward Master Apothecary Xuanyi and asked.

“Tomorrow early morning. Mingwu had already prepared five Fifth Level Redpalm Horses. If you have anything else to do, settle it quickly. Tomorrow, we'll start our journey quietly. If Mingwu comes with us, he'll be too big a target. If this arouses the attention of the Nanman Kingdom, it'll bring us unnecessary trouble,” said Master Apothecary Xuanyi.

Ye Chen gave it some thought, then stood up. “I'll head to the imperial family's side courtyard to meet with Nie Qingyun.”

“WIll you have any problems going alone?” Master Apothecary Xuanyi asked worriedly. After all, Nie Qingyun was a Heavenly Venerable Rank combatant.

“I'll be fine.” Ye Chen grinned. He had no way of telling Master Apothecary Xuanyi how he had already subdued Nie Qingyun. “Plus, I'll bring Little Wingsy with me.”

“Very well then.” Master Apothecary Xuanyi saw that Ye Chen was confident and nodded in agreement.

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Ye Chen returned to his room and brought Little Wingsy, Little Tanuki, and Little Squido toward the imperial family's side courtyard.

“Good, you did well.” Ye Chen took out five Purple-gold Divine Pills from the armguard's s.p.a.ce. With a wave of his hand, the five Purple-gold Divine Pills hovered in the air. “Of these five Purple-gold Divine Pills, you may eat one. Take the remaining four back to the sect and give them to the disciples who performed well. As long as you do what I ask diligently, I won't be unreasonable.” Ye Chen knew what it meant to temper justice with mercy. At the moment, Nie Qingyun and the rest were extremely fearful of Ye Chen because they were eager to live. If he allowed them to continue living in this state of fear forever, one day, their mentality would reach a critical juncture. When they could no longer take it, they would no longer fear death. Ye Chen was showing them mercy so that they would know, they too, had a future working under him. This would give them a sense of hope.

Nie Qingyun took the five Purple-gold Divine Pills in his hand and shed tears of grat.i.tude. “A thousand thanks, Your Highness. The entire Emerald Cloud Sect vows its loyalty to you, even until death, even when only one person is left standing!” The terror in his heart was slightly alleviated. Ye Chen was not as ruthless as the Daemon Kings in the legends. Of course, this was only how he appeared. Nie Qingyun would not dare to push Ye Chen's limits.

“Mmm.” Ye Chen gave a non-committal response. “Now, return to the sect and send the Eclipsing Firebird to the Capital City. In two months, the Exclusion Zone will be opened. You shall follow me there.”

“Your Highness is entering the Exclusion Zone?” Nie Qingyun was momentarily stunned but dared not question it. He nodded promptly. “Yes, I'll hurry back to the Emerald Cloud Sect now.”

“There's no hurry. It's fine as long as you hurry back before the Exclusion Zone opens,” Ye Chen said carelessly. The Emerald Cloud Sect was in Emerald Cloud Mountain, which was rather far from the Ye Clan. If he moved the Emerald Cloud Sect to Lianyun Mountains, then if anything happened in the Ye Clan, the Emerald Cloud Sect could immediately protect and support the Ye Clan. Nonetheless, to move such a colossal sect over, it was a tremendous undertaking, with many possible issues. After some thought, Ye Chen said, “One more thing. Send some people to Donglin County's Lianyun Mountains and set up a branch there. Send some Earthly Venerable Rank and Tenth Level experts to garrison the place. I'll put them to use there.”

“Very well. Your humble servant shall do that upon returning,” Nie Qingyun replied.

Ye Chen gave a few more instructions. If anything were to happen to the Ye Clan, the Emerald Cloud Sect would a.s.sist the Ye Clan in time. Even so, Ye Chen would not allow the Emerald Cloud Sect to enter the valley in Lianyun Mountains. That was the lifesaving foundation of the Ye Clan and must not be known to outsiders. The fewer the people who knew about it, the safer the Ye Clan would be!

After Nie Qingyun finished reporting all the matters, he hurriedly returned to the Emerald Cloud Sect.

As for Ye Chen, when he journeyed back to the imperial lodgings by Lake Nekros, it was already very late.

That night, Ye Chen sent Little Squido to continue treasure hunting in Lake Nekros. Other than a pair of silk trousers that matched the shirt, there were no other discoveries. Still, Ye Chen was very pleased. It turned out that the silk shirt had a matching pair of pants. When he wore this outfit, they fit his body softly and comfortably. Moreover, they had formidable defensive abilities. Any blade that was lower than a Tier Six spirit artifact could not cut through them at all. In addition, they had great shock-absorbing properties. If Ye Chen suffered a slash, the internal injury he received would be reduced by seventy percent. It was very effective against Heavenly Venerable Rank Celestial Chi and would surely weaken Mystique Venerable Rank Celestial Chi as well.

With this set of clothes, Ye Chen's chances of survival in dangerous situations had greatly improved. Something like this was much more valuable than dozens of Purple-gold Divine Pills. He was delighted as he had reaped quite the harvest over these two days.

In the early morning, when the sky was just brightening, Master Apothecary Xuanyi, Great Emperor Mingwu, Yin Xiang, Ye Chen, Little Wingsy, and Little Tanuki started out together. As for Li Xu, he was staying in the imperial lodgings to copy The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy and practice his alchemy. Thus, he would not be going to Jadeite City.

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