Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

189 Two Mighty Daemon Kings

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"He'd fainted so quickly. That's no fun," Ye Chen said gloomily. He detected the odor of urine. Nie Chengfeng had peed his pants from fear, all thanks to Little Wingsy's words. He loathingly kicked Nie Chengfeng away. With a loud thump, Nie Chengfeng crashed into that fat woman, knocking her out as well. The two b.a.l.l.s of flesh, weighing hundreds of catties, bounced slightly."Little Xuan, how do you want to deal with these two?" Ye Chen looked at Ye Xuan and asked. Ye Xuan was the one who was bullied. Naturally, it was up to her what she wanted to do with her bullies.

"Big Brother Ye Chen, let's forget about it." Ye Xuan tugged at Ye Chen's clothes as she said softly.

Ye Xuan was too kind. Even if Nie Chengfeng and that fat woman had bullied her before, she had never wished for vicious revenge.

When Nie Qingyun heard what Ye Xuan had said, he was nearly moved to tears. What a good kid. Now he was somewhat regretting his past actions of indulging Nie Chengfeng, that b*stard. If Nie Qingyun did not die today, he would lock up the punk Nie Chengfeng to prevent him from harming others. This punk had brought down an overwhelming disaster upon the Emerald Cloud Sect!

"Little Xuan, you're too kind. If we just let them go like that, that won't do! Is our Ye Clan so easily bullied? If we don't teach them a long, hard lesson, in the future, they'll bully their way to the Ye Clan!" Ye Chen harrumphed coldly, sweeping his icy gaze across the old man, Nie Qingyun, and the rest. 

The hearts of Nie Qingyun and the rest instantly sank to the pits of their stomachs.

"Your Highness, if you spare our lives, we're willing to work very hard for you!" The red-haired old man, Nie Qingyun, and the rest banged their heads onto the ground in loud thuds.

"Work very hard?" Upon hearing these words, Ye Chen was rather tempted. A Heavenly Adept Rank Celestial Beast and a Heavenly Venerable Rank fighter. If they could be obedient, Ye Chen might just let them off today. The colossal Emerald Cloud Sect was a significant fighting force. If the need arose, he would just order them around in the future.

Seeing that Ye Chen did not speak for a long time, the old man and Nie Qingyun instantly felt a whisper of hope and kowtowed again and again.

"If Your Highness the Daemon King has any orders, we won't hesitate to fulfill them, come h.e.l.l or high water!" Those from the Emerald Cloud Sect vowed this. 

Ye Chen looked back at Ye Xuan and said, "Little Xuan, head back home on the Vermillion Spirit Condor first. I still have to go to the Capital City. After a while, I'll be back home to see you."

Ye Xuan thought about it. These people from the Emerald Cloud Sect were so frightened that they would be obedient and would not pose any problem to him. She nodded. "Mmm-hmm. Big Brother Ye Chen, I'll head back first then." She looked at Ye Chen and seemed unwilling to leave him, but still mounted the Vermillion Spirit Condor, which rose into the air and flew off into the distance.

"My little sister is too kind to get even with you guys. Otherwise, I'll surely kill each and every one of you and let Little Wingsy stuff himself full!" Ye Chen harrumphed angrily.

Upon hearing about Little Wingsy stuffing himself full, the old man and Nie Qingyun shuddered with fear.

"Your Highness is kind and generous!"

"A thousand thanks for sparing us!" Everyone kowtowed.

"Don't thank me just yet. I'm not finished!" Ye Chen looked at those Emerald Cloud Sect members. "A Heavenly Adept Rank Celestial Beast and a Heavenly Venerable fighter are small fry to a Daemon King like me. These days, I'm training in the outside world and couldn't take subordinates with me, so I need someone to run errands for me. I'll keep all of you for now and see how you perform henceforth. If you perform well, I'll spare you. If you don't, humph, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Ye Chen had unleashed his Astral Body. The gold-armored soldier that burned all over with scorching flames stood in mid-air.

When the red-haired old man saw this, he was so shocked that he immediately kowtowed again. 'My heavens, two mighty Daemon Kings!' Two Daemon King powerhouses! The red-haired old man said in a quivering voice, "I'll surely obey Your Highness' orders. I wouldn't dare to disobey. If I do, may lightning strike me right where I stand!"

Nie Qingyun and the rest had heard the Great Ancestor talking about Astral Externalization, so they knew Ye Chen was a Daemon King too. Nie Qingyun trembled deep inside and could not stop bemoaning his ill luck. What opponent was this that his precious son had provoked!

"The entire Emerald Cloud Sect would surely obey Your Highness' orders. We wouldn't dare to disobey. If we do, may lightning strike us right where we stand!" Nie Qingyun quickly made this vow too.

"I won't just believe some bullsh*t vow. I've already used a secret technique of my Psyche to leave a trace of energy on your bodies. If you have any thoughts of disloyalty, carefully consider if you'll be able to escape my pursuit!" Ye Chen's eyes narrowed as he looked at the red-haired old man and Nie Qingyun. He had to scare them first or they would probably harbor thoughts of disloyalty!

From the perspectives of the red-haired old man and Nie Qingyun, Ye Chen's eyes which bore no trace of emotion revealed only an astonishing murderous intent. They felt a chill run down their spines.

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"We definitely won't dare to betray Your Highness!" the red-haired old man and Nie Qingyun both said.

"Great Ancestor, they're far away by now." Nie Qingyun did not quite understand.

The red-haired old man glared at Nie Qingyun and burst out shouting, "Are you trying to get us all killed? From now on, all of you had better watch your words carefully. Do you know what a Daemon King is? Why would I be so afraid of a Daemon King? You have no way of imagining what kind of existence a Daemon King is! When a Daemon King has Astral Externalization, their Psyche can travel hundreds of miles in the span of a thought. Not a single movement within those hundreds of miles will escape their Psyche. Even beyond those hundreds of miles, His Highness the Daemon King's Psyche only has to shift a little, and you won't even know how you died! His Highness the Daemon King has left a strand of Psyche on each of you, which means that your every movement and thought will be known to His Highness the Daemon King. Even if you hide at the ends of the earth, His Highness the Daemon King can locate you and make you die a tragic death at any time!"

In truth, although this red-haired old man who was transformed from an Eclipsing Firebird had lived for over six centuries, he had always stayed in the Emerald Cloud Sect and had never seen an actual Daemon King. All that he knew were the legends circulating among countless mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts. To them, a Daemon King was a G.o.dlike existence.

Upon hearing the Great Ancestor's words, everyone from the Emerald Cloud Sect shuddered. Before this, they had only known that a Daemon King was equivalent to a human G.o.dly Venerable fighter. However, they did not know about a Daemon King's remarkable abilities. At first, Nie Qingyun and the rest still harbored a secret resistance against Ye Chen and Little Wingsy, but when they had heard how scary a Daemon King was, they immediately squashed these thoughts. It looked like from now on, they must obediently follow these two Daemon Kings. If they ever made the two Daemon Kings unhappy…

Ye Chen's Astral Body was monitoring the response of the red-haired old man, Nie Qingyun, and the rest. When he heard the old man's words, he was rather satisfied. It looked like this label of a Daemon King was quite useful. A smirk appeared on his lips and he unleashed a trace of his Astral Body's energy.

The red-haired old man seemed to sense it and kowtowed quickly in terror. "Your Highness, don't be angry. Please forgive me. I'll surely discipline them properly from now on. Forgive me!"

When Nie Qingyun and the rest saw the Great Ancestor doing this, their hair stood on end. Instantly, they felt as if a pair of eyes were watching them from a dark, unseen abyss. They kowtowed hurriedly and begged forgiveness as well. 

In this manner, a few hours went past. They were still unscathed. Only then did they calm down with looks of abjection. Even so, from today onward, they would never dare to harbor thoughts of disloyalty. 

Nie Chengfeng staggered up, a shocking stench coming off his body. He still wore a panicked, uncertain look as he did not expect to survive. He had thought that he would be gobbled up by that ma.s.sive snake.

"Unfilial son!" When Nie Qingyun saw Nie Chengfeng and smelled the stench, he felt a burst of inexpressible loathing and kicked Nie Chengfeng in the b.u.t.t.

Nie Chengfeng let out a wail of anguish as he was sent flying.

"Hurry up and gather all of the Emerald Cloud Sect's disciples. From this moment, no one is to have contact with the outside world," the red-haired old man said in a low voice. The faces of Nie Qingyun and the rest became stiff. They immediately knew how serious the situation was. The Emerald Cloud Sect had so many disciples, many of whom had seen what had happened today. It would be difficult to stop the spread of news that two Daemon Kings had shown up in the Emerald Cloud Sect. They had to quickly control the situation. Otherwise, if His Highness the Daemon King wanted to a.s.sign blame, they would have to bear the consequences!

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