Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

195 Advance To Mid-Earthly Venerable Rank!

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"What's happening? It has suddenly become so much stronger!" Dongmen Yinyang threw out a punch and dodged the gold-armored soldier's sword. He leaped to the side and kicked, sending Pure Yang Chi Construct scattering in all directions.Boom!

The gold-armored soldier took the attack head-on and was forced a few steps back, but he swung his sword again.

Dongmen Yingyang always had some doubts regarding this gold-armored soldier. Just what the h.e.l.l was it? It seemed similar to a ghost but it was corporeal when it attacked, not like a ghost at all.

If it was a ghost, it would swiftly avoid encountering combatants with powerful Yang energy or being hit with sunlight. They would not act so ferociously like the gold-armored soldier!

Dongmen Yingyang looked toward Ye Chen and saw that there was purple smoke rising from his body like a burning flame. On his shoulder, Little Tanuki was emitting white smoke slightly weaker than Ye Chen's purple smoke.

The white flame lingering on the gold-armored soldier should be released by Little Tanuki. It was not surprising that he could feel that the gold-armor soldier's strength had increased!

This thing could even merge!

Dongmen Yingyang tried to break away from the gold-armored soldier several times to attack Ye Chen and Little Tanuki, but the gold-armor soldier was like a maggot attached to bones. He could not approach Ye Chen or Little Tanuki at all.

If the gold-armored soldier was just a mid-Heavenly Venerable One, it would not be able to stop Dongmen Yingyang at all. What frightened Dongmen Yingyang was that the gold-armored soldier's sword would sometimes burst into purple flames. This purple fire was extremely strong and even if only a little spark sputtered out, it could instantly melt off a part of his Pure Yang Chi Construct. It was truly tyrannical.

Boom boom boom!


The gold-armored soldier and Dongmen Yingyang fought hand-to-hand in the air, their blows colliding like m.u.f.fled thunder. All the nearby trees shook. If they were hit with just a fraction of the blows, even thick trees would be blown to dust. The ground was full of large pits. Rock flew and the earth cracked.

Even when Ye Chen and Little Tanuki's Astral Body merged and the gold-armored soldier had reached peak Heavenly Venerable Rank, it was still not enough. Dongmen Yingyang's fists rained on the gold-armored soldier's body. If not for the Astral Body battle-tempered with the Purple-fire Astra Lion in the Heavenly Astra Seal, Ye Chen would not have been able to withstand such violent attacks.

It was a shame that Little Tanuki's Astral Body could not completely merge with Ye Chen's Astral Body yet!

Ye Chen's face was as pale as a sheet. The Nine Astra in his dantian ran at breakneck speed and the Celestial Chi in his Astral Body continuously rose to the air, fusing into the body of the gold-armored soldier, but still could not stop the consumption used in battle. The gold-armored soldier became slightly thinner under Dongmen Yingyang's fierce attacks.

A peak Heavenly Venerable One was still too strong.

"Oh no, I can't hold on for much longer!" Ye Chen gritted his teeth as his consciousness grew hazy. He urged the gold-armored soldier in battle with Dongmen Yingyang while plotting on how to get away.

Dongmen Yingyang was like a wild beast. The clothes on his upper body were completely ripped, revealing thick, ferocious muscles and gray-black skin that gave off a faint l.u.s.ter like metal under the sunlight. Every punch and every kick contained explosive power that would cause astonishing trembles.

"You cursed thing, die!" Dongmen Yingyang suddenly leaped into the air with a roar, his right leg raised high. Metal-type Celestial Chi quickly condensed into his right leg and he swung it down like a huge executioner's sword.

Overlord's Heel of Ruin!

Dongmen Yingyang's killing blow was a Tier Six martial arts technique. Metal-type attacks had always been famous for its strong and unparalleled offensive power. Overlord Splits the Mountains was a Tier Six martial arts technique. It contained boundless strength which could break a mountain into two with one foot.

The gold-armored soldier immediately felt a powerful force descending upon him but it was too late to avoid it. He instantly raised his longsword to block it.

With a "bang", the hilt of the longsword broke into two pieces.

Dongmen Yingyang's Overlord Splits the Mountains was too powerful. He watched as his foot fell onto the gold-armored soldier's chest. This blow would kill the gold-armored soldier.

Dongmen Yingyang suddenly felt air below his foot. His leg whistled down and collided with the ground, and a loud rumble instantly rang out.

What happened? How did he miss it?

Dongmen Yingyang looked at the gold-armored soldier still floating in the air. Its figure gradually faded away and turned wavy before dissipating into the air.

Right before Dongmen Yingyang was about to hit the gold-armored soldier, Ye Chen suddenly recalled the gold-armored soldier and avoided Dongmen Yingyang's attack.

"Little Tanuki, let's go!" Ye Chen said lowly. He swallowed a Soul-consolidating Pill he took from his Heaven-Earth Pouch and leaped toward the depths of the jungle, running away. So far, his Astral Body had not suffered any serious damage but after the fierce battle with the Nine Astra in his dantian working at full throttle, he faintly felt that his Celestial Chi had already reached a critical point. Could it be that his Celestial Chi cultivation was about to enter mid-Earthly Venerable Rank?

Ye Chen was still injured and could not go up against Dongmen Yingyang, so he had to run first! He arched his body and ran through the jungle like a cheetah.

"As if I'll let you escape." Dongmen Yingyang snorted furiously and flew in the air. He chased after Ye Chen closely, like an eagle tracking its prey from the skies.

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Dongmen Yingyang's speed was much faster than Ye Chen, and soon, caught up with Ye Chen. He suddenly swooped down, hands shaped like claws, and grabbed.

Ye Chen now had some knowledge of the array in the Heavenly Astra Seal. Although he could not fully control the array, it was still possible to operate it. Once the Purple-fire Astra Lion wanted to break away from the array, he could immediately use the array to suppress it!

"I told you to shut up!" Ye Chen glanced coldly at the Purple-fire Astra Lion.

The Purple-fire Astra Lion was furious but did not dare to provoke Ye Chen again. He could not understand. Ye Chen had not been recognized as the owner of the Heavenly Astra Seal that long, but he could already activate the array. Could this boy know how to control the Heavenly Astra Seal?

The Purple-fire Astra Lion was shocked and angry. It had to break the seal of the array quickly. Otherwise, when Ye Chen had fully controlled the Heavenly Astra Seal, its future would be bleak!

When Ye Chen had activated the array in the Heavenly Astra Seal, he felt the mysterious runic seal in his left palm activating. It affected the Nine Astra in his body, and the chi flow in his body started to rapidly move.

The Celestial Chi on the Flying Dagger swiftly entered his dantian. His dantian gradually swelled and with a loud boom in his mind, Celestial Chi surged madly.

Ye Chen's cultivation had entered mid-Earthly Venerable Rank from beginner Earthly Venerable Rank.

Ye Chen was pleasantly surprised. When the Flying Dagger started moving, Ye Chen knew that he had embarked on a cultivation path different from ordinary people. In half a year after encountering several breakthroughs, he had reached a level many cultivators could not reach in their entire lives. Ye Chen had thought that after entering the Earthly Venerable Attainment Level, his speed of improvement would slow down. He did not expect to reach mid-Earthly Venerable Rank so soon.

The amount of Celestial Chi in Ye Chen's dantian was more than fifty percent higher than when he was in beginner Earthly Venerable Rank. Along with the improvement in his cultivation, his Astral Body had also made some progress.

Ye Chen looked at Little Tanuki. Little Tanuki had just experienced fusing Astral Bodies and its Astral Body had improved slightly after the refinement with the purple fire. The energy of its Astral Body seemed to be getting closer to Ye Chen's.

The Purple-fire Astra Lion watched Ye Chen and Little Tanuki, and discovered that after a few minutes, Ye Chen's injuries had completely recovered, and his cultivation had also improved greatly. There was a very different aura around his body. The Purple-fire Astra Lion was shocked. This boy's cultivation speed was too fast!

Ye Chen stood up and explored outside the Heavenly Astra Seal with his Astral Body. Dongmen Yingyang was still nearby and had piled a lot of wood together and lit a raging fire.

"Little Tanuki, let's go and meet that Dongmen Yingyang again!" Ye Chen said lowly, already rousing Fire-type Celestial Chi. He took Little Tanuki and exited the Heavenly Astra Seal.

Outside, the fire raged. Ye Chen found himself in the flames the moment he left the Heavenly Astra Seal, but after using Fire-type Celestial Chi, these flames were nothing to him. He gave a low scoff and unleashed Crimson Clouds Searing Skies.

Dongmen Yingyang had searched for a long time but still could not find Ye Chen, so he came up with the method of chopping all the trees around him, piling them together, and lighting them up to form a blaze in hopes of smoking Ye Chen out.

At that moment, Dongmen Yingyang suddenly felt Ye Chen's aura which was much stronger than before. He felt the surrounding Celestial Chi surged and with a boom, flames exploded. The burning trees were all shot forward and burning debris scattered everywhere.

Ye Chen stood proudly and unscathed on the scorched earth in the middle of the fire. Little Tanuki stood on Ye Chen's shoulder, its bright eyes staring straight at Dongmen Yingyang.

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