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144 The Mystical Beast Is Here

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"That b*tch, she didn't even spare us our dignity. Seniors, you're too kind to her. Who does she think she is?" Lin Tao cursed gloomily."Third Junior, don't be so irritable or you'll only suffer. That woman's origins are mysterious. Not even I can tell what her cultivation base is. Before we ascertain her abilities, it's best not to offend her." Zhou Yan shook his head.

"First Senior, you're overthinking this. What kind of cultivation base can a young lady of sixteen possess? At most, she's a Ninth Level fighter." Lin Tao was unconvinced.

"Even if her cultivation base is only at the Ninth Level, we don't know her background, so we cannot act rashly. Have you forgotten the orders of the sect?" The Second Senior w.a.n.g Yue snorted coldly. They were in the outside world, so the elders of the Taiyi Sword Sect had taken great pains to instruct them. In the outside world, they must not stir up trouble. There were too many mysterious powerhouses in this world. It was uncertain if they would bring catastrophic misfortune upon their sect. 

"Right." Lin Tao was somewhat surly. Naturally, he dared not go against the orders of the sect so easily. Still, letting go of such a luscious beauty did not sit right with him. With just a mere glimpse at Tantai Ling's departing figure, Lin Tao was overcome by an irrepressible urge. An icy beauty like this – if he could have her moaning delicately, pressing under his body, even giving up thirty years of his life would be worth it.

"Although we won't touch her for now, she can't send us packing just yet. Watch her closely." Zhou Yan was thinking the same thing as Lin Tao. Which man was not l.u.s.tful? If she was an ordinary beauty, they might not be bothered to even look at her. However, this woman's face, despite being covered by a veil, could launch a thousand ships.

Ye Chen laughed to himself. Three Tenth Level fighters were thinking about defeating a super Celestial Beast like Tantai Ling. They were on a suicide mission.

Although he did not know Tantai Ling's strength, Ye Chen sensed from her a trace of energy that was more frightening than the wolf's Psyche at the Sunken Jade Tower. Perhaps Tantai Ling was also a Daemon King and her so-called sixteen years of age was a ruse. Maybe Tantai Ling was an old hag who had lived for over a thousand years!

After Ye Chen had finished eating, he prepared to head up. He was waiting for the night to come when he would broaden his horizons by witnessing how exactly a peak confrontation between a super mystical beast and a super Celestial Beast would be like.

Supposedly, with the strength of a Daemon King Rank fighter, one could destroy an empire at will. However, why were there so many Daemon Kings, yet they never appeared in the human world? This world seemed to have established rules as if a large pair of hands were inexorably restraining these mystical beasts and Celestial Beasts.

"Young fellow, stop right there!"

Just as Ye Chen was about to head upstairs, there was a sudden holler. It was Lin Tao of those three.

"Yes?" Ye Chen turned around, mildly sweeping his gaze across them.

With a whoosh, Little Tanuki leaped onto Ye Chen's shoulder. Her six tails were swaying slightly as she glared at Zhou Yan and the rest.

When Ye Chen entered earlier, Zhou Yan and the rest had noticed that Ye Chen had brought in Little Tanuki. Nevertheless, at that time, their focus was on Tantai Ling, so they did not give it much thought. It was only now that they noticed Little Tanuki, who was standing on Ye Chen's shoulder, was shockingly pretty. Her pure white fur and burning eyes held an indescribable allure.

"Huh, let me have a look at this tanuki of yours!" Zhou Yan made a surprise noise as he reached out toward Little Tanuki with his right hand.

Zhou Yan had previously noticed Ye Chen's subtly mocking expression and was thus rather irked. He wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson but at the moment, his attention was drawn to Little Tanuki.

When Ye Chen saw Zhou Yan's action, he boiled with rage. This person dared to touch Little Tanuki. He was asking for it!

"Scram!" Ye Chen bellowed. He was about to strike back at Zhou Yan but Little Tanuki was faster. A strange light flashed from Little Tanuki's eyes.

From Little Tanuki's birth, other than her parents, only Ye Chen had touched her before. Zhou Yan's action had enraged her!

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Zhou Yan let out a pitiful "ah" as he stumbled back and fell to the ground. His face was white and cold sweat poured from his skin.

In the chilly wind, Ye Chen smelled an unusual energy. He sat cross-legged on his bed. The room next to him was Tantai Ling's. Anyway, even if the mystical beast showed up, Ye Chen would not head out. He could just use his Astral Body to observe the situation outside.

The night was still young. Ye Chen calmed down his heart and began cultivating. The nine Chi Circles in his body revolved constantly. After a long period of cultivation, Ye Chen had discovered that the Chi Circle representing Fire-type Celestial Chi was undergoing a bizarre transformation. In the center of the Chi Circle, a red bead the size of a grain was slowly forming.

This change was only occurring in the Fire-type Celestial Chi and not the other types of Chi Circles.

Ye Chen's cultivation base in terms of Fire-type Celestial Chi had surpa.s.sed the other types.

Little Tanuki sprawled by Ye Chen's side, having entered her cultivation state as well.

In the next room, Tantai Ling was doing who-knew-what. Ye Chen did not dare to extend his Astral Body over because Tantai Ling was able to sense his Astral Body. If he saw something he should not have and offended Tantai Ling, he would be in trouble. 

It was nighttime. Other than the occasional wail of the wind, it was so silent that one would be somewhat afraid.

Tantai Ling sat on her bed. Nebullike Celestial Chi spun and fluttered around her. She remained this way for a long time. At midnight, she seemed to detect something and suddenly opened her eyes. She mumbled to herself, "Finally you're here. I hope I won't be too disappointed." 

A gale tore past and the Nightwind outside suddenly unleashed a plaintive cry. This cry was heartbreaking, causing one to shudder when they heard it.

"The mystical beast is here!" Whoosh whoosh whoosh – four figures dashed out from the inn.

The three apprentices from the Taiyi Sword Sect had recklessly raced out as well. Did they think that the mystical beast outside was an ordinary Eighth or Ninth Level mystical beast?

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