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On the east side of Silk-washing Bridge Lane, Mingyan Pavilion's entrance.Mingyan Pavilion was a relatively well-known brothel. It was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with beauties. In particular, there were two famous hostesses who only entertained guests without selling their bodies. It was crowded and lively with many customers coming in and out.

At Mingyan Pavilion's entrance, a thirty-something woman was waving a gauze handkerchief, attracting pa.s.sing customers. It must be said that the women of Mingyan Pavilion were all up to a certain standard. Although the woman was thirty-something and had a well-rounded figure, she was not fat at all. She had shapely curves and her purple silk clothes outlined the contours of her body in vivid detail. Those ample bosom and pert b.u.t.tocks were enchanting, and her face was lightly powdered. She was not inferior to those famed hostesses. Moreover, the seductive manner that practically oozed from her eyes was so flirtatious that it made one's heart shiver.

"Oh, mister customer, you're back again. Miss Xin Xiang has been waiting for you for a long time…" The woman waved her handkerchief, sending forth a rejuvenating scent.

The customer could not resist groping her a few times.

"Chun Mei, you're becoming more beautiful."

"Oh my, you're such a sweet talker." Chun Mei deliberately snuggled up against the customer, rubbing herself against him. "But you've always been enthralled by Xin Xiang. As if you'd remember me!" Her voice was sweet and cloying, and the customer felt his limbs go soft.

Some of the pa.s.sersby, upon seeing this woman, could not help but give her a few more glances.

Mingyan Pavilion's front yard was as crowded as a marketplace. People were going in at all times.

After Chun Mei sent the customer into Mingyan Pavilion, she came out and continued to attract more customers. At this point, she felt someone touching her bottom and then something seemed to against her b.u.t.tocks.

"Oh my, mister customer, you're so naughty!" Chun Mei exclaimed coquettishly. Her cheeks turned pink and her eyes fluttered coyly but she did not turn back. Instead, she thrust her b.u.t.tocks backward and swayed them. "Mister customer, you're too naughty, oh… It's so big and hard… Oh… I'm feeling so shy… We're in public… Oh… Stop, I can't hold on much longer."

Chun Mei's cloying voice made one feel as if a cat was clawing at one's heart. Suddenly, her body shuddered violently as if she was collapsing with pleasure. Her face was lit up by the intoxicating afterglow of satisfaction. She looked up and saw that the people around her were keeping their distance. No one was looking at her. Instead, they were staring behind her in terror. How strange. She turned back and saw a pink pig smiling at her. That lecherous look would make anyone mistake it for a human.

"My goodness! It's the Demon Pig!" Chun Mei was so shocked that she no longer cared about how she looked as she desperately scrambled back into Mingyan Pavilion.

When it saw Chun Mei running in, Zhu Gonggong swayed its head as if recalling something. Then, it clicked its tongue appreciatively. "Round, pert, taut, plump, succulent – a once-in-millennium, excellent bottom to nuzzle! Those cheeks must only be found only in heaven. How could I possibly have nuzzled them in this world! Chun Mei? What a poetic name[1]. Tsk tsk, fine b.u.t.tocks, fine b.u.t.tocks! Even the way she scrambled in was so erotic."

Zhu Gonggong shook its head in satisfaction as it swaggered into Mingyan Pavilion. After a moment, chaos erupted in Mingyan Pavilion. Now and then, a piercing female shriek would be heard.

Ye Chen was rather speechless. Zhu Gonggong was really… Ye Chen did not quite know how to describe it nor did he know what to do. Should he use his Astral Body to subdue Zhu Gonggong? Ye Chen was worried his Astral Body was not strong enough. He might not be up to the task of subduing Zhu Gonggong. If he failed to make Zhu Gonggong submit and aroused its retaliation, a Daemon King Rank fighter was very fearsome.

Zhu Gonggong was causing chaos in Mingyan Pavilion. It probably would not be out for some time. Ye Chen quickly explained the current situation and asked Little Tanuki, "Little Tanuki, what should we do?"

Little Tanuki was rather surprised. Daemon Kings usually holed up deep in ancient mountain forests. Even if they came to human society, they would hide among humans to avoid being discovered. It was rare to see one like Zhu Gonggong who would boldly and brazenly barge into the Capital City. Still, all this was understandable. However, this Zhu Gonggong had nuzzled women's b.u.t.tocks. Was it a weirdo among Daemon Kings?

"Squeak squeak," Little Tanuki said after some thought.

"Big Sister Little Tanuki said that you can try to use your Astral Body to subdue Zhu Gonggong. If you can, that Zhu Gonggong would've no way of resisting. If you can't, then hide immediately in the Heavenly Astra Hidden Magic Seal," Little Wingsy translated.

"That's a good plan. But if I can't subdue it, what do we do if the Demon Pig lashes out in the Capital City and slaughters humans?" Ye Chen asked somewhat worriedly.

Little Tanuki shook her head and said a few lines in beast language.

"Big Sister Little Tanuki said that since ancient times, our ancestors have instructed us. Mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts wouldn't wantonly ma.s.sacre humans in towns," Little Wingsy said.

Ye Chen was rather doubtful. Why would mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts have such a rule? He gave up on trying to make sense of it. Since this was the case, Ye Chen was less apprehensive. He could attempt to use his Astral Body to subdue Zhu Gonggong.

Ye Chen gathered his Astral Body to hunt through Mingyan Pavilion. He was around three miles away from Mingyan Pavilion. Zhu Gonggong was a mystical beast and had no way of turning the tables to track down Ye Chen. Furthermore, Ye Chen was ready with the Heavenly Astra Seal. If he failed in making Zhu Gonggong submit, he could hide away at once, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

After Ye Chen's Astral Body had explored Mingyan Pavilion, the scene that greeted him made him cry with laughter. The doors of Mingyan Pavilion had been shut by Zhu Gonggong. A bunch of men and women in various states of undress were scattering in all directions within Mingyan Pavilion whereas Zhu Gonggong's snout was constantly snorting as it chased after the women.

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"Fine b.u.t.tocks!"

That was a Daemon King Rank mystical beast. If he could make it submit to him, then was there any place in this world that he could not go to?

"Come back here!" Ye Chen suddenly widened his eyes. His mighty Astral Body surged out of his body, forming countless invisible ropes that coiled around Zhu Gonggong.

"This again!" Zhu Gonggong detected that the surrounding Psyche pressure had suddenly increased. Its heart was nearly leaping out of its chest. The jade pendant around its neck, the jade bracelets it wore, the earrings, and so on, were all shimmering with a splendid, blinding light. "I, Zhu Gonggong, have met more than ten Daemon King Celestial Beasts in my n.o.ble life, but not a single one of them had been able to subdue me. I'm a divine pig with ambition. How can I be restrained by ordinary folk like you? My dream is to nuzzle the bottom of every beauty in this world. Before I achieve my dream, I will definitely not bow down to you!"

Spikes of Astral Body had pierced into Zhu Gonggong's mind like steel needles.

Ye Chen had already unleashed the full power of his Astral Body!

Zhu Gonggong stopped running. It noticed that the Psyche of this Daemon King Celestial Beast was different from the usual ones. When it sensed the pressure in its brain, it promptly fortified its defenses. The shining gleam from the necklace, bracelets, and earrings it wore turned into beams of red light, forming a st.u.r.dy barrier around its mind.

"Scram!" Zhu Gonggong yelled loudly. The red light erupted like the sun.

Under the glow of this red light, Ye Chen's Astral Body was like snow that had met boiling water. It was significantly melted and fell back like the tide. Nonetheless, in just a short while, Ye Chen's Astral Body was swiftly consolidated again.

There was a trace of energy from an ancient, wild beast in Ye Chen's Astral Body. Zhu Gonggong turned white with alarm. It had never thought that such an overpowering Daemon King Celestial Beast was hiding in the Capital City. 'My goodness, I shouldn't have come to the Capital City.' Zhu Gonggong was plagued by useless regrets.

Ye Chen's Astral Body tried to invade Zhu Gonggong's mind again and again, but he failed every time. The shape of Zhu Gonggong's mind was like a ball floating in thin air, only this ball's defenses were too formidable. It was like a st.u.r.dy fort that showed no signs of cracking. There was no place where Ye Chen could invade.

Ye Chen could somewhat understand why Zhu Gonggong, despite being a Daemon King mystical beast, was not subdued by any Daemon King Celestial Beast. There were not many Daemon King Celestial Beasts that could subdue Zhu Gonggong.

Bang bang bang! Ye Chen's Astral Body constantly battered the ball and was shaken again and again. He tried to engulf the ball countless times, but the ball was like a reef among the waves, incomparably solid. No matter how many times the waves crashed over it, it still did not budge.

[1] the literal translation of Chun Mei would be "spring plum".

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