Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

180 My Emerald Cloud Sword!

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"Be careful of his secret weapon!" someone by the side reminded.This beginner Earthly Venerable fighter named Fang Bai snorted coldly. If Xi Li had not been so careless, he would not have been killed by Ye Chen. Now, Fang Bai was on his guard. Ye Chen's secret weapon could not possibly hurt him!

The muddled Celestial Chi in Ye Chen's body had not recovered. When he saw Fang Bai rush over, Ye Chen had forcibly circulated his Celestial Chi, ready to fight to the death.

Ye Chen's eyes turned icy. If he had no other choice, he should not be blamed for using his Astral Body!

If Ye Chen's Astral Body appeared before these people, they would surely be shocked and horrified. They might even treat him as an abnormal person. Nonetheless, with his life on the line, Ye Chen had no choice but to do it!

"Die!" Fang Bai's right hand turned into sharp claws, aiming at Ye Chen's head.

Ye Chen was ready to circulate his Celestial Chi to fight against Ye Chen. Little Tanuki stood on Ye Chen's shoulder, glaring at Fang Bai. She was ready to cast her Illusion at any moment.

There was a "wham" and Fang Bai's hand was halted in mid-air, unable to move. His wrist was caught by a pale, plump hand. No matter how hard Fang Bai struggled, he could not move an inch.

The one who had caught Fang Bai's hand was Little Wingsy!

"Big Brother Ye Chen, are you alright?" Little Wingsy asked hurriedly. He was at a crucial point in his cultivation when he had sensed this intense battle. Thus, he rushed here and fortunately, made it in time.

"I'm fine." Ye Chen shook his head, relief shown on his face. With Little Wingsy here, things would be fine. Little Wingsy just so happened to be an Earthly Venerable Rank fighter, with the strength of a beginner Earthly Venerable One. As long as Little Wingsy could buy Ye Chen some time, Ye Chen would be able to recover!

"You dare to hit Big Brother Ye Chen?I'm furious!" Little Wingsy turned around and glared at Fang Bai before him. His tiny face was puffed up in anger. Fortunately, he had come just in time. If Big Brother Ye Chen was injured…

"Little punk, scram!" Fang Bai yelled in irritation. He circulated his Celestial Chi and tried to shake off Little Wingsy's left hand. However, no matter how much he had circulated his Celestial Chi, his Celestial Chi seemed to have sunk into an abyss. There was no response at all and his arm could not budge an inch. This person before him was just a five or six-year-old baby!

"Little punk, you're still wet behind the ears. Die!" Fang Bai put on a swaggering display as he harrumphed coldly. His left hand formed a fist which he swung toward Little Wingsy's head.

"Little Wingsy, look out!" Ye Chen shouted in panic at one side.

Bang! Fang Bai's fist had landed squarely on Little Wingsy's head. Even so, this fist seemed to have hit solid steel. Little Wingsy did not move at all and glared at Fang Bai with a red face. "You've provoked me!"

Fang Bai stared at Little Wingsy in fright. Bursts of splitting pain shot up his left fist. Little Wingsy's head had taken a direct blow from an Earthly Venerable Rank fighter but he was completely fine. What kind of monster was this?

"You hit me once so I'll hit you once too!" Little Wingsy's plump right hand balled up into a fist and it sped toward Fang Bai. There was a "bang", then a crackling, popping sound of breaking bones that sounded as if someone was frying beans.

The group of Earthly Venerable Rank fighters was tangled in a scuffle. They saw a body flying past a distance of fifty or sixty meters before crashing heavily into a wall. The wall collapsed at once. Before anyone could react, Fang Bai had disappeared under the rubble.

Little Wingsy, having sent Fang Bai flying in one punch, was still standing on his spot steadily.

The others who had recovered their senses stared at Little Wingsy who stood before Ye Chen. Their eyes could not conceal their shock and horror. 

When Ye Chen had killed Xi Li, they were already thoroughly stunned. A seventeen, eighteen-year-old had the strength of a mid-Earthly Venerable One. This had completely shattered their framework of understanding and the waves of shock in their hearts still had not abated. Now, here came another more terrifying one! This was someone five or six years old, yet he had sent an Earthly Venerable Rank expert flying in just one punch. What the f*ck, did this boy start his cultivation in the womb? Even if he did, that was five or six years only! What kind of world was this? Perhaps it was time for old fogies like them to just lie down quietly in their coffins?

All of the Earthly Venerable Rank fighters stopped in their tracks, forgetting the fight as they gaped blankly at Little Wingsy. To be able to beat up Fang Bai so miserably in just one strike, this five or six-year-old little kid must have the strength of a Heavenly Venerable Rank fighter. Earthly Venerable Rank fighters like the old men might as well go home!

Little Wingsy turned around and looked at Ye Chen in bewilderment, asking, "Big Brother Ye Chen, what are they staring at?"

"Of course they're staring at you." Ye Chen was also shocked by that punch from Little Wingsy. Had Little Wingsy recovered even more of his strength? If Ye Chen did not know beforehand that Little Wingsy was an ancient, unique Winged Serpent that possess Daemon King Rank power at his peak, Ye Chen's expression would surely be similar to those Earthly Venerable Rank fighters!

"Why are they staring at me?" Little Wingsy blinked and asked, confused.

Ye Chen did not know how else to explain. His Astral Body suddenly shifted as he sensed an oversized figure swiftly racing toward the alchemy room. Ye Chen yelled in panic, "Little Wingsy, quick, stop that person!"

"Mmm." Little Wingsy grunted in response, then tore off after that person with surprisingly swift speed.

Previously, they had been too occupied by the battle and did not pay attention to their surroundings. Unexpectedly, besides Xiang Xiong and Yan Fengcheng who were in the sky, a third Heavenly Venerable Rank powerhouse had arrived!

As soon as Ye Chen spoke, he began to worry about Little Wingsy. Although Little Wingsy had recovered somewhat from his injuries, he was likely still not a match for a Heavenly Venerable Rank fighter.

"Old man, stop right there!" Little Wingsy swung a fist toward that figure.

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The plump figure had sensed Little Wingsy's fist whistling toward him and turned around, thrusting out a palm in response.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Nie Qingyun's clothes were whistling with the sound of piercing wind. 

Little Wingsy hit nothing but air and nearly toppled to the ground. With a loud thud, Nie Qingyun's sleeve slammed into Little Wingsy's back.

A Heavenly Venerable Rank expert's movements were endlessly mysterious. Although Nie Qingyun was as round as a fat pig, when he showed off his steps, he moved as lightly as a breeze.

Little Wingsy took the blow and staggered a few steps. He was extremely upset. He turned around, aiming another punch at Nie Qingyun.

Nie Qingyun's fat body flashed slightly and he easily evaded Little Wingsy's attack.

Although Little Wingsy was an ancient, exceptional Winged Serpent, he had not learned any martial arts and he fought as a boor. On the other hand, Nie Qingyun was using masterful movements that seemed to dance among the clouds. The disparity between the two quickly became evident.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Nie Qingyun's sleeves contained an immense force akin to three hundred thousand catties, slamming into Little Wingsy's body again and again. Although Nie Qingyun steadily gained the upper hand, the more he fought, the more he felt alarmed. Each of his blows was strong enough to shatter Gold Arcanite Steel Armor. Even so, Little Wingsy was not injured in the least even after Nie Qingyun had increased the power of each blow that landed on Little Wingsy! 

Ye Chen was initially worried that Little Wingsy would be at a disadvantage and was ready to unleash his Astral Body at any time. However, after seeing that Little Wingsy was unharmed after Nie Qingyun's torrent of attacks, Ye Chen could rest easy. Although Little Wingsy had lost a lot of his strength after getting injured, his body was still that of the ancient, exceptional Winged Serpent. Even if a Mystique Venerable Rank fighter arrived, they would be unable to harm Little Wingsy at all!

Little Wingsy took blow after blow, getting so angry that his face turned red. Still, no matter how he swung his fists, he could not hit Nie Qingyun and was feeling despondent.

"At first, I wanted to spare you. It's you who were asking for it!" Nie Qingyun sensed that he had used up much of his Celestial Chi, but still had no impact on Little Wingsy. His heart was gripped by a vicious fury. He took out a Tier Three spirit artifact - the Emerald Cloud Sword - which was the treasure used to govern the Emerald Cloud Sect. The blade flashed with a cold glint as it slashed toward Little Wingsy.

Considering the Emerald Cloud Sword's power, most Heavenly Adept Rank mystical beasts would be killed in one slash. It could even harm Mystique Adept Rank mystical beasts and even fighters at the Mystique Venerable Rank was susceptible to injury!

With a sharp clang, the Emerald Cloud Sword struck across Little Wingsy's back. Little Wingsy's clothes were torn but his skin remained unblemished. However, there was an additional nick in the Emerald Cloud Sword. Soon, cracks branched out along the Emerald Cloud Sword and this Tier Three spirit artifact broke into fragments and fell to the ground.

"My Emerald Cloud Sword!" Nie Qingyun let out a mournful howl, the loose flesh on his face bunched together.

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