Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

157 Li Xu's Notes

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Master Apothecary Xuanyi sighed as he watched the crowd leave. All his life, his alchemy had reached the level of master apothecary and he had also earned great respect in the Xiwu Empire. His two disciples, Lei Yi and Li Xu had both made him proud but it was a shame that they did not get along well with each other. Hence, there would always be a concern about what might happen between them. When Master Apothecary Xuanyi recalled how he was forced to leave his tutelage years ago, he could not help but feel desolate.After the crowd had exited the entrance hall, Li Xu had no interest in socializing with Lei Yi and the others, so he took Ye Chen to his side courtyard. There were six rooms. It was more than enough even if he vacated two spots for Ye Chen, Little Tanuki, and Little Wingsy to stay.

Seeing Li Xu and Ye Chen making their way out, Lei Yi said with a grimace, "What is that kid's cultivation base? Have you found out yet?"

"I've asked my clan and they're currently looking into it. I heard that when Li Yu auditioned at the Yun Castle, the kid was the top Eighth Level. Only three or four months have pa.s.sed since then, so at most he's a beginner Ninth Level," Hao Feng said. "I heard this kid was behind House of Ye's killing of the Second-rank Prince of Donglin, Liu Xun and the Minister of War, Liu Kan. But I believe these were just rumors because Liu Xun and Liu Kan were both Tenth Level combatants. How is it possible for a top Eighth Level to advance to the Tenth Level in merely three or four months?"

"Anyhow, think of a way to get rid of him before he officially becomes a disciple here!" Lei Yi said in a low tone. Seeing how protective Li Xu was toward Ye Chen, Lei Yi felt some pressure. In the case that Ye Chen was adored by their master, it would be a huge blow for them. To be able to achieve top Eighth Level cultivation at such a young age, it was unavoidable that Ye Chen would be regarded as a threat to them.

"I'm afraid that's not a good idea." Yan Cheng frowned.

"Why not? We'll be fine as long as we don't act while we're here on the island," Lei Yi said coldly. "It's not like we're going to do it ourselves. We can just hire a few combatants to finish him off. n.o.body would suspect that it was us, not even our master. "

For an Advanced Apothecary like Lei Yi, he was capable of coercing even Tenth Level combatants, let alone a Ninth Level combatant. It only took some medicinal pills to convince people to help them with matters like these.

"What if the kid stays on the island?" Yan Cheng asked.

"I don't believe that he'll always stay there!" Lei Yi scoffed coldly.

"That tanuki on the boy's shoulder looks very adorable. It should be some Second or Third Level mystical beast. When are we going to catch it? I can gift it to my aunt." Hao Feng smirked as he watched Li Xu, Ye Chen, and the rest leave the place.

The few of them chatted and laughed as they walked away.

Ye Chen retrieved his Astral Body. He had caught everything that Lei Yi and his men had said earlier. Ye Chen felt a cold jab in his heart, especially when he heard Hao Feng's last sentence which completely set him off. Hao Feng had already annoyed him enough earlier and now he even dared to put his eyes on Little Tanuki. 'You guys were lucky that we never crossed paths. If I ever have the chance to face you lot, I'll let you know that there are certain people that you can't afford to bully!' Ye Chen thought.

Ye Chen followed closely behind Li Xu and entered a separate courtyard. On the way, they pa.s.sed through a circular arch to a small garden. A large area of ​​the ground was planted with herbs and there was an overwhelming fragrance. These herbs had not matured yet so for the time being, it could only serve as decorative purposes. There was a stone bench and a stone table at the center of the garden, with six rooms surrounding it.

"My place is a bit messy. You guys wait here first. I'll let my servants clean up the two rooms for you. You guys can stay in the East Court," Li Xu said before turning around and went in. They could hear Li Xu's voice as he gave his servants some orders.

"Brother Ye Chen, Sister Tanuki said that Master Li is very kind," Little Wingsy whispered.

"Hmm." Ye Chen nodded. He too, had a good impression of Li Xu.

"Brother Ye Chen..." Little Wingsy looked at Ye Chen with its watery eyes.

"What is it?" Ye Chen asked.

"I'm hungry," Xiao Yi said pitifully.

Ye Chen burst into laughter and said, "Didn't I just put a lot of lamb legs in your Heaven-Earth bag?"

"It's already finished," Little Wingsy said embarra.s.sedly.

Little Tanuki was so tickled with laughter that she rolled on Ye Chen's shoulder. Ye Chen laughed helplessly as he again pulled out some lamb legs from his armguard s.p.a.ce and stuffed them into Little Wingsy's Heaven-Earth pouch. This foodie's appet.i.te was shocking. An ordinary person would not be able to afford raising Little Wingsy. It seemed to Ye Chen that he must prepare more beef or mutton next time.

Shortly after, two rooms were cleaned out. Ye Chen and Little Tanuki stayed together in one room and Little Wingsy in the other. It seemed that they had finally settled down.

Usually, the maids would deliver every meal to their rooms, so they need not worry about food. Ye Chen was quite excited as he would soon be able to learn alchemy techniques from Master Apothecary Xuanyi.

There were two rooms in Master Li's side courtyard dedicated to alchemy. Ye Chen could visit them whenever he wished after gaining Li Xu's permission.

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Creak. Ye Chen pushed open the door to one of the rooms and looked inside. It was extremely s.p.a.cious. A huge furnace about three meters high was placed in the center of the room. It was supported by a tripod stand and it looked majestic. The medicine cabinet at the wall was filled with various herbs. Many treated herbs were placed on the desk next to it, which looked a bit messy. A typical maid was not allowed entry to this room, so no one had cleaned this place for a long time.

Ye Chen had recalled the alchemy techniques that he just read and patiently suppressed the flame of the artifact spirit, guiding the heat of the flame through the refining furnace. Ye Chen had control of every single temperature change in the refining furnace as well as the reactions of the herb mixture.

The flames were slowly roasting and the herb mixture was undergoing strange changes.

This time, Ye Chen was more comfortable and masterful in the pill refining process than before. This time, he felt that there would be a breakthrough in his pill refining.

Back then, Ye Chen was blindly experimenting with pill refining and he would easily lose control of the strength of the flame but now, things were very different.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly. Ye Chen felt that when using his Astral Body to control the artifact spirit flame, his Astral Body was also enhanced and strengthened. After being hit by the beam of light in the town, his Astral Body was slightly damaged. Now, most damages have been restored.

The latter half of Ye Chen's pill refining process was a bit unsatisfactory. It did not achieve his desired effect but the results still surprised him. With a thousand materials, a total of twenty-three Soul-ama.s.sing Pills were refined. The success rate had reached about two percent, which was already quite remarkable.

This was not Chi-ama.s.sing Pill but Soul-ama.s.sing Pill, which was countless times more expensive than the Chi-ama.s.sing Pill!

How could Ye Chen not be delighted at an outcome like this? He hugged Little Tanuki and kissed her excitedly. Little Tanuki struggled and ran to the side, her cheeks blushed pink. This was not the first time Ye Chen had been making fun of her.

Ye Chen collected the Soul-ama.s.sing Pills and stored them properly. After a moment's thought, he recalled that both he and Little Tanuki had just consumed a Soul-ama.s.sing Pill each, so before the pill was digested, it was not suitable for them to take another one. However, now that Little Wingsy was already sound asleep next door, he thought that he should ask Little Wingsy tomorrow.

The Soul-ama.s.sing Pill was precious to cultivators. Ordinary pills could only improve a cultivator's Celestial Chi cultivation level but a Soul-ama.s.sing Pill could enhance a cultivator's talent. These two had completely different benefits!

Ye Chen's heart moved. Besides the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill, he wondered if he could refine and produce more advanced pills.

After having this idea, Ye Chen immediately replicated a thousand copies of Chi-consolidating Pill's materials, trying out luck if he could refine and produce some other pills. The cost of Chi-consolidating Pill was much higher than Chi-ama.s.sing Pill, but the former's price was not too enticing for a wealthy guy like Ye Chen.

After all the materials were processed, Ye Chen shifted his concentration back to the process of refining pills.

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