Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

199 Tear Down The Ancestral Hall!

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"This is a matter for us tanuki. There's no need for outsiders to speak!" the old witch growled.Ye Chen felt that among these people, Little Tanuki's grandaunt was more reasonable. He ignored the old witch and turned to Little Tanuki's grandaunt and said, "Grandaunt, after that battle, were there any clansmen from Lianyun Mountains who had survived?"

Little Tanuki's eyes suddenly twinkled as she stared at her grandaunt.

Little Tanuki's grandaunt shook her head sadly and said, "So far, only Little Ning has been found alive. Originally, I had thought that even Little Ning…"

Little Tanuki had still held onto the hope that she would find lucky survivors from her clan here but after hearing her grandaunt's words, her eyes suddenly dimmed as big tears rolled down from her cheeks.

Seeing Little Tanuki's saddened expression, Ye Chen's heart also ached. If the Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan had helped, perhaps the Lianyun Mountains tanuki clan would not be exterminated. Ye Chen had nowhere to vent the anger in his heart. If he had the power of a Daemon King, he would certainly crush that old witch to a pulp with one fist.

Little Wingsy also clenched his fist angrily. He felt that it was this old witch who had killed Elder Sister Little Tanuki's family!

"Many thanks to grandaunt for letting us know. We came here to find Little Tanuki's clansmen but since this is the case, we shall take our leave. Little Tanuki, Little Wingsy, let's go!" Ye Chen's voice was indifferent as he turned to walk out of the ancestral hall.

"Stop right there!" The old witch roared and slammed her cane on the ground and with a "boom", a piece of limestone crumbled into dust. Ye Chen's att.i.tude had been extremely rude since he had entered the ancestral hall and he had ignored her the entire time. How could she tolerate it? The old witch said with a sullen face, "Do you think that my Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan is a place where you can come and go as you please?"

Ye Chen was just about to step out of the ancestral hall when he heard the old witch's words. He turned around and looked coldly at the old witch and said, "In that case, what would the Chief have us do? I'd like to see just how tyrannical the great Chief is!"

Seeing that Ye Chen still dared to talk back to her, the old witch slowly walked toward Ye Chen and said fiercely, "Up till now, no human has dared to enter my tanuki clan's territory. Since you saved one of our kind, you can leave after you're punished with five hundred lashes. As for Little Ning, you'll have to stay here and be punished according to the clan rules!"

"Five hundred lashes. Haha, how interesting." The old hag wearing a large red robe cackled. "Although Little Ning is from the Lianyun Mountains tanuki clan, she has a pure bloodline. She already has six tails even before transforming, so her talent is extraordinary. How can just a bloodline be left outside? She's just the right match for the boy in my house. In the future, the children she gives birth to will surely be excellent." The old hag looked at Little Tanuki on Ye Chen's shoulder and smiled.

Little Tanuki extended her claws furiously and stared viciously at the old hag.

"My oh my, the little doll has a big temper and is due for a discipline. Don't worry, when you marry the boy in my house, I'll discipline you thoroughly." The old hag cackled.

"Chief, please spare this Young Master," Little Tanuki's grandaunt said anxiously. She could feel that the atmosphere was not right. She could not see Ye Chen and Little Wingsy's strength but for an ordinary human, their cultivation would not be that strong at age seventeen or eighteen. As for Little Wingsy, he should be a snake-type mystical beast but he was still very young. Although she could not see Little Wingsy's cultivation, it should not be that strong. Young people were too rash. Chief and Aunt Red were Mystique Adept Rank combatants! 

"To be this impudent in my Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan's ancestral hall, of course, I have to teach him a lesson!" The old witch snorted angrily and shouted, "Guards, arrest them!"

Unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable! Ye Chen clenched his fist, the bones in his body shaking in anger. Little Tanuki also glared furiously.

"Little Wingsy, smash their ancestral hall! I'll show you how I act impudently in your territory. What can you do to me?" Ye Chen growled. He had originally thought that they could not go against Mystique Adept Rank combatants and should run away if they had the chance but this old witch was too overbearing. Ye Chen could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.

A bright purple flame suddenly burned in Ye Chen's eyes as his sharp gaze swept toward the two hateful women. His eyes carried a trace of his Astral Body's energy.

The two old women stumbled a few steps back and looked at Ye Chen in horror. There was a terrifying aura from Ye Chen and fear rose from the depths of their souls. As Mystique Adept Rank celestial beasts, only Daemon Kings would cause them to feel fear. To the side, Little Tanuki's grandaunt watched with shock.

Ye Chen scoffed coldly and retracted his gaze before stepping out of the ancestral hall.

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Little Wingsy growled and punched a pillar in the ancestral hall. With a "boom", the incomparably st.u.r.dy pillar which was made of special materials and remained strong for a thousand years had crumbled under Little WIngsy's fist.

"No!" the two women and Little Tanuki's grandaunt screamed in alarm but it was too late.

Little Wingsy punched another pillar, which also crumbled in one blow.

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Little Tanuki looked at the old witch and the old hag, and revealed a disgusted expression. Then, her face softened when she looked at her grandaunt. Her grandaunt had treated her very well. When her clansmen suffered, her grandaunt did not come because she was stopped by those two old women beside her.

Seeing Ye Chen acting so disrespectful, the old hag was somewhat displeased as she spoke, "Our Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan is subservient to the Wolven Kingdom and receive protection from the Wolven Kingdom. Even if the Young Master is powerful, our Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan will not be bullied by anyone."

That old woman still dared to talk back to Ye Chen. Just seeing that old hag's face made him feel disgusted. If he was a Daemon King, how would he care about the so-called Wolven Kingdom? He would first give this old woman a tight slap! Ye Chen wondered what kind of force was the Wolven Kingdom. Demon Wolves? Was it those wolf Psyches he had encountered back in the Sunken Jade Tower? Ye Chen and Little Wingsy could pretend to be Daemon Kings but if they had encountered a real Daemon King, they would be no match to him at all!

Ye Chen glared at the old hag, purple-fire blazing more intensely in his eyes.

Beside the old hag, the old witch was scared half to death. How could Aunt Red be so ignorant? Although the Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan was subservient under the Wolven Kingdom, they were just a va.s.sal. If a Daemon King appeared to kill them all, there was no way the Wolven Kingdom would offend a Daemon King for them! Involving the Wolven Kingdom at this point would only annoy Ye Chen! Although she did not know Ye Chen's strength, her heart felt a deep chill and fear just by looking at Ye Chen's eyes.

Little Tanuki's eyes were full of tears as she looked at her grandaunt indignantly. The Wolven Kingdom was the one who had killed the Lianyun Mountains tanuki clan! However, the Emerald Cloud Mountain tanuki clan took refuge under the Wolven Kingdom!

Seeing Little Tanuki's eyes, her grandaunt also felt ashamed.

For a moment, the air grew stagnant. The old witch and the others were anxious and frightened. Every minute and every second that had pa.s.sed by was extremely painful.

Little Tanuki's grandaunt opened her mouth and wanted to say something but she did not know how to say it.

"Since you're Little Tanuki's clansmen, I won't kill you today but you won't be so lucky next time. Little Wingsy, change back to your real body. Let's go!" Ye Chen said lowly and glared fiercely at them.

Little Wingsy's body suddenly morphed into a huge Winged Serpent over three hundred meters long, causing panic among the tanuki clan below. Little Wingsy deliberately sneezed and caused a gale to blow, sending dozens of tanuki screaming as they flew.

"Hmph." Little Wingsy looked quite unhappy.

The old witch looked up and saw Little Wingsy's real body, and trembled with fear. He must be a mystical beast Daemon King to have a body that large. Mystical beast Daemon King did not have a Psyche but their physical strength was terrifying. Only a Celestial Beast Daemon King would be able to soothe a mystical beast Daemon King. She looked at Ye Chen with deep fear in her eyes. The old hag also clutched at her head silently, not daring to speak.

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