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169 Intermediate Apothecary

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On that same afternoon, Great Emperor Mingwu was keeping watch, heavily guarding the entire Lake Ming. He had obtained Master Apothecary Xuanyi's permission to keep the secret. Thus, other than Master Apothecary Xuanyi, Ye Chen, and Li Xu, no one else was allowed to set foot outside of Xuan Pavilion.Xuan Pavilion, Lei Yi's courtyard.

Lei Yi, Hao Feng, and Yan Cheng were together.

"Great Emperor Mingwu had sealed off Lake Ming. Master has surely promised him something good." Lei Yi's face was ashen.

"With so much meat from the Purple-gold Divine Fish, who knows how many Human Tier soul pills they'll refine and produce? It won't be a small number, that's for sure. Master would give those Human Tier soul pills to Mingwu but is still unwilling to share them with us. We've followed Master for so many years and have always been fiercely loyal. Even if we didn't contribute much, we still worked very hard!" Hao Feng muttered angrily. However, he had neglected that when Master Apothecary Xuanyi taught them alchemy, he would give them some medicinal pills every now and then, and had never owed them anything. Now, in the face of tremendous benefits, they could not hold themselves back.

"We can't even get out of Xuan Pavilion. Master is in isolation, refining and producing pills. Are we just supposed to sit around and wait?" Yan Cheng was gloomy. "If I'd known, I would've left in advance!"

In the afternoon, they were still undecided and hesitant. By the time they had wanted to move on, the entire Lake Ming had been sealed off, and they had no way of communicating with the outside world.

"We can only wait for the night to release a messenger hawk!" Hao Feng said. Sending out a messenger hawk at night would lessen the risk of being discovered.

"Since Master is being heartless, he can't blame us for misbehaving." Lei Yi had a plan. After this incident, he might not be Master Apothecary Xuanyi's apprentice anymore. Nonetheless, two years ago, his clan had arranged for him to go to another place, to an Apothecary who was even more proficient in alchemy than Master Apothecary Xuanyi. It was just that Lei Yi had always hesitated. Now, for the sake of the Human Tier soul pills, he was throwing caution to the wind. At worst, he would find another master.

"Senior Brother Lei, if Master finds out about this, I'm afraid we'll never be his apprentices again." Hao Feng was rather doubtful about this. If he lost his important position as Master Apothecary Xuanyi's apprentice and was merely an Intermediate Apothecary, Hao Feng's status in his clan would decline significantly.

"Don't worry, just follow me. Even if Master Apothecary Xuanyi chases us out, we can be the apprentices of other Apothecaries!" Lei Yi said.

"Senior Brother Lei has other connections?" The eyes of Hao Feng and Yan Cheng lit up.

"Of course!" Lei Yi gave a tranquil smile as he looked at Hao Feng and Yan Cheng.

"From today onward, both of us shall follow Senior Brother Lei to the ends of the earth!" When they noticed Lei Yi's expression, Hao Feng and Yan Cheng immediately understood and proclaimed their loyalty.

It was nighttime and not a soul was stirring. Only a few messenger hawks fluttered up into the dark, heading in different directions.

Two days later, Ye Chen was still quietly refining and producing his pills. His Astral Body was deep in the refining furnace and he noticed that the herb mixture in the furnace had taken on a grayish-yellow tint.

"That's the color of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills. Have I succeeded? But it's only been two and a half days. Usually, Chi-ama.s.sing Pills would need three days of refinement and production to be complete!" Ye Chen frowned. Nonetheless, the medicinal pills in the furnace were done!

"Little Wingsy, put out the fire quickly!"

When he heard Ye Chen's order, Little Wingsy hurriedly extinguished the flames.

Ye Chen circulated his Celestial Chi and moved the lid of the refining furnace. Then, he took out the metal container which held the herb mixture.

"It's not yet been three days. Why have you opened the lid? Did you fail?" Li Xu walked over and asked, puzzled. Well, failure was to be expected. Being able to hold on until the third day during one's first attempt at alchemy was already the achievement of a genius. The next time Ye Chen had refined and produced pills, if he could improve slightly, he would nearly be able to succeed. In the past, Li Xu had studied under Master Apothecary Xuanyi for half a year and experienced hundreds of failures before finally refining and producing his first successful batch of medicinal pills.

"I don't know. It looks like it's a success." Ye Chen was not certain and took out the herb mixture. A strong medicinal scent drifted up.

"Success?" Li Xu stared blankly. It had only been two and a half days. Was this not too fast? Moreover, it was Ye Chen's first time refining and producing pills! As he had detected the medicinal scent in the air, Li Xu revealed a baffled look. The scent of this Chi-ama.s.sing Pill was somewhat distinct from the Chi-ama.s.sing Pills others had produced! It seemed like it was more intense.

They removed the useless parts of the herb mixture and shaped the rest into medicinal pills according to the specifications of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills. There were ninety-one pills in total. Ye Chen's success rate was ninety-one percent!

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Li Xu took one of the Chi-ama.s.sing Pills and swallowed it to test its medicinal strength. The medicinal efficacy of this Chi-ama.s.sing Pill was twenty percent more than an average Chi-ama.s.sing Pill. The effects were notable.

"Eating so many Chi-ama.s.sing Pills will create problems. At most, you can eat ten of them in one go and slowly digest them!" When Li Xu saw this, he panicked and yelled.

"Senior Brother Li, it's fine. Little Wingsy has unusual abilities. Even if he eats more Chi-ama.s.sing Pills, he'll be fine." Ye Chen chortled. Little Wingsy did not quite like ordinary Chi-ama.s.sing Pills because he felt that eating Chi-ama.s.sing Pills was akin to eating medicine. However, of all things, he liked eating the Chi-ama.s.sing Pills that Ye Chen had made, . 

Li Xu glanced at Little Wingsy, then glanced at Ye Chen. These two were freaks! Li Xu could feel his confidence being beaten down thanks to Ye Chen.

"After this, I'll teach you how to refine and produce the Detoxifying Pill and the White Yang Pill." Although Li Xu envied Ye Chen's talent, he was not stingy with his alchemy knowledge. He pa.s.sed on everything he had learned. In the path of alchemy, the most important thing was one's practical understanding.

Li Xu could not refrain from exclaiming at Ye Chen's astounding perceptivity. No matter what Li Xu said, Ye Chen could remember after hearing it once. Moreover, Ye Chen was able to make further deductions based on what he knew. In a few days, Ye Chen's knowledge was almost on par with an Intermediate Apothecary's!

On the third day, Ye Chen began refining and producing the White Yang Pill. The White Yang Pill was a medicinal pill between the Chi-ama.s.sing Pill and the Chi Deposition Pill. It was not as widespread as either of these pills. Nonetheless, to become an Intermediate Apothecary, other than mastering the necessary knowledge, the other benchmark was the ability to refine and produce the White Yang Pill and the Detoxifying Pill.

On the eighth day, Ye Chen had succeeded in producing the White Yang Pill and he was two days faster than an average Intermediate Apothecary. His success rate was eighty-nine percent.

After refining and producing the White Yang Pill, Ye Chen started on the Detoxifying Pill.

On the eleventh day, Ye Chen had succeeded in refining and producing the Detoxifying Pill with a success rate of ninety-two percent.

Ye Chen was qualified to be an Intermediate Apothecary!

Whether it was Master Apothecary Xuanyi or Li Xu, they stared at Ye Chen as if they were staring at a monster. In their days, they had taken at least five years to enter the ranks of Intermediate Apothecaries whereas Ye Chen had only joined them for a few days. It turned out that geniuses truly existed in this world!

What Master Apothecary Xuanyi and Li Xu did not know was that, in the alchemy process, the a.s.sistance provided by Ye Chen's Astral Body was immensely helpful. In general, when Intermediate Apothecaries refined and produced pills, they were in the dark regarding the situation in the furnace, knowing nothing, save for what they could sense based on their Celestial Chi. However, Ye Chen's Astral Body could easily examine what was happening in the refining furnace. Naturally, refining and producing pills was a walk in the park. In addition to having read The Grand Supreme Way of Alchemy and the information on ancient alchemy methods left behind by the armguard's owner, Ye Chen already had a robust foundation. Naturally, it was all smooth sailing for him!

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