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What did Qiu Ying put in this Heaven-Earth Pouch?Ye Chen felt an extremely pure Celestial Chi in this mystical beast tooth.

"Little Tanuki, do you know what mystical beast this tooth is from?" Ye Chen asked Little Tanuki.

Little Tanuki shook its head. It did not know.

"I wonder what this is. Maybe Qiu Ying didn't know what it was and simply decided to keep it first!" Ye Chen pondered for a moment before keeping the mystical beast tooth in the armguard s.p.a.ce. He had three items that he did not know what they were for now.

A mysterious mystical beast tooth, a mysterious black pearl, and his clan's Heavenly Astral Seal.

The mystical beast tooth aside, no matter if Ye Chen had used Celestial Chi or his Astral Body, he could not explore the black pearl's internal structure at all. He only knew that the item was extraordinary but he did not know its specific purpose. It was the same for the Heavenly Astral Seal. It just felt like an ordinary stone without any Celestial Chi fluctuations. In the past, Ye Chen had thought that it was just an ordinary stone that was pa.s.sed down in the clan but it ended up playing an unexpected role at the Yun Castle, increasing his fire-type Celestial Chi by twenty percent. Up until now, Ye Chen still did not know how the Heavenly Astral Seal caused it, so he carefully hid it on his body. 'I heard that Father has a bigger, double-sided Heavenly Astral Seal. I wonder what they were used for in the past.'

After putting everything away, Ye Chen sat on the bed and continued to cultivate.

The night pa.s.sed silently and in the morning, Ye Chen returned to the alchemy room as if nothing had happened.

Qiu Ying had died in his residence and it caused quite a stir in the Capital City. The Left Prime Minister, who possessed authority and was a top Tenth Level combatant, was killed in his study. Of course, the people would be shaken. Everyone was speculating, 'who exactly killed Qiu Ying?

Great Emperor Mingwu had immediately ordered a thorough investigation and Qiu Ying's entire residence was tightly sealed off. However, the came and went without a trace and no one saw what happened when Qiu Ying was killed. It was extremely strange. Could it be the work of a Venerable Rank?

So far, the only clue that could be found was the scar between Qiu Ying's eyebrows that was caused by a sword. The was a master of the sword. Besides that, there were no other traces left.

Qiu Ying, a peak Tenth Level combatant, was not even able to get up when his door was kicked in. That was odd too. Was the's swordsmanship that swift?

Even Great Emperor Mingwu, a top Heavenly Venerable One, would not be able to stab Qiu Ying with a sword before he could get up! If a Mystic Venerable One wanted to kill Qiu Ying, would he need to resort to such means?

The cause of Qiu Ying's death became a mystery. News had spread that a terrible killer had infiltrated the Capital City and the city was in a state of panic. So much so that one night, a hundred-and-twenty-year-old a.s.sistant Minister in the Ministry of Revenue was scared out of bed, wetting himself. When important ministers slept, they hid in their secret rooms, not daring to sleep in their rooms.

Even a top Tenth Level combatant like Qiu Ying was easily killed, so those with no accomplishments were scared to death. They could only pray that Qiu Ying had provoked the wrong person and the was not targeting the court officials!

Some people had speculated that it was the work of the Nanman Kingdom while others said that the golden-armored imperial guards found evidence of Qiu Ying communicating with the Nanman Kingdom from Qiu Ying's secret room. Hence, it could not have been done by the Nanman Kingdom. All kinds of varied speculations flew around.

The Raven Hawk had returned to Donglin County. 

Ye Chen finally got payback from when Qiu Ying had forced him in the Sunken Jade Tower and almost killed him. Now that he no longer had to worry about Qiu Ying's tricks in the dark, Ye Chen could be at ease.

News about Qiu Ying's death had spread to the island. So far, there were no doubts cast on Ye Chen as he concentrated on cultivation and alchemy. Although no one was suspicious about Ye Chen, he still had a very strong sense of urgency to increase his strength.

'I wonder what Little Wingsy is doing. I haven't seen him for a while.' Ye Chen walked toward Little WIngsy's room.

"Brother Ye Chen, you're back? I'm so sleepy." Little Wingsy rubbed his eyes. He had been sleeping constantly and did not know that Ye Chen went to the Capital City to kill Qiu Ying. After eating the Purple-gold Divine Fish, he had been sleepy for several days, constantly wanting to sleep. He even lost interest in eating.

'It'll be better not to tell Little Wingsy about me killing Qiu Ying. After all, he's just a child and has a pure heart. He might end up telling someone inadvertently.'

"Little Wingsy, are you feeling unwell?" Ye Chen asked with concern. Little Wingsy, an ancient Winged Serpent who had a Daemon King Rank body, would not feel sleepy even after staying awake for a month. Was Little Wingsy sick?

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"I'm fine. My body just feels itchy sometimes and I keep feeling sleepy." Little Wingsy yawned.

Master Apothecary Xuanyi had also reached a critical period in his alchemy and the medicinal pill would be refined in another five to six days. Ye Chen could not help but wonder if a Human Tier medicinal pill could help him break through to Earthly Venerable Rank.

The Soul-ama.s.sing Pill in his body had almost been completely digested so Ye Chen ate another Soul-ama.s.sing Pill and continued to absorb its medicinal power. The effect of the second Soul-ama.s.sing Pill was not as strong as the first and Ye Chen completely digested it swiftly. The effect was very good. Ye Chen gritted his teeth and took out a Soul-consolidating PIll.

This Soul-consolidating Pill was several times more potent than the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill. Ye Chen did not even dare to let the Raven Hawk bring it back to the Ye Clan. Even an ordinary Tenth Level combatant would hardly bear the potency of the Soul-consolidating Pill!

Although Ye Chen was only at the peak of Tenth Level, his actual cultivation was no inferior to beginner Earthy Venerable Rank combatants, which was why he dared to try the Soul-consolidating Pill.

Ye Chen opened his mouth and swallowed the Soul-consolidating Pill. The surging medicinal properties of the pill surged out, dozens of times more powerful than the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill. A burning feeling suddenly rose in his abdomen. It was like his entire abdominal cavity was stuffed with a burning iron. What incredible medicinal strength!

Ye Chen paled and gritted his teeth, facilitating the Soul-consolidating Pill's medicinal strength bit by bit.

Streams of heat flowed through his meridians. Ye Chen's mind seemed like it was about to burst. His soul swelled bit by bit as if it was about to erupt from his mind.

In his mind, the Flying Dagger hummed joyfully. Thick and solid Celestial Chi seemed to burst out from the Flying Dagger like a geyser.

In a trance, Ye Chen seemed to return to the sky above the sea of Celestial Chi. The sea stretched as far as the eye could see, with surging waves and a distant red sun shining in the distance. No matter how much Ye Chen had extended his consciousness, he could not touch that red sun.

For a long time, it was as if he heard an old and resounding voice whisper by his ear. However, he was never able to make out what was being said.

The Purple-gold Divine Fish's medicinal strength seemed to be stimulated as well and slowly penetrated each of Ye Chen's meridians. Ye Chen continued to use the Nine Astra Skies and the rice-grain sized beads in the center of the nine Chi Circles grew a whole circle.

Could this be the legendary consolidating pill?

The medicinal strength of the Purple-gold Divine Fish and the Soul-consolidating Pill constantly catalyzed the continuous transformation of Ye Chen's body. With each cycle the nine beads had made, the Celestial Chi absorbed in his dantian increased by several percent, and the energy of his body continued to rise.

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