Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

142 The Mystical Beast That Hurts No Human

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The Nightwind pa.s.sed through mountain ridges on the way, galloping on the craggy path between mountains. Ye Chen released his Astral Body to its fullest, surveying the road ahead.In this path, there were mostly Third or Fourth Level mystical beasts. Even Eighth and Ninth Level Beasts were rare and those above the Eighth and Ninth Level would usually only appear deep in the ancient forests of mountains.

These places were rather different from the Sunken Jade Tower. The mystical beasts in the Sunken Jade Tower had gathered across a very vast region, so it was not strange that there were many mystical beasts above the Tenth Level. As for these places, it was usually not easy to find one Eighth or Ninth Level mystical beast, let alone a Tenth Level one.

Ye Chen ended up empty-handed for three consecutive days.

In the distance, the sky was gradually darkening. He had to find a place to stay as soon as he could. Otherwise, he would have to endure the wild outdoors for another night. Although Ye Chen was not afraid of the mystical beasts that would show up in the mountain forests, staying out in the wilderness each night would eventually become rather depressing.

Ye Chen's Astral Body did a quick sweep. There was a little town a few miles ahead. He should be able to take shelter there.

"Little Tanuki, we'll have somewhere to stay tonight." Ye Chen smiled as he stroked Little Tanuki's tiny head.

"Squeak squeak." Little Tanuki seemed to be very pleased.

Ye Chen spurred on the Nightwind and it raced forward on frantic hoofs.

As Ye Chen and his tanuki entered the small town, he noticed that the streets were wide. The shops on both sides were closed and they looked rather desolate. A gust of wind whipped past, stirring up a cloud of sand, and the old folks by the side of the road hastened on.

The scale of this town was huge. There were a few thousand houses. Based on the various stores and shops by the side, one could vaguely imagine how busy it had been in the past. However, for some unknown reason, everyone had left by now. Ye Chen used his Astral Body to survey the sky of the town and discovered that nine out of ten rooms were empty. The only remaining people were white-haired old folks.

Could it be due to the chaos of war?

Ye Chen let out a sigh. He heard his clan members talking about the constant chaos of war outside. From time to time, there would be rebellious mobs. The bleak state of this town was understandable.

"There's an inn up ahead." Ye Chen was rather surprised. He did not think that he would come across an inn in this run-down town. What a rare find! After his Astral Body locked onto the location, Ye Chen suddenly noticed the energies of a few combatants in that place.

In this tiny inn, there were three Tenth Level fighters.

One of them was mid-Tenth Level while the other two were beginner Tenth Level fighters. With Ye Chen's strength, he had nothing to fear. Thus, with an easy heart, he urged on his horse toward that inn.

The inn was the tallest building in the town, with three floors in total. Although it was slightly shabby, naturally, it was much better than braving the wilderness for another night.

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This inn did not even have a stable boy to look after horses. Ye Chen leaped off his horse and tied it to the stable, then walked into the inn.

That woman seemed somewhat curious about Ye Chen, flicking a glance at him. Ye Chen instantly felt his Astral Body shiver and almost froze. Fortunately, that woman did not seem to bear him any hostility. After a moment, she withdrew her gaze and continued drinking by herself.

Ye Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He circulated his Astral Body, allowing himself to return to normal.

"Sir, here's your meal." That old innkeeper carried a few dishes and placed them on the table.

There was no waiter in this inn. Everything was done by the old innkeeper himself.

Ye Chen ate ravenously. He had just been frightened until his soul almost left his body. This woman was not human!

A human was unable to release such powerful spiritual energy with just one look. It must be some unknown Celestial Beast that had taken on a human form. It was said that a shapeshifted Celestial Beast, when it came to the human world, would not usually slaughter people wantonly. If Ye Chen did not provoke her, he should be fine because he did not sense any hostility from her. Conversely, it was the three Taiyi Sword Sect members who were doomed. They were merely Tenth Level fighters. If they were senseless to try anything with her, they would probably die without realizing how they died.

"Sir, we're about to close down for the night. If you're planning to leave, then do so quickly. Once it's dark, you might lose your Nightwind," the old innkeeper said carefully. He knew many people, and in one look, could tell that Ye Chen and the other four were cultivators.

"Why is that?" Ye Chen asked, feeling curious. Could there be robbers in this small town who would steal his Nightwind?

"It's a long story. Our town was initially the most bustling around a hundred miles radius. In the past few years, for some reason, a vicious mystical beast had appeared from the nearby mountain. That mystical beast doesn't hurt people but it devoured all livestock and fowl in town. Once, some cultivators came by but they were unable to chase the mystical beast away. Later, all the townspeople left, leaving only us old fellows who can't bear to desert the place. Sir, if you don't leave tonight, I'm afraid that Nightwind of yours will be devoured by the mystical beast," the old innkeeper said, expressing his worries. In the past, when he explained this, many customers who came by horse were frightened away. Nonetheless, he could not help it and was rather honest.

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