Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

205 Mitama Bracele

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Zhu Gonggong scoffed twice. The ball was like a sun, shining brighter than before.Ye Chen's Astral Body retreated another step under the light. The Daemon King Rank mystical beast was too strong. Ye Chen's Astral Body was unable to subdue the Daemon King Rank mystical beast at all. Furthermore, Zhu Gonggong seemed to have a special ability.

"Heh heh, you finally retreated. You don't stand a chance against me, Zhu Gonggong! I'm a man, no, a pig-G.o.d who's like the wind. No one can stop me!" Zhu Gonggong rocked proudly as the small tail on its rear rolled into a circle. The treasure it wore chimed and tinkled. Although that was what it said, it was going up against a Daemon King Celestial Beast, so it did not dare to be careless and continued to run away.

Ye Chen was pale as a sheet. His Astral Body shook violently and he hurriedly urged his Celestial Chi. In the Celestial Chi, strands of Astral Body energy rose to the sky, replenishing his Astral Body.

"Little Tanuki, let's try again one last time!" Ye Chen said deeply. He was unwilling to let Zhu Gonggong escape like this and prepared to try again although he knew that the chances of success were very slim.

Little Tanuki stood on Ye Chen's shoulder. Divine light filled her eyes and her Astral Body rose and merged into Ye Chen's Astral Body. Only one-tenth of her Astral Body could merge into Ye Chen's, but it still had a strong strengthening effect on Ye Chen's Astral Body.

Little Wingsy watched Ye Chen and Little Tanuki nervously from the side. He was of no help now. As an ancient being belonging to the category of mystical beasts, he did not have things like Psyches and could not cultivate Celestial Chi either. He mostly cultivated his physical strength and the unique bloodline power that he had. He did not understand anything about Psyches or Celestial Chi.

After merging with part of Little Tanuki's Astral Body, Ye Chen's Astral Body suddenly had strengthened greatly. His Astral Body shifted to sharp needles and shot toward Zhu Gonggong's mind.

Zhu Gonggong could not feel the Daemon King Celestial Beast's Psyche anymore and relaxed slightly when suddenly, a sharp needle-like Psyche p.r.i.c.ked into its mind. Zhu Gonggong's head suddenly stung.

"My goodness!" Zhu Gonggong p.i.s.sed itself in fright. Its mind's defense was extremely strong, but Ye Chen's Astral Body had almost breached it. Although it was only a little sting, it was terrifying for Zhu Gonggong because it knew that if a Psyche had entered, it would lose its freedom!

Zhu Gonggong barked out and used the treasure it was carrying again. With a "boom", Ye Chen's Astral Body retreated again.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Zhu Gonggong turned into a blur of chaos in the busy street. Bang! Boom! Crash! Dozens of brick walls were knocked down by Zhu Gonggong. Before a Daemon King Rank combatant's body, brick walls were as weak as paper. In just a moment, Zhu Gonggong had already escaped five or six kilometers away, nowhere to be seen.

After Ye Chen's Astral Body was shocked by Zhu Gonggong, his face went pale as he staggered. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood as he saw Zhu Gonggong run away. With Ye Chen's current Astral Body, it was too difficult to subdue a Daemon King Rank mystical beast.

Ye Chen did not have much hope for subduing Zhu Gonggong, but it was still a shame. By the time his Astral Body got stronger, it would be tough to encounter a Daemon King Rank mystical beast that had not been subdued by a Daemon King Celestial Beast yet. Even Heavenly Adept Rank mystical beasts were difficult to find, much less Daemon King Rank ones.

Forget it. Ye Chen knew that he should not be too greedy. He used his Celestial Chi and Astral Body energy rose, replenishing the Astral Body that Ye Chen had consumed excessively.

"Little Wingsy, Little Tanuki, it got away." Ye Chen smiled wryly.

Little Wingsy and Little Tanuki were not too disappointed. They did not hold much hope in the first place.

"When Brother Ye Chen grows stronger, he'll be able to subdue an even stronger Daemon King." Little Wingsy piped up.

"Yes." Ye Chen smiled. He was very calm at this failure. After all, he was trying to do something out of his abilities. As he prepared to keep his Astral Body, he suddenly detected a strange energy. His Astral Body followed the trace of energy and found something buried under the collapsed brick wall which Zhu Gonggong had pa.s.sed through. It let off a faint glow of treasure.

Ye Chen's heart trembled. Could it be that Zhu Gonggong had dropped something while it was fleeing? Even Ye Chen had to admit that there were way too many treasures on Zhu Gonggong's body. There were at least a dozen that had unique defensive effects against Psyches. If not for those treasures, Zhu Gonggong might have already been subdued by other Daemon King Celestial Beasts.

"Little Wingsy, Little Tanuki, let's go!" Ye Chen said. His body shot forward like an arrow. He had to grab the treasure before Zhu Gonggong returned!

After flying for thousands of meters, Ye Chen reached the collapsed wall. There were broken pieces of bricks and stones everywhere. Ye Chen rummaged in the rubble before finding a jade bracelet. This jade bracelet looked like any ordinary jade bracelet, but it gave off a faint gleam of treasure. It grew warm and moist in his hands, making people feel like it was slightly different.

Ye Chen had recognized that this was the bracelet that Zhu Gonggong wore on its hoof.

Ye Chen did not know what the bracelet was for, but he was sure that it was quite extraordinary.

"Brother Ye Chen, what is this bracelet for? Is it valuable?" Little Wingsy asked Ye Chen while staring at the bracelet in his hand with wide eyes.

Valuable? Did Little Wingsy want to sell a treasure for money?

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The harvest is good. They would speak after leaving. If Zhu Gonggong came back and they fought, Ye Chen, Little Tanuki, and Little Wingsy teamed together was still no match for Zhu Gonggong!

Mitama Bracelet? This thing was related to Psyches!

Ye Chen used his Astral Body to probe into the bracelet. When his Astral Body entered the bracelet, he felt a "hum" from the Mitama Bracelet, like a quiver. The sound was like an invisible ripple, dissipating around. Ye Chen felt a strange resonation with his Astral Body and the Flying Dagger in his mind also shook.

According to the frequency of how the Flying Dagger was shaking, Ye Chen could roughly guess that this jade bracelet was not of a low tier but it was not an exceptional treasure like Tantai Ling's trident from the Sunken Jade Tower.

However, Ye Chen was still unable to use the jade bracelet now. He would study the function of the jade bracelet when he returned.

Ye Chen was preparing to put the jade bracelet into the armguard s.p.a.ce when Little Tanuki hurriedly shook her head and squeaked twice.

"Little Tanuki, you're telling me not to put the jade bracelet into the armguard s.p.a.ce and keep it close to my body?" Ye Chen asked doubtfully. He could guess what Little Tanuki wanted to say by her expression.

Little Tanuki nodded.

"Alright." Although Ye Chen did not know why, Little Tanuki must have her reasons. He kept the jade bracelet close to his body.

Ye Chen brought Little Tanuki and Little Wingsy, and entered the Imperial City. Seeing Ye Chen, a gold-armored imperial guard bowed respectfully before calling several other gold-armored imperial guards to bring Ye Chen into the Capital City. They pa.s.sed through limestone paved roads through the forest into the palace hall.

Each magnificent palace towered loftily and majestically, at least tens of meters high. Some were as high as hundreds of meters with columns of meticulous carvings. The rich and splendid decorations gave it a royal atmosphere.

Little Wingsy was like a country b.u.mpkin who had entered the city for the first time and watched with eyes as wide as saucers. Who knew that humans were so amazing that they could build such a magnificent palace.

Even Ye Chen who was accustomed to seeing palaces on television was shocked by the scene before him. These palaces were much more magnificent than any palaces he had seen in the past. As this world was filled with rich and powerful martial arts techniques, for an artisan or smith who cultivated to the Fifth or Sixth Level, it was not particularly difficult for them to construct buildings several meters tall.

Walking through them, Ye Chen suddenly felt like he was in a dream.

Ye Chen's Astral Body swept past these buildings. He was full of respect for the people who had built these buildings.

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